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This PowerPoint was used to review the findings of the Alumni Attitude Study. It was presented to the Chico State Alumni Association.

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Aas Pp Almbod

  1. 1. Alumni Attitude Study Study Findings and Survey Results
  2. 2. About the Study • Nationally Benchmarked Survey • CSU Participation • Survey Distribution and Response Rate • Survey Results Focus on:  Demographics  Communication  Current and Future Alumni Programs  Loyalty  Implications
  3. 3. About the Study Study results should •  assess performance •  emphasize priorities •  identify opportunities with the highest potential impact Alumni not only rank the issues most important to them, they also rank the university’s performance on those same topics
  4. 4. Alumni Segmentation Model Grad

  5. 5. Chico State Alumni Segmentation Chico State Alumni Database Broken Down by Era: 118,900 Living Alumni 45,000 Prior WWII -1941 40,000 35,000 WWII/ Post WWII 1941-1963 30,000 Woodstock/Vietnam 1964-1973 25,000 20,000 Post Watergate 1974-1980 15,000 Yuppie/End of Cold War 1981-1993 10,000 5,000 Dot.Com 1994-2000 0 Post 9-11 2001-
  6. 6. Why Segmentation Matters  Communications to Alumni • Magazine • Web • Email • Direct Mail  Targeted Programs for Different Interests  Annual Fund Messages  Alumni Association Membership Messages
  7. 7. Communication Communication Methods: Importance and Performance Importance exceeds performance Performance exceeds importance
  8. 8. Communication Frequency of Communication Way too much A little too much About Would Not right welcome nearly more enough
  9. 9. Communication Implications • Overall, our communication effectiveness is ranked higher by Chico State alumni when compared to other CSU’s and the national benchmark • Email, by far, is the preferred communication method • Our alumni, especially the younger ones, would welcome more communications from us • Younger alumni do not feel that we are as effective as we should be with our communications to them • Chico Statements is our most valuable communications tool and applying segmentation principles will increase its value
  10. 10. Current and Future Programming How important is it for you and alumni in general to do the following and how well the University does at supporting alumni in doing them? Importance exceeds performance Performance exceeds importance
  11. 11. Events: “Somewhat Unlikely to Somewhat Likely” to attend WWII/Post Woodstock/ Post Yuppie/End of WWII Vietnam Watergate Cold War Dot-Com Post 9/11 Class year reunions such as Cultural Recruiting students to attend Cultural activities Cultural activities Cultural activities your 10th, 25th activities Chico State or 50th Reunions based Reunions based Department/ on groups you on groups you Department/club/ club/ team Social event at a bar Department/ club/team event were involved were involved team event event with in college with in college Recruiting Recruiting Department/ Cultural activities students to students to Chico Networking event Networking event club/ team event Chico State State Reunions Alumni event Recruiting based on Watching a spectator sport with featuring a students to groups you Networking event Career development event other alumni University official Chico State were involved with in college Alumni event Career Recruiting featuring a Networking development students to Chico University Chico State tailgate in your area Social event at a bar event event in your State official, such as area president Attending Alumni event in Mentoring athletic event your area Reunions based on groups you Chico State Chapter dinner or picnic with other featuring a were involved with in college students alumni University official Reunions based on groups you were Alumni event in your area featuring a involved with in college; Mentoring Chico University official; Chapter dinner or State students; Recruiting students to Mentoring Chico picnic; Attend an athletic event in your Chico State; Attending an athletic event State students; area; Department/school/team alumni in your area; Watching a spectator sport Social event at a event in your area; Mentoring Chico in your area with other alumni; Class year bar; Chapter dinner State students; Family-oriented reunion such as 10th, 25th, or 50th; or picnic; Attend an activities with your children; Class Alumni event in your area featuring a athletic event in reunions such as your 10th, 25th, or University official; Contributing or helping your area 50th; Career development event in to raise funds for scholarships; Family- your area; Contributing or helping oriented events with your children; raise funds for scholarships Cultural background or gender-specific events; Homecoming
  12. 12. Programming: Barriers to Participation • Time • Geographical Distance • Family or Job Commitment • Other Barriers
  13. 13. Programming Implications • Segmentation by cohort (-2 +3) • Develop strategies to engage distant alumni • Career Service and Career Networking • Provide opportunities for alumni to give feedback • Leverage event communication
  14. 14. Loyalty How well did the highest degree from the University prepare you for each of the following? Poor Preparation Fair Preparation Good Preparation Excellent Preparation
  15. 15. Loyalty How would you rate your decision to attend the University?
  16. 16. Loyalty Which of the following best describes your experience as a student?
  17. 17. Loyalty How often do you promote the University to others?
  18. 18. Loyalty How do you rate the California State University System in terms of: Poor Fair Good Excellent
  19. 19. Loyalty Indicate how much each of the following impacts your overall current opinion of the University
  20. 20. Loyalty Implications • The longer you are out of college the more you feel your degree prepared you for life •  Communicate to alumni how the diploma is increasing in equity—the accomplishments of today’s students increase the value of their degrees • Our alums love this place—promote the aesthetics of the campus in our branding
  21. 21. Membership: Reasons to Join
  22. 22. Membership: Benefits
  23. 23. Membership: Benefits
  24. 24. Suggested Areas of Focus • Communicate to alumni how the diploma is increasing in equity • Provide opportunities for alumni to provide feedback and engage in activities • Job and career-related activities • Communicate differently with younger alumni (30 under) • Branding presence on campus • Engaging alumni who are out-of-state
  25. 25. Another Survey?