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Online orientation f2012


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Online orientation f2012

  1. 1. Online Orientation FALL 2012
  2. 2. WelcomeWelcome to CSUSM! We are here to help!- Jennie Goldman, Coordinator of New Student Programs- Arthur Silverstein, Student Orientation Director- Colton Walsh, Student Orientation Director- Lily Nguyen, New Student Programs Assistant
  3. 3. CSUSMRequirements &Information
  4. 4. Alcohol Education Requirement for First Year students ONLY• All First Year students must complete the Alcohol Education and Prevention Program by Monday, August 27th. Transfer students do not have to complete this requirement.• Students who do not complete the Alcohol Education Requirement will receive a HOLD will not be able to sign up for Fall 2013 courses.For more information please visit:
  5. 5. Payment DeadlineFor classes reserved from April 23, 2012 through July 16, 2012 the payment is due, prior to 4:30pm, July 18, 2012.
  6. 6. FINAL TRANSCRIPTSFinal transcripts are due to CSUSM by July 15 th.
  7. 7. Other Requirements• Immunization• Language Other than English
  8. 8. ImportantDepartments &Programs
  9. 9. "Conducting oneself with care, respect, and empathy while acknowledging the culture and humanity of others“For more information, visit Led by the Dean of Students Office
  10. 10. Important Departments & ProgramsCougar Central• Listed below are services offered by Enrollment Management Services through Cougar Central:  Financial Aid  Cashiers  Registration and Records  Admissions  Enrollment Information  Admissions and Recruitment  Pride Ambassadors  Veteran Affairs• Cougar Central is located on the 3rd floor of Craven Hall.• Website:
  11. 11. Important Departments & ProgramsMath Lab Writing Center• The Math Lab is a free walk-in • The Writing Center will help you tutoring service assisting students through the writing process. taking classes from Math 15 to Appointments are recommended. Math 311. Website: Website:
  12. 12. Important Departments & ProgramsUniversity Police Department (UPD)• Our University Police Department are real police officers. They have jurisdiction throughout the state, but are here to protect CSUSM above all else.• Make sure to register for the Emergency Notification System so you can stay informed during a campus emergency. Follow the link to sign-up• Phone: 760-750-4567Website:
  13. 13. Important Departments & ProgramsParking & Commuter Services• Parking and Commuter Services is located in FCB 107. FCB is the one story building located in front of lot F and next to Markstein.• There is no grace period. A parking permit is required at all times while parked on campus or you will receive a ticket.Website Academic Year Permit $643.00 Semester $338.00 X, Y, and Z only permits $254.00 Motorcycle $70.00
  14. 14. Important Departments & ProgramsUniversity Bookstore University Store• The University Bookstore is • The University Store is located on located on the 4th floor of the the 5th floor of Craven Hall on Commons building next to the Founders Plaza. This location has Dome. You can purchase your all of your clothing and gift needs Textbooks and supplies at this as well as blue books, Scantrons, location. and school supplies.• Booklists are now available in your MyCSUSM. Your textbooks can be ordered online through the website, or you can walk in and pick up your books.
  15. 15. Important Departments & ProgramsThe Clarke Field house• The Clarke has many facilities and programs offered to the students. Many new sports have been added in the past year like NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Women’s Volleyball and Cheer/Dance Teams.• It does not cost money to utilize the Clarke for it is already integrated into your registration fees. All you have to do is sign the waiver form.• The Clarke houses many facilities:  Cougar Den/Lounge  Grand Salon  Hunter Gymnasium  Fitness Center  ASI Cougar Rec Center  Lounge Area  Locker Rooms  Conference Rooms  Intercollegiate Athletics Office  Catherine’s Terrace  And more…Website:
  16. 16. Important Departments & ProgramsAssociated Students Inc. (ASI)• Associated Students Inc (ASI) is located in FCB 5-103. At the ASI business office you can get discounted theme park tickets, balloons, faxing services, and purchase or pick up tickets for events ASI sponsors.Website
  17. 17. Important Departments & ProgramsStudent Life & Leadership (SLL)• Student Life & Leadership (SLL) is home to the following:  Multicultural Programs  Cross Cultural Center  Greek Life  Leadership Programs  Student Organizations  Off Campus Housing  New Student Programs  Orientation Programs• Located Craven Hall 3400• Phone: 760 750 4970Website:
  18. 18. Useful Resources &Information
  20. 20. What to do in your MyCSUSM• Add and Drop Courses• Review and pay your fees• Review your Financial Aid• View your grades and transcripts.• Run your Academic Requirements Report• View your class schedule, holds, Enrollment Appointments, and Personal information
  21. 21. Setup your CSUSM email account• Your campus email is your• To access your email click on Webmail from the CSUSM homepage• In order to activate your account, please visit Once signed in:• Click on ‘Click here to activate your campus account’. (If it says ‘Click here to change your network password, then you have already activated your campus email).• Call the Student Help Desk with any questions: 760-750-6505