Seven Lessons from Social Media Case Studies


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Seven Lessons from Social Media Case Studies

  1. 1. Social Media Case Studies 7 Key Lessons January 2011 Cari Sultanik
  2. 2. Key Lessons1. Use the right channels to support brand strategy2. Develop innovative applications3. Develop influence strategies that create mutual benefit4. Make recommendations easy to make and find5. Offer special incentives to social followers and influencers6. Ask for ideas…and use them7. Consider social channels that are not mainstream 2
  3. 3. Brands Reviewed Whole Foods  PAM ShoeDazzle  Aaron’s BlendTec  Threadless Oreo  Papa John’s Body by Milk / Got Milk  Gilt State Farm  Joie de Vivre Aflac  Einstein Bros. Bagels Burger King  Jenny Craig Domino’s Pizza  Starbucks Dial for Men  Bacon Salt Nestle Dreyer’s Ice Cream  Dell Mazda 3  Vitamin Water Ford Fiesta  Walmart Splenda  Kohl’s Microsoft MVP  Fiskars Southwest Bing 3
  4. 4. Lesson #1:Use the right channels to support brand strategy Choose channels that represent your customers and prospects: Invest time in social media platforms where your customers and target audience already go and engage them with content and applications that support your brand strategy 4
  5. 5. Whole Foods Facebook:  Central Facebook page (450K fans)  Individual pages for each store  Promoted via FB hub page on WF site Blog: Relevant expert content Flickr: Photographic look at local stores & events YouTube: Emphasize the local message Twitter:  @WholeFoods for news, updates, special events, customer feedback  @WFMCheese - global cheese specialist  @WFMWineGuys - wine & beer experts  @WholeRecipes - automated recipe feed  Various Metro areas and individual stores Community: Get Satisfaction platform with employees actively and transparently communicating with customers
  6. 6. ShoeDazzle: Content, commerce and conversation Facebook  Asks fans for their opinions on various style or brand-related subjects. Recently, a question asking fans what they thought of the fashion television series Project Runway generated more than 100 likes  A post featuring a cryptic picture of an upcoming "Dazzle Deal" asked fans what they thought it was; more than 70 people offered their guesses, with several eager fans claiming they "couldnt wait to find out”  UGC spurred further brand enthusiasm as fans began to respond to each others guesses Twitter (over 22K followers) many of ShoeDazzle’s posts are @ replies to its followers.  This strategy taps into consumers increasing desire for a little more Twitter conversation from brands On both channels, ShoeDazzle also offers fans and followers exclusive discounts and the chance to enter contests for free merchandise. The campaigns also rewards active brand advocates, telling users they can get free shoes for inviting friends to join ShoeDazzle 6
  7. 7. Blendtec: The proof is in the video  Blendtec quintupled sales with YouTube videos  Over 149MM video views and 6.3MM channel views  356,000 subscribers  Quirky, fun game show format that actually successfully depicts efficacy of the product 7
  8. 8. Lesson #2: Develop innovative applications Be willing to innovate: Develop engaging applications that may not directly drive commerce but instead drive engagement and develop brand loyalty and interest Don’t rule out “fun” as a social media objective Align with a cause that people care about and commit to supporting it in a meaningful way 8
  9. 9. Whole Foods:Innovative Applications that meet consumer needs iPhone  Whole Foods Market Missions (rated 4+)  Whole Foods Market Recipes (rated 4+) Facebook: This is my year to _______.  Fans were able to choose an intention to support a worthy cause  Each cause received a $10,000 donation from Whole Foods, with the winning cause receiving a double donation  Fans were able to vote everyday and share their vote with their friends
  10. 10. Oreo: Don’t underestimate the value of fun Oreo launched an interactive game on its Facebook page in September 2010 8.5 million fans in August to 15.2 million in November 2010 The campaign continues and was also recently extended offline, with in-person events 10
  11. 11. MilkPouring milk for a cause Fun celebrity milk mustache app 11
  12. 12. State Farm and Aflac: Insurance wins fans with fun12
  13. 13. Burger KingHave it your way apps Subservient chicken is a big hit 13
  14. 14. Domino’s Pizza$2.7MM raised to help kids Public support of dairy farmers 14
  15. 15. Dial for Men: Targeted addictive application with a viral component15
  16. 16. Nestle Dreyer’s Ice cream:Mobile app as part of a multichannel strategy Share the Love mobile game used characters that were part of a larger integrated campaign including print, consumer promotions materials, billboards and online video ads on Hulu Program goals:  Create brand awareness  Engage consumers  Product education  Trial through coupons and high score competition giveaways Sharing is integral to the application:  Players invited to join the Skinny Cow Spread the Love community network, where they can post directly to Twitter or to Facebook and interact with fellow gamers to Spread the Love even further.  Players can also post scores to the Skinny Cow high score leader boards and compare their all time high-score with friends 16
  17. 17. Mazda: Viral Game Branding Mazda’s Mazda2 is the star of the company’s Facebook game called DriverVille.  Supported product launch in July 2010  Sweepstakes on Facebook page  Built-in subtle advertising  Complete missions to level up and earn Driver Bucks and a Mazda2  Driver Bucks earned can be used to buy accent items for your car, your home garage or your DriverVille avatar  All the activities in the game can be broadcast through your newsfeed to share with friends  Several of the trophies that can be earned in the game center around bringing more people into the game, adding to the viral element 17
  18. 18. Lesson #3:Develop influence strategies that create mutual benefit “Benefits” may take the form of free product, financial benefits, or simply acknowledging and recognizing influencers and brand evangelists publicly 18
  19. 19. Ford Fiesta Movement: Social Influence depends on mutual benefit Mutual Benefit  Free Fiesta & gas for 6 months in return for one video posted per month  Symbiotic relationship Results  100 Ford Fiesta Agents  6.5 million YouTube views  3.4 million impressions on Twitter  670,000 photo views on Flickr  50,000 requests for info from non-Ford owners  Sold 10,000 units in the first six days of sales Fraction of the cost of typical national TV campaign
  20. 20. Splenda: Video contest supports brand “healthy” message20
  21. 21. Microsoft MVP AwardRecognizing community leaders Reaping the reward  Microsoft’s MVP program nominates helpful customers and professionals once a year  MVPs support other customers and act as community advocates using community forums, a blog, Facebook, Twitter and other channels
  22. 22. Give a little…get a little (more examples)22
  23. 23. Lesson #4: Make recommendations easy to make and find Make it easy: Customers will recommend a product more readily when they are provided an easy mechanism to do so – and are asked directly to pass your brand message along 23
  24. 24. Best Buy: Consumers make decisions based on friends’ recommendations
  25. 25. Threadless: Integrated recommendations and commerce is a t-shirt social network that is completely directed by its members Members submit designs, users vote on them and highest rankings go to print By integrating voting and commerce on Facebook they are able to extend their reach to their fans’ social graphs 25
  26. 26. Lesson #5: Offer special incentives to social followers and influencers Give them a reason: One of the top reasons people follow a brand in social media is for access to special offers 26
  27. 27. Papa John’s: Event-based discounts build loyalty  Papa Johns is offering a free pizza to everyone in America if the Super Bowl goes into overtime  The catch:You have to register for the chains customer loyalty program, "Papa Points," before 11:59 p.m. EST on February 5 27
  28. 28. Gilt: Exclusive deals and new content every day draw thousands of fans  Access is invite-only  Sales are announced by email, Facebook, Twitter and iphone app a week ahead of time with most of them lasting 36 hours or until everything is sold  During the hour after its weekday sales begin, the site is visited by an average of 100,000 shoppers  Referral through users’ personal networks  Offers incentives (e.g. $25 credit) to current members to invite their friends to join their community  Result: more than 2 million members (as of April 2010) and growing rapidly Similar models include ideeli, RueLaLa, HauteLook 28
  29. 29. Joie De Vivre Special Deals on Twitter & Facebook Not just deals… Operates 33 luxury hotels in California  This summer, Joie De Vivre encouraged Deals and coupons to followers and fans on consumers to enter its Road Trippin’ California Facebook and Twitter contest which asked people to submit videos on YouTube that share why they love California  Twitter Tuesdays: exclusive deal to its nearly 11,000 followers  Three winners, out of 270 videos that were submitted, were selected to win all-expense  Followers have only hours to book the steeply California road trips with stays in the company’s discounted room rate hotels  The company also operates similar deals for its 7,500+ Facebook fans on Fridays In less than a year, Joie De Vivre booked over 1,000 excess inventory room nights through these types of deals Partnership with Foursquare offer deals for check- ins at its various restaurants JoireDe Vivre has done a number of deals with travel sites like Gilt’s Jetsetter as well as RueLaLa for flash sales 29
  30. 30. Einstein Bros. Bagels Einstein Bros. Bagels set out to:  Significantly grow its fan base  Encourage retail visits and product purchase  Establish a long-term communication channel to new and existing customers Einstein Bros. created a coupon for fans on a branded Facebook page tab Free bagel and schmear offer promoted via targeted Facebook adverting Page configured to display promotional information to non-fans first  Visitors required to become fans of the page prior to accessing offer  All visitors were able to share the promotion with friends, widening the social net Quickly gained over 400,000 fans, including more than 250,000 in a single day (now over 624,000) 30
  31. 31. Jenny Craig“Like us for a discount” Clicking “Like” replaces page with offer 31
  32. 32. Threadless Discounts with a sense of humor And an inside look at photoshoots Threadless uses Twitter and Facebook to give away codes for discounts leading to viral sharing of a call to action Fans initially grew from 0 to 37k in 4 months (Facebook) and over 7k followers in 3 weeks (Twitter) Now Threadless has over 238,000 fans on Facebook and over 421,000 followers on Twitter 32
  33. 33. Lesson #6:Ask for ideas…and use them Customers: Thinking of ways to build your company are great, but directly asking your consumers what they want is better. Plus asking for feedback and ideas is a great way to engage fans. Acting on that information and doing it publicly is key to the success of this campaign. Employees: Many of your raving fans are employees. Empower them to share information and participate socially in evangelizing the brand. 33
  34. 34. StarbucksMy Starbucks Idea To get a better handle on consumer feedback, Starbucks launched “My Starbucks Idea” The site allows users to submit suggestions to be voted on by Starbucks consumers, and the most popular suggestions are highlighted and reviewed By empowering their exceptionally web savvy consumer, Starbucks strengthens their campaign to add a personal touch to coffee .
  35. 35. BaconSaltNew BaconSalt Products Makers of BaconSalt reached out to fans of bacon on MySpace to gauge interest in their new product Baconaisse and bacon-flavored sunflower seeds were later created after listening to customer requests 35
  36. 36. Dell Hell > IdeaStorm Dell Hell IdeaStorm  Turned around by “IdeaStorm” – a place to vent, share ideas, vote  14k ideas 720k votes 89k comments “I can’t find anyone to help me. Dell lies. Dell sucks.” 36
  37. 37. Dell Employee Storm Use new listening platforms, identify in-house and external experts, and know and influence key people 37
  38. 38. Vitamin Water flavorcreator Vitamin water on FB flavor creator lab environment within the fan page  7 minutes of engagement per app session  Tens of thousands of total votes  40K unique label designers Black Cherry-Lime Caffeine + 8 key ingredients made by fans for fans 38
  39. 39. Lesson #7:Consider social channels that are not mainstream Nonstandard channels have powerful impact: Women in particular tend to trust women’s communities more than social networks and rely on them more for purchase influence 39
  40. 40. Women’s Communities A recent report from shows that women tend to trust Women’s communities like iVillage, CafeMom and Baby Center for information on brands and products They rely on social networks more for keeping up with friends and family 40
  41. 41. WalmartMom-oriented programs41
  42. 42. Mom-oriented Programs and PortalsCheerios Mommy Bloggers on Facebook CafeMom diet-oriented groups 42
  43. 43. Kohl’s: Inspire Mom-to-Mom Conversation In spring 2008, Kohl’s wanted to stimulate  There were tens of thousands of visits to conversation among its target customers, the CafeMom Kohl’s Brand Profile page women between the ages of 25-54  Member comments across the site were Kohl’s partnered with CafeMom, the also peppered with Kohl’s and color- leading social-networking/community site oriented shopping discussion – a true for Moms indicator of engagement CafeMom identified top influencers and  A market research study, comparing moms offered them a gift card to participate exposed to the program versus a control Participants were asked to blog about their group, showed that this program moved “color driven” shopping experience and the needle (at a 90% confidence level) on share photos to support the “Connect brand awareness, brand association, and with Color” campaign purchase intent Co-branded media featuring the influencer moms appeared on cafemom during this campaignSource: 43
  44. 44. Fiskars FiskateersFiskars builds community of avid crafters An over 300-year-old company, Fiskars was looking for way to take its message to the under- utilized channel of small retailers Reaching these merchants would have been prohibitively expensive if done by a core marketing team Fiskars let its customers do the talking through its Fiskateers program Members have to apply Meetings are craft “parties”with Fiskars employees on hand to observe, get feedback and provide product advice Customer feedback infuses the entire Fiskars culture Resulted in 3x increase in year-over-year sales Now there are more than 6,000 Fiskateers 44
  45. 45. Lesson Summary1. Use the right channels to support your brand strategy (not ALL channels are appropriate)2. Develop innovative applications – fun and cause-based applications are most sharable and engaging; humor is also effective regardless of industry3. Develop influence strategies that create mutual benefit4. Consumers make decisions based on friends’ recommendations5. Offer special incentives to social followers and influencers6. Ask for ideas…and use them (from both customers and employees)7. Consider social channels that are not mainstream 45
  46. 46. Twitter | @carisultanik Email | Web | Cari Sultanik46