11 Things You Need to Know about the New Facebook Pages


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11 Things You Need to Know about the New Facebook Pages

  2. 2. CONTENTS1. Timing2. Cover photo3. Tabs4. About section5. Apps6. Friend activity7. Pinning and highlighting8. Milestones9. Page names10. Personal messaging11. Insights
  3. 3. TIMING• All Pages will be automatically upgraded on 3/30/2012.• You can preview and choose to publish sooner. Current layout New (timeline-based) layout
  4. 4. COVER PHOTO• Currently you have a profile picture at the top of your Page.• You will now also have a cover photo that can provide a visual impact that represents your brand, products, or services. • Ideal size for a cover photo is 851x315 px • Cover photo images cannot include: • Price • Purchase information • Contact info • Calls to action • References to FB features such as “like” or “share”
  5. 5. TABS Your current “tabs” appear on  In the new format, the tabs the left side of your layout. appear beneath your header.
  6. 6. ABOUT• Currently the “About” information appears on the left side of the Page.• In the new layout, it appears directly below the profile picture. • Depends on classification of the Page • All show total Likes and “people talking about this” • Local business pages display: • Address • Contact numbers • Opening hours • Brand pages list copy written under About section
  7. 7. APPS• Now show to the right of About section• Appear with thumbnail photos instead of text links• Four app titles above the fold; first is “Photos” by default and cannot be changed• Can no longer set default landing tab• Can create and “pin” posts that link to custom apps• Fangating still permitted but no longer the first thing people see
  8. 8. APPS• To edit which apps you display: • Dropdown icon to right of tiles • Use + button to import apps • Hover and click pencil to swap
  9. 9. FRIEND ACTIVITY• In the top right of a Page’s Timeline’s feed, visitors see the count and faces of friends who Like your Page.• This is followed by one update from a friend mentioning the page that Facebook’s algorithms deem especially engaging.• You have little control over this section.• Keep it from amplifying negative mentions of your page by hiding or deleting those posts when first published.
  10. 10. FRIEND ACTIVITY AND POSTS BY OTHERS• Negative mentions can be minimized, and Recent Posts by Others can be disabled. • Admin Panel > Manage > Edit Page > Manage Permissions > Only show posts by Page and friend activity on your Page until reviewed by an admin OR Show the box for “Recent Posts by Others” on the top of the Page
  11. 11. PINNING AND HIGHLIGHTING• You can pin your best posts to the top left spot of the Timeline feed.• You can pin posts that link to a particular tab.• Pinned posts appear in the top left of the timeline for 7 days (after which they return to the date they were originally posted).• You can also highlight important posts through- out the Timeline to make them display the full width of the page.
  12. 12. MILESTONES• In addition to status, photos, videos, and questions you would normally publish, you can now also publish Milestone stories. • These updates will be favored by Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm and may receive more impressions in the News Feed. • Milestones display at the full width on your page with a special flag icon.
  13. 13. PAGE NAMES• Facebook never allowed Page • Page names will be able to name changes once you had be changed with new 100 fans. pages (rumor has it). • Admin Panel > Help > Request a name change for your Page
  14. 14. PERSONAL MESSAGING• Until now, fans could not • Messaging is now message a Page directly. automatically enabled so your fans can message your Page and you can reply as your page name, not with your personal name. • This can be disabled • Under Admin Channel • Manage > Edit Page > Manage Permissions > Show “Message” button on Page
  15. 15. INSIGHTS• The new format uses an Admin Panel, which includes: • Notifications • New Likes • Insights • Messages• Options for Page management, help, and marketing are under the Manage, Build Audience, and Help buttons.• You can hide the Admin Panel.
  16. 16. INSIGHTS
  17. 17. INSIGHTS Take the tour!
  18. 18. IMPORTANT TO-DO ITEMS• Choose or create a beautiful cover image that represents the heart and soul of your brand.• Write a short and compelling “About Us” description.• Feature your most important apps after photos.• Pin the post you want to drive the most traffic to each week.• Highlight great historical posts by you and your fans.• Create milestones when you have important events in your business.• Hide or delete embarrassing, out-of-date, or negative posts.• Monitor your insights closely to identify what types of content your fans are most likely to engage with and share.
  19. 19. BACKGROUND• Cari Sultanik is the Director of Interactive Account Management at FulcrumTech.• Prior to joining FulcrumTech, Cari served as Director of Social Media and Community at Nutrisystem - the leading home-delivery weight-loss company - where she initiated and managed social programs to successfully establish a strong social media presence.• She has also helped numerous brands and nonprofits develop and execute robust social media strategies as a Marketing Internet Strategy and New Media Consultant.• In addition, Cari’s career experience includes user- centered design and engagement positions at Electronic Ink, a Philadelphia-based User Experience Design firm, and Advanta, a business credit card company.
  20. 20. BACKGROUND• Mitch Lapides leads the FulcrumTech team, which has deep expertise in management, strategic planning, marketing, publishing, technology, and implementation.• Mitch’s background includes:  20 years in electronic publishing  Consistently delivered double-digit growth for electronic publishing operations  Delivered over 100 software and website-development projects (as large as $30 million) from concept through launch  Known for carefully architecting solid business strategy followed by the creation of an efficient organization to deliver against those plans  Executive Vice President, Electronic Products, for Reed Elsevier’s $1-billion Health Care Division  Group Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Gartner — led gartner.com ($400 million website) through a complete re-creation organizationally and technologically
  21. 21. FULCRUMTECH CONTACT INFORMATION Mitch Lapides, President and CEO  Email: mlapides@fulcrumtech.net  Twitter: @mitchlapides  Phone: 215-489-9336  Website: http://www.fulcrumtech.net Cari Sultanik, Director, Interactive Account Management  Email: csultanik@fulcrumtech.net  Twitter: @carisultanik Sign up for our newsletter today: http://www.fulcrumtech.net/newsletter/