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Dublin program highlights


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Dublin program highlights

  1. 1. Dublin Summer Program 2010 Erin Go Bragh! When 15 college students from the United States and Australia come together in one city, anything is possible. No matter how diverse the students may be, they all have the same thing in common – They are DREAMERS. The Dublin 2010 Summer Program Dream Careers participants utilized their time abroad to gain work experience and TRAVEL! These 15 adventure seekers escaped to the Irish countryside in the towns of Belfast, Bray, Cashel, Cork, Galway, Greystones, Howth, Kilarney, Kilkenny, Kildare and Wicklow! A few of the students took the time to go outside the country to visit nearby locations such as England, Italy, Norway and Scotland! When in Dublin the group was housed at Augustine Apartments located just 7 minutes from the popular Temple Bar area and 15 minutes from the City Center. Museums, parks, restaurants and bus stops were conveniently within walking distance from the residence. For 2 months, the participants worked hard at their internships during the week followed by weekends packed with events and activities. A variety of events were created in order to acquaint the participants with the city as well as help them to build a community by finding other students who share and support their interests and passions. Along with these events, Career Development and Dream Enabling seminars were established to encourage and advise the participants on how to be successful on their career path. Out and about in Dublin – Sponsored and Un-Sponsored Events Dublin Tour: Welcome to Dublin! What better way to start off an unforgettable summer in Dublin than a city tour. While becoming acquainted with Dublin, the students were taken in and around the city to take notes on all the beautiful places to check out throughout the summer. Participants took in the beauty of the Trinity College, the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Castle, St Patrick's Cathedral, Kilmainham Gaol and the Old Jameson Distillery just to name a few! Overnight in Galway: Participants headed off to Galway for a night in a medieval city that is rich in culture. County Galway is situated in the West of Ireland and is one of Ireland's largest counties. Participants enjoyed the local visitor attractions including Athenry Castle, Kylemore Abbey, Coole Park, the Aran Islands, and Dunguaire Castle. Gaelic Football: Participants experienced first hand the thrills and intensity of a traditional Irish sporting event. Participants were present for the Semi-Finals Gaelic Football match at the famous Croke Park in Dublin! Guinness Storehouse: The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin is Ireland’s number 1 international Attraction. Participants had the opportunity to experience the tradition and history of this unique Irish Export. The tour weaved through 7 different levels and concluded in Gravity Bar on the top floor boasting some of the best views of the city. Going Away Dinner: The group gathered dressed to impress to spend one last evening together in Dublin. This was truly a night to remember. Blarney Stone in Cork: Over the last few hundred years, millions have flocked to Blarney, making it a world landmark and one of Ireland’s greatest treasures. That’s right, the famous Blarney Stone! Legend has it if you kiss it you’ll never again be lost for words! Over half the participants were able to make the trek to Cork for this awesome experience! World Cup Extravaganza: Participants in the Dublin program got to experience the excitement surrounding the World Cup this summer. To quote one of the students, “My favorite moment in Dublin was the USA vs. Ghana game and hanging out with everyone, even though we lost. It was an amazing time because of the people and the atmosphere.” Seaside Cliff Hike: Ireland is known for its lush green rolling hills. Participants took the opportunity to get out of the city and check out the visual beauty Ireland has to offer.
  2. 2. Oxegen Music Festival: A handful of students ventured out to the annual Irish music festival! A little rain and mud didn’t stop them from having the time of their lives! “One thing I did this summer that I’ve always wanted to do is see the band Muse soo close!” – Erin Kelly, UVA Phoenix Park: The participants found Phoenix to be a wonderful oasis away from the city. Phoenix Park is a quick 15 minute walk from the housing and is the largest enclosed park in Europe! There are sporting grounds for football, hurling, cricket, polo and the famous Dublin Zoo. Wicklow Tour: Everyone’s heard Excalibur, Braveheart and P.S. I Love You. Well the participants who headed out to Wicklow were able to go to the mountain lakes, wild heather and barren boglands where scenes from these movies were filmed! Internship Highlights – Participants take advantage of Dublin workforce! What some of the Participants had to say: “I managed the Google Add Campaign for the Bobby Kerr’s restaurant BANG. I’ve had over 300 clicks so far!” – John Wilkinson, UVA “The coolest thing I have done at my internship is edit a feature film script to be read by a Hollywood Producer!” – Fairlea Polmear, Australia “I suggested a change to a design for a proposed magazine cover, and they used my advice and used the design I chose for the cover! It was just really nice to have my advice taken seriously.” – Hannah Croft, Ohio University The Employers Experience: Unique Media - Breda Brown PR Director and Louise Moran Senior Account Manager supervised intern Katherine Kelly. Breda explained that they had a previous intern who they had to let go after 2 weeks because she just wasn't up to par and was thankful Katherine was such a good fit! Breda was very enthusiastic about working with Dream Careers in the future and was thankful for how smooth of a process everything was. Marketing Network - Amy Swearingen is the Planning Director and was supervisor to intern Erin Kelly. Amy had this to say about Erin, “"Erin has been fantastic – a really stand-out intern." Special Employer Radio Shout-Out Employer Bobby Kerr goes on the radio to discuss how influential and helpful his Dream Career intern, John Wilkinson, has been! Bobby Kerr is an Irish entrepreneur and businessman. He is the Chairman of Insomnia Coffee and has a variety of business interests in food and hospitality, technology, hardware and exhibition. Best known in Ireland as a ‘dragon’ on the Irish TV version of Dragons’ Den. Click on the link go to the Archive tab then to the Lunch time show, from Thursday July 15th part. Begin listening at about 46 minutes. Stellar Staff At Your Service … Our staff members Caitlin Sullivan (Program Director) and Meghan Hamilton (Activities Coordinator and Media Specialist) provided 24/7 resources and support through out the 8 week program. This is what some of the participants had to say about their staff: o “I love how the staff, every week, provides us with a list of events to attend.” o “They took the time out to listen to me and then took action on my issues.” o “They helped me cope with a negative Nancy!”
  3. 3. o “They helped me plan my travels for after the program!”