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Figurative Language


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This is an introductory presentation on figurative language.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Figurative Language

  1. 1. I am hungry as a horse. You run like a rabbit. She is happy as a clam. He is sneaky as a snake.
  2. 2. The girl was a fish in the water.The clown was a feather floating away.
  3. 3. The flowers danced in the wind. The friendly gates welcomed us.The Earth coughed and choked in all of thepollution.
  4. 4. Stan the strong surfer saved several swimmers on Saturday. Tiny Tommy Thomson takes toy trucks to Timmy’s on Tuesday.Click here to read morealliterations.
  5. 5. Princess Kitty will kissTimmy T. Tippers’s lips The pain may drain Drake, but maybe the weight is fake.
  6. 6. Yeeeeee Ahhhhhhhh Swish swish swish Chug chug chug!! Glippp Gluppp Gluppp
  7. 7. I am so hungry Icould eat askyscraper! I was so angry I could have ripped her head off!