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Y11 atoms 5


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Published in: Education
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Y11 atoms 5

  1. 1. Starter Can you remember… 1. The forms/types of energy (list all 9) 2. The law of conservation of energy?
  2. 2. Kinetic Theory and Heat (Part 1) Atoms and Heat Lesson 5
  3. 3. Learning Intentions Use kinetic theory to explain the effect of heat energy on matter
  4. 4. Expansion and contraction Describe/Draw the ball and ring experiment Explain the effects in terms of movement of metal atoms. Use diagrams. Give an example of when expansion and contraction of materials is important.
  5. 5. Conduction Explain how heat energy passes through a solid. Use diagrams and kinetic theory. Explain why    gases and liquids are poor conductors or Solids do not convect heat or Why metals are better conductors than nonmetals
  6. 6. Temperature Describe the difference between temperature and heat. energy movement particles joules Celsius Explain why sparks from an indoor firework (sparkler) do not burn your hand even thought hey are at hundreds of degrees Celsius.
  7. 7. Compression and the gas laws Why does the outside of the shuttle become incredibly hot during re-entry? What happens if close the hole of a bike pump with your finger and pump it? Use particle/kinetic theory to explain either of these