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Public Sales Presentation 2012


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Public Sales Presentation 2012

  1. 1. ZOOM INTERNATIONALOctober 2012
  2. 2. BASIC FACTS AND FIGURES years in the Call Recording12 and Quality Management business 8 offices with Americas HQ in Nashville, TN customers in more than 73800+ countries and growing
  3. 3. ZOOM IS ZOOM CUSTOMERGROWING BASE 1000 Nov 2012 We have been ranked in 800 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 since 2003. 600 400 200 0 2011 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2012
  4. 4. ZOOM’s integrated approach with Teleopti andOEM with Genesys is awarded with theNiche position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.ZOOM now positioned as an insightful emergingWFO vendor.
  5. 5. #5 in the world in IP recording by market share. The largest 100% indirect only WFO vendor. #2 out of 45 companies in growth measured from 2007- 2011.Workforce Optimization Market Share Report 2012 by DMG Consulting
  6. 6. 100% INDIRECT SALES MODELZOOM delivers software solutions through a network of highly reputable technology partners all around the globe.
  7. 7. ZOOM QUALITYMANAGEMENT SUITE Call Recording Screen Recording Live Monitoring Quality Management Speech Analytics Workforce Management
  8. 8. ZOOM TECHNOLOGY PARTNERSCisco Solutions Developer PartnerGenesys OEMAvaya Dev ConnectVMware certified partnerTeleopti – strategic WFM partner
  9. 9. SUPERIOR QUALITY STANDARDS 99.25% customer retention in the last 5 years 24/7 support provided by our core employees Certification and training for our partners
  10. 10. SATISFACTION AVERAGE RATINGSURVEY RESULTS FROM PARTNERS: 9.1 We requested feedback from 150 of our partners regarding their satisfaction with our products, services, support out of and sales. Survey done in Q4/2011 10
  11. 11. CISCO DEVELOPER OUR AVERAGENETWORK RATING Partners and customers gave us the highest ratings on the Cisco Developer Network. We are the most valued and top rated partner in Quality *****/5 Management and Call Recording.
  12. 12. License margins Maintenance marginsINCREASE YOUR Professional services FINANCIAL INCOME Consultancy Training
  13. 13. EXTENDED VALUE FOR CUSTOMERSEach customer with a ZOOM ScoreCARD deployment is provided with theTeleopti CCC Forecasting Solution for free.
  14. 14. ZOOM QM SUITE COMPONENTSFully integrated Quality Management solution developed by ZOOM
  15. 15. DELIVERY MODELOn-premise installations Hosted (SaaS) deployment(majority) provided by our partnersInstalled by our partners or Partners deploy and manage ourZOOM, based on the agreement solution and provide access on awith the partner PPU basis to their customers
  16. 16. Meet set compliance policies Reduce operation costs TARGET CRUCIAL Increase revenueOBJECTIVES WITH Improve customer experience ZOOM QM SUITE Improve overall performance Leverage customer data
  17. 17. SUPPORTED PLATFORMS ContactContact Center Center Genesys CIM Genesys CIM Genesys CIM Enterprise Express Avaya Cisco Communications Manager (*) Genesys SIP Server Communications Manager*CUCM Express is also supported
  19. 19. “Presidio has full confidence not only in the solutions offered byZOOM, but absolute confidence in their personnel. ZOOM exudes a levelof professionalism and Cisco expertise that is unrivaled in today’smarket. Presidio looks forward to a continued and prosperouspartnership with ZOOM in the years to come.”Eric Chanh, Sales Manager,Presidio Networked Solutions
  20. 20. “My pleasure… Love selling your stuff. Easy for the most part, goodmargin, it works well and the support is pretty good. What else does oneneed?”Jay Barnett, Business Development Manager,Presidio Networked Solutions
  21. 21. "Liam (ZOOM QM consultant) has a great ability in determining whatdoes not work and what will work in enhancing the quality of contactcenter workforce. This means improving the QUALITY CONTROL of thecontact center, which in turn will improve the QUALITY of the contactcenter as a butterfly effect.”Doddy Kartiwa, Professional Services Consultant,Alcatel-Lucent
  22. 22. “We continue to have nothing but top-notch experience working with yourcompany in our sales pursuits.”Doug Bowlds, Senior Director, Solutions Delivery,MicroAutomation Inc.
  24. 24. “Not only have the products opened new doors touncharted territories, which will assist in helping us tobecome a world-class call center, but the implementationof the products and especially the post-implementationhave been very helpful and enriching.”Alex Soliman, Quality & Training,Shangri-la Hotel, Malaysia
  25. 25. “Thank you so much for your quick response and fast work! You guysprovide the best help desk support I have ever worked with.”Rebecca Gamble,Gainesville Regional Utilities, Florida
  26. 26. “We are pleased with your services in general. Your support is alwayshelpful and ready to solve any kind of problem. Your sales team is veryagile and sophisticated, helping us with strategic decisions in ourpremises.”Marios Zagoraios, General Manager,CYCLE EUROPEAN SRL
  27. 27. “We are grateful to ZOOM International for the very professional workduring the re-location of our data center. Everything was done in timeand on a high professional level. We believe in keeping our goodbusiness relationship and looking forward the future cooperation withyour company.”Novitskiy Sergey, Deputy CIO,Home Credit & Finance Bank
  28. 28. “RusFinance selected ZOOM CallREC together with ScoreCARD toexpand operations with powerful recording and quality management tomotivate our agents and optimize our staff resources.”Anna Ivanova, Deputy Head of Analytics andMethodology, RusFinance.
  30. 30. STANDARD SOLUTION “We started working several years ago with ZOOM products, around our CallCenter portfolio. Now, this is our standard tool for all about recording and quality measurements needed in such solutions. We really encourage them to continue to support and develop the ZOOM products as we and our customers are really satisfied.” Dragos Stroescu, Sales Manager, Datanet Systems, Romania (Awarded ZOOM Solution on CDN with 5 stars)
  31. 31. FLEXIBLE AND POWERFUL QM SUITE “We have been working exclusively with ZOOM QM suite for the past 2+ years. We had tried at least two other vendors in the same realm and our experience with ZOOM has exceeded our expectations of the technology. As a Cisco partner specializing in Cisco contact centers, we value the ease and flexibility of integration with UCCE and UCCX portfolio. The stability of the product (and the fact that its built on hardened Linux) also gives a peace of mind. Very good experience with all ZOOM organizations: Sales (quite responsive), presales (quick and helpful) and support (very capable).” Peter Iskander, Managing Director, Experflow, Egypt (Awarded ZOOM Solution on CDN with 5 stars)
  32. 32. SETTING THE BAR “I have been working with ZOOM for over five years and I am still amazed by the product innovation and how well our customer base enjoys the adoption of the technology. The ZOOM Partnership truly sets the bar for our ecosystem channel and we continue to enjoy this amazing business relationship.” Eric Chanh, Sales Manager, Presidio Networked Solutions (Awarded ZOOM Solution on CDN with 5 stars)
  33. 33. VERY GOOD SUPPORT “We have been deploying ZOOM in Cisco UCCX and UCCE contact centers, as well as on Callmanager throughout Africa, the Middle East and Pakistan for the last two years in very small and large deployments (700 agents). We have worked previously with alternative VR/ QM solutions, but are now exclusively working with ZOOM. ZOOM is a complete product that is very well integrated with Cisco components. We also found the team to provide very good support, be very flexible and adapt to new customer requirements.” Andreas Stuber, CEO, Expertflow, Switzerland (Awarded ZOOM Solution on CDN with 5 stars)
  34. 34. SOLID PRODUCT SUITE “ZOOM International makes a solid set of Quality Management products for call recording and agent performance management. The products are very easy to use, and all nicely integrated into web-based GUIs that provide the various functions based on the license that is purchased. Perhaps what they are best known for is the CallREC product, which is one of the leading call recording apps on the market for recording IP calls. There are good reasons for this market dominance. They support SPAN and SPANless recording, their application can be virtualized, and they work hand in hand with Cisco when new releases of Cisco products are released. They support all Cisco phone handsets on the market today (6900, 7900, 8900, 9900 and IP Communicator). Their support is outstanding, and always leaves you that WOW customer service experience. I highly recommend this product!” Matthew Bynum, Solution Architect, Softchoice, US (Awarded ZOOM Solution on CDN with 5 stars)
  35. 35. INNOVATIVE “Through several years of partnership, ZOOM has proven to deliver the highest quality products that truly meet the business needs of todays contact centers. ZOOM has repeatedly been first to market with innovative ideas that have helped to shape the entire WFO industry. As one of the fastest growing providers of WFO, ZOOM has maintained a strong commitment to their customers and continues to set the bar with innovative ideas and successful delivery.” Kevin Parrett, Vice President, Contact Center, Presidio Networked Solutions, US (Awarded ZOOM Solution on CDN with 5 stars)
  36. 36. CONTACT USEurope HQ North America Russian FederationHavlíčkovo náměstí 2 761 Old Hickory Blvd, Suite 201 17B, Butlerova streetPrague 3, 130 00, Czech Republic Brentwood, TN 37027, USA Moscow, 117146, RussiaPhone: +420 222 554 111 Phone: +1 615-435-3575 Phone: +7 495 967 9079Email: Email: Email: sales-ru@zoomint.comMiddle East Ukraine RomaniaDubai Media City, Building 8, Office 55 25, Petra Sahaidachnoho street
Kyiv, Ukraine 10 Montreal Square, World Trade Center
BucharestP.O.Box 214371 Dubai, UAE Phone: +380 50 3536307 Phone: +40 746 124 924Phone: +971 (43) 671-125 Email: Email: sales-eu@zoomint.comEmail: