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Community Relations in the Digital Age


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A presentation on community relations and the intersection of public relations and social media. Delivered at the Salvation Army regional conference.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Community Relations in the Digital Age

  1. 1. Community RelationsGetting the Community to be “WE” with you in the digital age
  2. 2. Who is this person? Clear Verve Marketing • Work primarily with professional service providers, nonprofits, and community organizations • Promise Marketingsm • Full range of marketing and PR services • Tri-Adathon | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  3. 3. Some of our | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  4. 4. Today’s Goals • Talk about Public Relations • Discuss how community relations has changed in the digital | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  5. 5. What is community relations?• Starting a dialogue with the community so that it understands your organization.• Activities that gets people involved in your cause• Listening and responding to members of the | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  6. 6. What is Public Relations?• Ongoing activities that help shape an organization’s image. It’s a process of managing perceptions and communication between an organization and its audiences.• Earned | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  7. 7. It’s a good thing!• Free• Adds credibility• Increases | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  8. 8. The negativesTraditional media Social media• Loss of control over the • Loss of control over the message message• Negative comments • Negative comments• Mistakes • Mistakes• Perception of wasted time • Perception of wasted | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  9. 9. It’s not easy• There is a method to the madness• Persistence• Writing skills• Integrated | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  10. 10. PR has changed• Influence of social media• More noise• Faster transfer of information• Smaller publications• More places to | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  11. 11. How this shift benefits nonprofits• Increased focus on storytelling• Ease of use of video• More voices• In-progress | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  12. 12. What makes effective PR • A plan • News-focused • | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  13. 13. The Plan• Tied to organizational goals• Integrated• Communicated | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  14. 14. | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  15. 15. News focused• It is the media’s job to report NEWS• They want to be different from each other• The fact that you do good, help people or are having an event may not be | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  16. 16. Consistent Inconsistencies make it hard for your audience to quickly recognize that it’s | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  17. 17. The technical stuff• Write backwards• Pitching• Online | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  18. 18. What makes a great story?• Problem• Trend• Solution• Example• | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  19. 19. Tools from Clear Verve• Public relations plan worksheet• Ongoing social media strategy wheel• Social media guidelines or policy template• Reacting to social media flowchart• Results of 2011 nonprofit survey on social media use• 100 Ways to build your business in 2012• Sign up for our newsletter• Blog• Follow us |on Twitter Facebook: Promise
  20. 20. Questions, comments, and | Facebook: Promise Marketing
  21. 21. Contact Information Clear Verve Marketing 890 Elm Grove Rd. Suite 209-2 Elm Grove, WI 53122 262-796-9001 | Facebook: Promise Marketing