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Social media mktg tools chp 1


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These powerpoints are created for my course called Social Media Marketing Tools course at DCTC. Dakota County Technical College is located south of the Twin Cities, MN. The course is offered online and in the classroom. It is created from the Textbook: Social Media Survival Guide by Deltina Hay.

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Social media mktg tools chp 1

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Tools Course Chp 1 Textbook: Social Media Survival Guide by Deltina Hay
  2. 2. Social Media Marketing Tools Chapter 1 Creating Your Social Media Strategy  Planning a Strategy for Optimizing Your Organization’s Social Media Presence  1. Interactivity – participating in social media  2. Sharing – offering pictures and information in social media  3. Collaboration – contributing to community sites
  3. 3. Social Media Marketing Tools Chapter 1 Creating Your Social Media Strategy  Mapping Your Social Media Strategy  1. Decide which social media tools make sense for your organization  a. Keep the plan manageable  b. Determine which social media tools your current customers or targeted customers use  c. Social media marketing needs a time commitment to maintain a presence. Chose the tools your organization has staff time to maintain.
  4. 4. Social Media Marketing Tools Chapter 1 Creating Your Social Media Strategy  Typical social media tools  Blog (WordPress, Blogger, etc.)  Microblog (twitter)  Social Networks (facebook, google+, linked-in)  Podcasting, Vidcasting, Webcasting (Sharing-youtube,;Live-, blogTV)  Social Bookmarking, Document Sharing, and Crowd-Sourcing (Delicious, flickr, slideshare)  Mobile and Geo-tagging  Social Calendars and Event Tools
  5. 5. Social Media Marketing Tools Chapter 1 Creating Your Social Media Strategy  Your Organization  It is important to realize that every organization is unique so the social media marketing plan and which platforms to use should be created for your organization’s needs. Sidebar: Acronyms to Know… 1. Integrated organic optimization or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 2. Social media optimization (SMO) 3. Social media marketing (SMM).
  6. 6. Social Media Marketing Tools Overview Social Media Marketing Strategies What tools make sense for your business? Rate them in order of importance and indicate when to implement the strategy Ask Yourself As You Go Through This Course: Which social networking sites will you join? Which micro-blogging sites will you join? On which other social platforms will you build a presence? Which social bookmarking or crowd-sourcing sites will you participate in? Will you create a mobile site? How often will you comment on other blogs and where will you find them? Which media communities will you share multimedia on? Which social calendar or event sites will you belong to? Will you have a podcast? Will you use geo-tracking or geo-location tools? Which widgets and badges will you place on your Website or blog? Will you participate in virtual worlds or other collaborative sites? Will you create your own custom widget, application, or mobile application? Will you host your own blogging site, social network, or Wiki?
  7. 7. Social Media Marketing Tools Overview What You Will Learn in this Course:  Social media strategies  Blogs  RSS Feeds  Key terms or Tags  SEO (search engine optimization)  Podcasting, vidcasting and webcasting  Social Networking & micro-blogging  Social Bookmarking and Crowd-Sourcing  Media Communities  Widgets & Badges  Location Tools  Mobile  Web 3.0
  8. 8. Social Media Marketing Tools Overview Writing a Disclaimer for the Evolution of Social Media  “Keeping up with all the news and trends related to social media can be difficult because it seems like something new is announced everyday.”
  9. 9. Social Media Marketing Tools Overview IDEAS to Keep Up With Social Media Mashable Mashable is a leading source for news in social media. Here you will find information on breaking web news, analysis of trends, and social media resources and guides. Pete Cashmore, the founder and CEO of Mashable, has become a web celebrity and has a very active Twitter feed. TechCrunch TechCrunch is a leading technology website that profiles tech startups, reviews new Internet products, and features breaking social media news. Social Media Today Social Media Today is an online community for those working in PR, marketing, and advertising need to keep up with social media trends. Social Media Platform Community Groups – Individual platforms have tutorials as well as community groups that offer ongoing information on social media changes. You might want to join some of these social media community groups to keep yourself up-to-date after the course is complete.
  10. 10. Social Media Marketing Tools Overview Resources with the textbook  Social Web Strategy Worksheet