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  1. 1. 太陽能 + LED 應用型產品 / Solar + LED Lighting Application Products<br />太陽能應用產品表列 / Product Listings <br />Solar Garden Light<br />
  2. 2. 太陽能 + LED Lighting + 儲能設備 應用型產品 / Solar + LED Lighting +Battery Products<br />太陽能地磚 <br />Mysterious Crystal Brick<br />Landscaping<br />Instruction of Park path<br />Garden, yard or swimming pool<br />Outdoor display device<br />Celebration for festivals<br />Cafe、Hotel entrance<br />*Solar power, energy saving, wireless control & easy installation<br />Tempered glass, recycled battery for environment protection<br />Cloudy days still working<br />Waterproof<br />Working temp: -20°C~80°C<br />太陽能地磚 & SPEC說明<br />