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Diploma in Social Work- An Overview | Center for Social Sciences


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Center for Social Sciences, a niche social enterprise that advocates social change through social & political platform and focuses on Capacity building, Survey, Research and Analysis has come up with a unique Diploma programme in Social Work.

This integrated online/offline diploma is extensively designed for those who have the instinct and the inner urge for reform. Reform can be in the form of a diagram or colossal.

The person enrolling should be a zesty-zinger when it comes to the field of social work. It provides the participants a forum wherein they will be knowing potential agencies, their workability etc.

The diploma is open for working professionals ,students, government employees, planning sector people etc.

Duration : 3 months 24 sessions ,12 weeks.

An alternate Saturday option of panel discussion

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Diploma in Social Work- An Overview | Center for Social Sciences

  1. 1. Center for Social Sciences An Overview of Diploma in Social Work (DSW) course
  2. 2. Mission To bring about social change through Political and Social platform Social Change Social Platform Political Platform
  3. 3. About Us Center for Social Sciences (CSS) is an institution committed to the cause of Social Sciences. We promote knowledge which is essential for various social causes & issues. And, train people who believe in acquiring knowledge with the intent of serving the community, be it social or political.
  5. 5. Diploma in Social Work (DSW) A first-of-its-kind course related to Social Work in India. This integrated (online+offline) course is specifically designed for individuals interested in making social impact, right at the grassroots level. The course is open for working professionals, students (10th grade onwards), social work practitioners, government representatives an others.
  6. 6. Diploma in Social Work (DSW) Modules 1. Social Work & its scope 2. Voluntary & Professional Social work 3. Fields of Social work 4. Voluntary Organizations 5. Indian Constitution, Rights & Duties
  7. 7. Diploma in Social Work (DSW) Duration 3 months 12 weeks 24 sessions Mode of Instruction Online + Offline Eligibility  Class X onwards  Passion for Social work Cost Rs 6800 (for the complete course) Offline Meetups on Saturdays - 2 hours
  8. 8. Diploma in Social Work (DSW) Benefits of this Diploma Career Edge Creative Problem solving Personal Growth Leadership Networking Domain Knowledge Field Experience
  9. 9. Contact Us To know more about CSS and our other projects, log on to Or reach us at