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Importa i Crontab e mettiti al sicuro dall\'IT Audit

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Unijob Brochure

  1. 1. UniJob R Data Sheet See. Control. Comply. Perfect for The automation solution for mass IT tasks As IT environments attain a critical size and business becomes more mature, you can no longer rely on basic toolsManaging backups such as Cron and Windows scheduler to automate and manage mass IT tasks. Hidden costs are exposed as manDatabase management hours are wasted checking the execution status and business is impacted because failures are not detectedFile system cleanups upfront. How can you regain control, optimize your IT Operations, and reduce costs quickly and cost-e ectively?PurgesArchiving of log lesFile transfers (ftp) An Innovative Alternative to Cron and Windows Task SchedulerVM snapshots ORSYP’s UniJob is a unique IT infrastructure automation tool that gives you immediate visibility of your mass Cron & Windows tasks, allows you to regain control, and enables you to meet compliance requirements. Immediate Bene ts Multi-platform Rapid discovery and control of mass Cron and Windows tasksUniJob is a multi-platform Cost-e ective solution for standardization of IT taskssolution - it can be setupin mixed con gurations Compliance to norms reduces operational risksof Windows, Unix or Reduction of supervision costs by at least 90%Linux. Valuable IT manpower freed up for higher value projects Central integrated console for both UniJob and Dollar Universe enterprise job scheduler Monitor View in real time the status - of jobs. Includes filtering capabilities, color-coded Design execution status, and operator Favorites initiated actions such as job Create jobs and calendars. restart, purge or history. Bookmark your views and build your workflows. Import Cron and Windows tasks. One click to access your specific IT work environment. UniViewerUniViewer is UniJob’seasy-to-use and securecentral monitoringand management GUI.It also enablesmonitoring of DollarUniverse jobs as wellaccess to ORSYP’s ITOperations Reporter. UniViewer: real-time central console Central Monitoring and Management of Cron and Windows Tasks
  2. 2. UniJob R UniJob™ Data Sheet Data Sheet Data Sheet Features Get Started Quickly and Gain Control over your Mass IT Tasks With UniJob’s easy-to-use interface, users can be up and running in minutes. When deployed you will immediately see an inventory of all existing Cron and Windows jobs. From day one you will have consolidated, standardized, and centralized your IT infrastructure jobs! Easy Import of Mass Cron & Windows Tasks With one mouse click, you can import exisiting Cron and Windows jobs. There is no risk whatsoever as a rollback to the original job is always possible. Job Standardization Means a More E cient IT Operations With the use of job templates, UniJob helps standardize the hundreds of redundant tasks in the daily life of data centers (such as backup tasks). Maintaining these centrally stored templates saves time and money, reducing duplicate e orts and freeing up valuable IT resources from house-keeping tasks. Say Hello to Advanced Planning with Easy Point and Click Scheduling a job, simple or complex can now be done by anyone in a few clicks. With UniJob’s exible yet powerful calendar system, users also bene t from a visual simulation tool for their scheduled plans. UniJob o ers the most versatile planning rules from scal periods to country speci c holidays. Centralized Job Monitoring in Real-Time for Ultimate Visibility The advantage of monitoring goes beyond gaining visibility on the status of jobs. It extends to providing a holistic view and an inventory of all IT jobs including those from multiple users and servers. Without this consolidated view, valuable IT resources spend time manually checking statuses in the hope of trapping failed jobs. UniJob provides this transparency; improving performance and team productivity. Errors and Noti cation for Ultimate Control The UniJob error management system o ers simple or sophisticated alterting capabilities via its return code and string-based detection mechanism. UniJob’s built-in and easy-to-use noti cation system alerts people via Email or SMS.EMEA Headquarters Audit Tool for Regulatory ComplianceTour Franklin By recording every action previously hidden, UniJob enables compliance with92042 Paris La Défense Cedex internal and external regulations. The everyday IT administrative tasks which usedFrance to be scripted and launched manually are now captured and documented centrally.+33 [0]1 47 73 12 12info@orsyp.comwww.orsyp.com Great User Experience Guaranteed! UniJob is designed with user adaptability and simplicity in mind. The interfaceAMERICAS Headquarters can easily be customized with skin, color schema, and language setting changes54 Middlesex Turnpike in addition to customizable workspace areas via the Favorites function.Bedford, MA 01730USA+1 [781] 276 4600info_usa@orsyp.comwww.orsyp.comAPAC HeadquartersHonest Motors Building About ORSYPSuite 17029-11 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay ORSYP is a worldwide provider of IT Operations Management solutions providing the assurance that Time toHong Kong, China Delivery is properly managed and achieved while creating an agile and responsive IT service. Today, more than+852 2575 5966 1000 companies trust ORSYP products and services to automate and control complex business critical IT systems in order to meet daily service level commitments on time.info_asia@orsyp.comwww.orsyp.com© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. 06/09. ORSYP, its logo, UniJob, UniViewer, and Dollar Universe are trademarks of ORSYP S.A.S. All other trademarks in this document are the property of their respective owners.Speci cations are subject to change without notice.