How to select your new ssc site in Hungary?


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A guide to find your new Hungarian site for shared services/business process outsourcing.
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How to select your new ssc site in Hungary?

  1. 1. How to selectyour new SSC sitein Hungary? by Dr. Balazs Csorjan Xanga Office Park, Debrecen
  2. 2. [overview]track recordlabour marketoffice marketsinfrastructurelocations
  3. 3. [hungary] low-cost location inside the EU market geographical and cultural nearness leading industries: automotive, pharma,
  4. 4. [SSCs in hungary]a proven track record
  5. 5. [SSCs in hungary]a non-comprehensive listingindustry association:
  6. 6. [overview]track recordlabour marketoffice marketsinfrastructurelocations
  7. 7. [university students]
  8. 8. [SSC employees]
  9. 9. [wages]€12k in Budapest, annual gross salary for carrier-starter operator with 2 foreign languages€8k outside Budapest >> 30% cost savingtrend: Budapest becomes more and more expensive
  10. 10. [overview]track recordlabour marketoffice marketsinfrastructurelocations
  11. 11. [office supply]over 3 million sq.meter office stock in Budapest: the largest market in Central and Eastern Europe100k sq.meter in Debrecen: SSC-focused office parksother cities: microscopic/non-existing office markets, built-to-suit solutions
  12. 12. [office costs]Budapest: €13/sq.m/month (14.5€/sq.feet/year) average rental fees, 0.5-2€/sq.m/month service chargesDebrecen: €8/sq.m/month (8.9€/sq.feet/year) average rental fees, 0.5-2€/sq.m/month service chargesother cities: customized agreements
  13. 13. [overview]track recordlabour marketoffice marketsinfrastructurelocations
  14. 14. [air access]Budapest Airport: the 2nd largest hub in Eastern Europe, more dozen daily flights inside EuropeDebrecen International Airport: strong air cargo focus; passenger flights to Western Europe and to Mediterranean Sea
  15. 15. [international schools]Budapest: more international schools in more languages (English, French etc)Debrecen: international school in English from 2013; bilingual high schools and grammar schoolother cities: bilingual (e.g: English-Hungarian) high schools
  16. 16. [telecom]free market, competing service providershigh broadband access in all citiesat least 2 service providers in all relevant facilities
  17. 17. [industry associations] HOA Hungarian Outsourcing Association: strong impact SEE on labour market YOU regulations; networking events e.g: 2012 AnnualTHERE International Conference on talent management ICT Association of Hungary
  18. 18. [overview]track recordlabour marketoffice marketsinfrastructurelocations
  19. 19. [budapest]leading universities: Corvinus, ELTE, Budapest Techmore than 90 SSC/BPO companies in every field; approx. 40k employeesoffice market benchmark: Vaci street corridor (underground access, 12-14€/sq.m/month average rental fees)
  20. 20. [debrecen]8 SSC/BPO companies in IT/telecom support, customer service, FSSC, HR SSC2k+ employees, numerous foreign languagesUniversity of Debrecen: the largest one outside Budapest, 33k students, including 4k+ international studentsleading office centers: Xanga Office Park (>> on-site SSC trainings), Lion Office Center
  21. 21. [miskolc/szeged/pecs]large universities: University of Szeged, University of Pecs - almost 30k students on each one, University of Miskolc: 14k studentssome SSCs are present; employment: under 1kquickly available offices could be a problem; built-to-suit office developments
  22. 22. Thanks for yourattention! Do not hesitate to email your