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Mongtage Representation2


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Mongtage Representation2

  1. 1. CD Covers and Representation
  2. 2. CD annotation NO 1 The place looks like it is haunted, this suggests that the music will have a hard edge to it and that the lyrics could be quite haunting. Even the writing on the album cover isn’t simple. You’d likely not get this style if you were listening to a pop CD for instance The album cover has 2 main dark colours, this is another part of the cover that shows you are probably getting music that has a sinister edge to it. Genre would be punk type rock though the cover is different to the type you’d usually get for punk CD’s The ‘never’ part is similar to punk band The Sex Pistols cover.
  3. 3. CD annotation NO 2 Looks like a normal relaxed guy that is not trying to fit any stereotype. Shows the main instrument from the CD. You’re most likely going to get trumpet playing on every single track on the record. Unlike the previous CD the background of this CD involves lighter colours. The likelihood is you’ll be getting more fun, relaxed music.
  4. 4. CD annotation NO 3 Photographed and done up fully to look beautiful for the main cover. The likelihood is that if something like this occurs the music you will be listening to will have a slight or full pop edge. Is looking straight towards you, the CD buyer. The album title is ‘Breakaway’, this is what Kelly is trying to do with her music for this album having been restricted previously. Genre of Pop Rock, leaning more towards the pop side. You would think that it was just a pop CD from the cover.
  5. 5. CD annotation NO 4 Empty space, could suggest that you don’t know anything about the band yet. The red sofa could suggest a fiery personality from within the band. Album title is called All We Know Is Falling, this suggests that the band could have had problems when writing the record and that the songs might relate to this. Could say different genres but I’d say catchy pop rock. It’s really hard to guess the genre from the cover.
  6. 6. CD annotation NO 5 The band automatically fill the stereotype of looking indie, which they are. The image shows the band hard at work, this could suggest to us that they’ve put a lot of work into the album. As said previously the genre of this band would go under the indie label and the cover represents this