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Funeraire20095 gb

  1. 1. Press release – August 2009 FUNERAIRE PARIS 2009 Nursery of innovations in Products & Services, The biggest European display of the Funeral Trade! FUNERAIRE PARIS 2009 – to be held from 19 to 21 November in Paris Le Bourget – confirms its role as the benchmark international exhibition of all the players in the Funeral Trade sector where numerous exhibitors present new Products or Services on their stand. Just 3 months away from the twelfth FUNERAIRE P ARIS – and with over 85% of the space sold for the event – the Funeral Trade Exhibition is looking towards success in 2009 with the participation of highly innovative companies from the sector. Here are some examples of innovations in Products or Services: Alternita, a company born from its creative director’s artistic work, will exhibit at FUNERAIRE PARIS 2009 personalisable funerary urns with restrained and symbolic shapes that rule out any too morbid associations; customised urns with the image of the deceased that also serve to embellish the place of rest. ATI Incinerateurs will present on its stand filtering systems for gases and emissions that can be adapted very easily to all the existing types of crematory incinerators and meet the new European environmental standards. Biowind, manufacturer of air treatment systems by photo catalysis, will be highlighting on its stand its mobile air decontamination unit by photo catalysis (CNRS patent) to clear and purify the air very effectively thanks to its new patented material: a photo catalytic metallic foam in 3D. Carbone 14 will reveal its new software “Carbone 14 e-services” that enables undertakers to improve their customer relation management thanks to its new functionalities. Carnet de France will present to undertaker companies a complete “turnkey” service that includes the on-line publication of death notices as well as a flower shop and funerary articles associated with the death notice. For the networks, Carnet de France will propose this offer in “white-label” mode. Carrier-Feige, manufacturer of paddings, will show on its stand its biodegradable ranges. Coffin’Art has designed a concept enabling personalisation by a visual applied on the coffin. A subtle and delicate homage, meeting the environmental standards thanks to the materials used, which will be on show during the exhibition. Isuku will present its “N EVOLUTION” range of 3.5 to 7.5 tonne vehicles adapted to all the requirements of the funerary trade. Built like small trucks, the vehicles of the “N EVOLUTION” range are sturdy and long-lasting and can make their way down
  2. 2. streets and narrow side streets with ease. Larbaletier will exhibit different innovative concepts of funeral parlour layout. Concepts of presentation, hangings, exterior layout, etc. for exhibition rooms and funerary articles. Merlo France, manufacturer of highly technological machines, will present its “Cingo” range of compact, dynamic, effective and multitasking machines The “Cingo” range comes in 9 models with 25 possible accessories such as a telescopic arm, for example. MP Treatment will be presenting at the Exhibition its “Funerary Set”, a communication tool giving undertakers the possibility of cultivating the loyalty of their clientele thanks to its content. SPF will offer a new range of 2-colour handles made from Zamak (an alloy of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper) along with the screw covers and cross of the same metal. The 2 colours come in bronze, black, gold and silver. Many other exhibitors at FUNERAIRE P ARIS 2009 will be taking the opportunity to present new services or products or offers specific to the Exhibition. By also welcoming young companies to the Exhibition thanks to its price sliding scale, FUNERAIRE PARIS encourages a certain emulation of ideas and offers of Products and Services and thus confirms its role as the driving force of the sector, the unmissable gathering of professionals – and visitors – for greater international dynamism. For all Press contacts: Virginie Taverne 06 63 13 95 30