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Press release – September / October 2009

                                  FUNERAIRE PARIS 2009
Friday 20 November 2009

2.00 – 3.00 pm      The results of CREDOC’s* third survey on “The French
                    and ...
Nathalie Doriac, a young set designer, found
 the challenge exciting: “I really loved working on
 this project. There was ...
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FUNERAIRE PARIS 2009 Rites & Roads Forward


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FUNERAIRE PARIS 2009 Rites & Roads Forward

  1. 1. Press release – September / October 2009 FUNERAIRE PARIS 2009 Rites & Roads Forward Funéraire Paris 2009 will take place from 19 to 21 November next in Le Bourget, a trade-show venue outside Paris. It is this trade’s national and international benchmark gathering, and the one that professionals come to because they want to stay abreast of developments, exchange and think about their business, and about what families perceive and expect. CONFERENCES, DEBATES… AND EXHIBITIONS This 12th Funéraire Paris trade show will be an opportunity for debates and other attractions focusing on the big issues today, and to showcase funeral professionals’ initiatives: Thursday 19 November 2009 F UNÉRAIRE P ARIS 2009 opening ceremony by the Interior Ministry’s Local Community Agency (pending confirmation) 2.00 – 3.30 pm A conference on the 19/12/2008 law on funerary services and its bylaws, with the CPFM (Confédération des Professionnels du Funéraire et de la Marbrerie/Marble and Funeral Professional Confederation) • Simpler police checks and the new fee schedule • Administrative authorisations • Cremation services and dealing with ashes • Cemetery management: - Compulsory “funerary sites” in communes with more than 2,000 inhabitants - Cremating exhumed remains - The procedure for monuments threatening collapse • Templates to draw up funerary-service quotes • Professional funerary degrees • Reviving and refreshing the funeral contract and national records 3.30 – 6.00 pm “Funerary sites in the limelight”, a conference organised by Funéraire Magazine and chaired by Olivier Gehin to present the results of the cremation-professional survey on organising funerary memorials, and more. Followed by the Funerary Memorial award ceremony. The Musée National Funéraire’s society of friends will be running two guided tours of Père Lachaise cemetery during FUNÉRAIRE P ARIS 2009 (Thursday 19 November at 4.00pm and 5.00pm.
  2. 2. Friday 20 November 2009 2.00 – 3.00 pm The results of CREDOC’s* third survey on “The French and Funerals” This vast CSNAF initiative goes back several years, and aims to improve consumer satisfaction by running an extensive qualitative and quantitative sociological survey spanning a 1,000-respondent sample. The results will be released at Funéraire Paris 2009. * Centre de Recherche pour l’Étude et l’Observation des Conditions de Vie, a research centre focusing on living conditions. 3.00 pm A conference on developments in the national thanatopractice professional qualification (for a fast- changing trade), in association with CPFM: - The national thanatopractice degree, - Practical training assessment André Chabot will be at the La Mémoire Nécropolitaine stand signing the first copies of his “Dictionnaire Illustré de Symbolique Funéraire” (illustrated dictionary of funerary symbols). La Mémoire Nécropolitaine (Paris) and Mémogrames, Les Éditions de la Mémoire (Brussels) published this reference book spanning the full spectrum of signs from cemeteries around the world. Mémoire Nécropolitaine will also be organising a photographic exhibition for this event. Last but not least, FUNÉRAIRE PARIS 2009 will be featuring a 110sqm area focusing on family-reception architecture, and on an innovative, inviting concept to facilitate family reunions and promote exchanges and services in “rest” areas, “interaction” areas (books, audio, video, etc.) and “traces” areas (books, personal items, etc.).
  3. 3. Nathalie Doriac, a young set designer, found the challenge exciting: “I really loved working on this project. There was a lot of feeling involved, especially when I met the people I talked to while I was doing my research.” “I wanted to submit the project as a “catalogue” that professionals could use to pick and mix the options that would make their family-reception areas smarter and more human, to provide three universes where grieving families can get together and get back in touch, remember the deceased, and live, eat, drink, wait, talk and grow.” INTERNATIONAL VILLAGES AND FOREIGN VISITOR GROUPS FUNÉRAIRE PARIS 2009 will be featuring international pavilions (Germany, China, Spain, Finland, the UK, Italy, Poland, Sweden, etc.) to boost exhibitor exposure. It is also running a reception programme, and a business-matchmaking service for foreign visitors who want to meet exhibitors. FUNÉRAIRE PARIS 2009 is intent on addressing all the issues that the trade is dealing with today, encouraging exchanges, spurring debate and showcasing professional expertise and creativity in efforts to develop sensible and sensitive services for families. Press contact: Virginie Taverne +33 (6) 63 13 95 30