INTRODUCTION                                                            Reality obliges us to be aware that death is with ...

The tenth "Salon Funéraire", an international event fo...
  Four sectors are particularly well represented this year: monuments, cremation, fun...
Funerary services, represented by insurance dealers and              Local authorities. As major players in the market, lo...
  Funéraire 2005, the tenth exhibition of its kind, means :
  • 21 000 sq. m. of exhibiti...

  The flagship event, the European Forum, now unites around           prod...

 There will be a number of striking cultural events during the   Guided tours of the Père Lachaise c...
It is noteworthy that tombstones are now becoming widespread.
Often ashes are scattered, leaving no place for the bereaved...

  Over the last few years, the CSNAF has been carryin...
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Decisions                                                                                                      ...
The funeral contract                                                                  Do you think you will take out a fun...
Undertakers (…)                                                          Were you satisfied with the service provided by y...
Cemeteries (…)
The number of annual visits to the cemetery is closely linked          What are your views about
with wheth...
The CSNAF and the PROMO-FUNERAIRE Association
commissioned an economic study...
Variations in the numbers of deaths in mainland
France                                                                    ...
An even distribution of products and services


  Memopack: the messenger of your feelings: incinerable funerary      ...

 • Opening times                                                 • Information
   ! Thursday 10 Novemb...
Sponsored by the Association des Maires d’Ile de France, Funéraire Magazine and Le Journal...
Sponsored by the Association des Maires d’Ile de France, Funéraire Magazine and Le Jou...
APPENDIX 2 – Programme des Balades au Père Lachaise

                                                 Les Amis du Musée Fu...
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  1. 1. FUNERAIRE 2005: THE INTERNATIONAL EVENT FOR THE FUNERARY INDUSTRY • T HE EXHIBITION CONSOLIDATES ITS INTERNATIONAL - Six Feet Under, the Fisher family saga LEADERSHIP Alan Ball, creator of Six Feet Under, brilliantly analyses the • M AIN DEVELOPMENTS WORTH NOTING : Cremation, complexity of human relations. Here, omnipresent death Monuments, Funeral Insurance & Local Authorities puts into perspective all those things that are repressed, • KEY FIGURES FOR THE EXHIBITION unspoken or taboo, as well as rivalries and duties. This • VISITORS series full of dark and caustic humour leaves nothing undissected. The result is a programme that at last has the courage to EVENTS address the subject of death with no holds barred: a • E UROPE, A VERY SPECIAL GUEST: The European Forum or disturbing yet exhilarating cocktail of emotion and the cultural exceptions of our neighbours laughter. • A CONFERENCE PROGRAMME: Funéraire 2005 will be a place for discussion, debate, exchanges and in-depth thinking FACTS & FIGURES • CULTURE & HERITAGE • T HE F RENCH AND THEIR FUNERALS – Credoc/CSNAF Exhibitions – visuals: study - "Architecture for a Final Resting Place" • THE ECONOMIC BAROMETER – IPEA/CSNAF study - "Necropolitan Curiosities" - "The alleged tombs of Jules Verne's heroes" INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS - "Views of eternity" by Mario Venier • A FEW EXAMPLES And : USEFUL INFORMATION - Hitchcock Sewell will be attending the exhibition to tell us about his latest adventures in "The Hearse Case APPENDIX Scenario" and "Murder in the Hearse Degree ".
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Reality obliges us to be aware that death is with us every day all over the world, and society has a great need to discuss the subject: euthanasia, the end of elderly people's lives, cremation, Funéraire 2005 is no ordinary exhibition. Its subject, death, graveyard management, confessional boundaries, the restoration remains taboo for society, and everyone tries to avoid of values, and so on. mentioning it if they possibly can. But death is undeniably a part of life, and it is natural and normal to talk about it. Studies But Funéraire 2005 is above all an exhibition designed to serve undertaken over the past few years show that there is increasing professionals. Its wealth lies in its offer, dynamic approach, interest in the topic. The latest to date, entitled "The French and innovations and expertise in anticipating the needs of families. their funerals", puts forward a great deal of information, showing Funéraire 2005 is a business event that attracts not only many that we are all extremely concerned and have much to say. international firms but also an ever-increasing number of local authorities in need of practical solutions. For several years now, fashion, films, television and literature Funéraire 2005 is a shop window, too, for developments in the have clearly declared that the taboo is at an end, as witnessed by trade, putting the spotlight on the latest products and trends in the cult television series Six Feet Under, the literary adventures of the industry. It highlights all the internal changes, external mortician Hitchcock Sewell and embalmer Léonard "Chib" upheavals and structural modifications in the various sectors, Moreno, and the moving, tragic story of Susie in The Lovely Bones. such as networks that are changing hands and now attracting the There are also films like Catherine Breillat's!Fat Girl, half-way attention of investors. between death and metamorphosis, Olivier Dahan's highly controversial Déjà Mort, and Tim Burton's animated fantasy film Funéraire 2005 is in a position to provide all this thanks to its Corpse Bride. thoroughly professional exhibitors, the thinking and ideas they contribute and the discussions they initiate. And of course, their humanitarian approach.
  3. 3. FUNERAIRE 2005 : THE INTERNATIONAL EVENT FOR THE FUNERARY INDUSTRY The tenth "Salon Funéraire", an international event for the the reference exhibition for all players in the funerary sector. funerary industry, will be taking place between 10 and 12 In its tenth session, Funéraire 2005 will be promoting all the November at Paris-Le Bourget. This biennial event was created activities in the sector, and helping to spotlight the needs of in 1987 by the CSNAF (national federation of the funerary arts), families. This will involve the participation of major players in and is organised by the COSP. monuments, cremation and funeral insurance, together with the The previous Salon Funéraire firmly consolidated its position as offers being developed for local authorities. • THE EXHIBITION CONSOLIDATES ITS INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP This year, FUNERAIRE 2005 will be preservation of bodies, and equipment facilities, ceremony equipment, caskets, taking place in a total surface area of and supplies needed for these monuments, urns, memorial 21,000 sq. m. It will be hosting more professions. Funeral parlours will be maintenance, funeral contracts, than 220 companies, 59 of which are widely represented as well. transport, machines, tools and exhibiting for the first time (including cremation facilities. 35 from France). Seventeen different Funéraire 2005 will also be hosting countries will be represented (among international professional organisations Last but not least, FUNERAIRE 2005 them Germany, Bolivia, Spain, Estonia, such as the European Federation of reflects the major changes affecting Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Funeral Services (EFFS) and the suppliers (such as imports, competition, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia), and International Federation of regulations, new materials, new needs, there will be a wide-ranging offer in Thanatologist Associations etc.) and all distributors (networks, new terms of monuments, cremation and (FIAT/IFTA). requirements in terms of cemeteries, funeral insurance. Funéraire 2005 is the increasing popularity of cremation, also a shop window for French know- The 2005 exhibition will further the environment, etc.). how, especially professional skills in consolidate its position as a crucial terms of care for the deceased, with a professional event bringing together all complete range of services in this the professions in the industry. These domain including the preparation and include funeral direction and embalming, cold and preservation
  4. 4. • THE MAIN DEVELOPMENTS WORTH NOTING Four sectors are particularly well represented this year: monuments, cremation, funeral insurance and local authorities. Monuments have an important place in this year's exhibition, Once again, cremation is present in force this year with the with over twenty companies present, including PELE, arrival of four international companies: Matthews/Caggiati, GENERAL DE GRANITS and REBILLON. There is a wide Facultative Technologies, ATI Group, DFW Europe and offer in terms of forms and materials, mostly from France, Sonier Duval. And for the first time at the exhibition, two together with an exhibition of architectural projects (which incinerators will be set up and a complete cremation facility can be reproduced freely) aiming not only to please the eye, will be realistically demonstrated, equipped with a new filter but also to stimulate the creativity of professionals and open system perfected by Facultative Technologies in response to up new paths to them. today's environmental concerns. Run by the exhibition, this presentation, "Architecture for a final resting place", has called on the services of fifteen well- In the CSNAF/CREDOC study of June 2002: "Cremation: known architect/designers including Andrée Putman, Agatha issues, problems and responses", it became clear that there is Ruiz de la Prada, Philippe Demougeot, Fabienne Bulle and a need to improve the cremation ceremony in order to aid the Francesca Cavazocca. grieving process for families. This touches upon the The exhibition is inspired by the observation of a new trend: ritualisation of the different stages, the need to reconcile the tombstones are becoming increasingly widespread, for with demand for a personalised ceremony with the reintroduction cremation, ashes are often scattered and there is subsequently of the public aspect, the improvement of the memorial no place for the bereaved to meditate. The "designer" aspect is location, the very status of the ceremony, and assistance for everywhere – so why not in this area as well? It means that families. Today, at Funéraire 2005, the field of cremation is there is still a trace, a kind of tribute, and the possibility of largely represented in response to all these issues: 16 firms are expressing a choice. offering columbariums, 8 of them memorial gardens, and For the exhibition, all these architects have designed a over 60 firms are studying the ceremonial aspect. funerary or cinerary monument for a private cemetery or Funéraire 2005 will also be presenting a large selection of garden. These are in keeping with modern daily urban life, and new cremation-related products: incinerable plaques, make use of noble materials such as stone, glass, marble and synthetic diamonds, reliquary jewellery, and so on. steel.
  5. 5. Funerary services, represented by insurance dealers and Local authorities. As major players in the market, local funerary directors, are presenting a steadily increasing offer. authorities will find practical solutions in Funéraire 2005 for Funeral insurance concerns cover for funerals and, more the needs of their fellow citizens. A great deal of thought has precisely, insurance as a service contract. There are in fact been given by all concerned as to the place, management, various forms of insurance, some of which are very similar to maintenance and development of cemeteries. life insurance and contain no provision for funerals, just the A special circuit for local authorities is being programmed payment of a sum to the beneficiary, whether or not in view of throughout the exhibition. Likewise, there will be a preview of financing funeral services. the results of the Funéraire Magazine/exhibition poll: a The CSNAF/CREDOC survey undertaken for All Souls’ Day survey on the theme "How undertakers and monumental 2004 indicated that this sector was in a phase of development, masons see cemeteries and their communal management", that professionals ought to be offering services and products carried out before the exhibition. in keeping with policyholders' wishes (simple and traditional), Lastly, a considerable conference programme on the themes that the offer needed to be made more visible, and that the of cemetery management and cremation is being offered on differences between the contracts presented by professionals Thursday 10 and Friday 11 November. in both the funerary and other sectors (banks, insurance companies, etc.) needed to be made clear. A large number of innovations are to be unveiled during the During Funéraire 2005, you will find the uncontested leaders exhibition. Some involve services: changes in activities arising in the market: LE VŒU F U N E R A I R E, from a growing demand, leading to the introduction of new UNPF–PACK’OBSEQUES, LIBERTE, FUNERIS, GNEPF services such as new kinds of ceremonies, the preparation of (National Grouping of Undertakers), the FAPE, GENERALI bodies, music, and the reception of and aid to families. Assurances, etc. Others involve products: many firms have given careful thought to new products associated with cremation (which this year has confirmed its increasing popularity) such as caskets, plaques and padding, and also the design aspect, memorials and the like.
  6. 6. • KEY FIGURES FOR THE EXHIBITION Funéraire 2005, the tenth exhibition of its kind, means : • 21 000 sq. m. of exhibition space • 17 foreign countries including Germany, Bolivia, Spain, • 220 companies present Estonia, Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland and • new exhibitors, including 35 from France Portugal … Memorials (plaques, vases, 26,5 % Ceremony (caskets, urns, 27,2 % BREAKDOWN OF THE OFFER IN % crosses, artificial flowers, accessories, padding) bronzes, vaults) Materials (granites, marbles, stone, Preparation of the body and Machines and tooling (grave- 8,5 % 7,7 % 7,4 % etc.) embalming digging, stonework, etc.) Services (funeral parlours, 10,5 % Professional organisations 3,5 % Other 8,7 % transport, computing, funeral contracts, etc.) • VISITORS In 2005, the Salon Funéraire is predicting a higher number of visitors – the 2003 exhibition registered over 6,300 visitors This year, Funéraire 2005 is expecting over 25% more visitors during the three-day event – as the subject is becoming of from outside France. The arrival of international exhibitors will increasing interest for local authorities (the role of cemeteries contribute greatly to the offer at Funéraire 2005, which extends in towns, their management and future, the increasing use of its international scope with each event. On this occasion, some cremation, etc.), architects (the layout of funeral parlours and 30 firms from 14 foreign countries will be represented. cemeteries) and the insurance sector (an increase in the offer, number of players and so on).
  7. 7. SPECIAL EVENTS • EUROPE: A VERY SPECIAL GUEST! The flagship event, the European Forum, now unites around products and services that typify the country’s culture and ten countries including Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Germany identity. and the Czech Republic. Run by the CPFM (confederation of The European Forum will bring together delegations from funerary and monumental masonry professionals) and each country, thus acting as a shop window for our overseen by Jean Neveu, Chairman of the neighbours for the period of the exhibition, and providing European Federation of Funeral Services (EFFS), this event important practical insights into laws, practices, customs and will make it possible to identify the specific features of each figures relating to the funerary industry in Europe. country as regards funerary art and practices, together with • A CONFERENCE PROGRAMME A mirror of the changes in society, the funerary sector is Maurice Thor, Gérard Véclin, Rabbi Korsia, Catherine associating itself closely with the players and prolific offer of Henriot and Corinne Loïodice, will be participating in five the exhibition by launching a programme of meetings and round tables: major discussions on cemeteries, cremation, memorials and • Towns: cemeteries and the professionals confessional boundaries. The aim is to provide a place of • The secularity of cemeteries and confessional boundaries international exchange and to be the main forum for the • Cremation and the environment in Europe industry in Europe. A large number of figures from within • Cremation and the treatment of ashes and outside France, such as Fouad Alaoui, Alain Hoffarth, • The advantage of franchise networks for the funerary Daniel Leschi, Philippe Martineau, Jean-Michel Pahin Driot, market Claude Pernès, Hervé Racine, Loïk Rodde, Jean-Pierre Tricon, (the complete programme can be found in the appendix)
  8. 8. • CULTURE & HERITAGE There will be a number of striking cultural events during the Guided tours of the Père Lachaise cemetery organised by trade fair, including a major exhibition on the theme the Friends of the Musée du Funeraire, on the theme of "The of!"Architecture for a Final Resting Place", whose soldiers of Père Lachaise, from Maréchal NEY to Sergent projects will subsequently be published in a book (Editions HOFF" will be given on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 Jean-Michel Place). Meanwhile, funerary monument November, from 10 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. (see appended programme). photographer André Chabot will be unveiling his "Necropolitan Curiosities" and "The alleged tombs of Jules Verne's heroes",!and sculptor Mario Venier will be presenting his "Views of eternity". ! Exhibitions "The alleged tombs of Jules Verne's heroes" by André Chabot, at the stand of the Friends of the Musée. Photographs & installation. "Architecture for a Final Resting Place": exhibition of known and recognised architectural projects by Andrée Putman, Marie-France de Saint Félix, Cathrin Trebeljahr, Fabrice & Eric Bajjani, Francesca Cavazzocca Manzzoti, Antoine Mortemar de Brisse, Philippe Demougeot , Marine Abergel, Fabienne Bulle , Atelier 3 Ponts, ….
  9. 9. It is noteworthy that tombstones are now becoming widespread. Often ashes are scattered, leaving no place for the bereaved to meditate. In a revival of the 19th century tradition, these architects have designed a number of funerary monuments for a cemetery or private garden. Architecture for a Final Resting Place – Andrée Putman "Necropolitan Curiosities" by André Chabot. Photographs Some thirty photos illustrating highly unusual tombs from all over the world. In the past, for those who had ears to hear, the cemetery was alive with the voices of lost loved ones, and the flight of angels going to and fro between earth and heaven. People would, so to speak, "leaf through" the pages of a family album endlessly enriched with new faces in stone, bronze and porcelain. Nowadays, if we are not careful, the humanity that we used to be able to read by looking at monuments, caressing sculptures and deciphering epitaphs, the humanity that used to recount social history and personal stories through the work of artists, will gradually disappear from our burial grounds… Mario Venier, the internationally famous artist, shows us a new "Vision of eternity" through a number of works. Funéraire 2005 will also be welcoming the "flavour of the month" in the form of the latest adventures of Tim Cockey's Hitchcock Sewell. The author will be signing the latest titles published in French by Alvik: "Le Croque Mort à Tombeau Ouvert" ("The Hearse Case Scenario") and "Le Croque Mort est un bon vivant" ("Murder in the Hearse Degree"). Meanwhile, there will be a showing of Alan Balls' Six Feet Under, the saga of the Fisher family – a series with the courage at last to address the subject of death with no holds Hopes barred: a disturbing, exhilarating cocktail of emotion and laughter.
  10. 10. FACTS & FIGURES • THE FRENCH AND THEIR FUNERALS –Credoc/CSNAF study Over the last few years, the CSNAF has been carrying out an services provided by the funerary trade are positioned. It also in-depth study on all funerary activities, consumer perception endeavoured to pinpoint inadequacies and gaps needing to be and requirements. This involved a sociological study on the addressed by the profession in order to satisfy consumer experience and perception of bereavement and funerals. requirements more fully. The idea was to use a representative sample to try and grasp how the grieving process is perceived, and how the various This latest study, entitled "The French and their funerals", was carried out through a quantitative survey in which 1,012 people, selected from a representative sample of French people aged 40 and over, answered a questionnaire dealing with the general world of funerals and cemeteries :! • Decisions • Undertakers • Cremation • All Souls’ Day • Burial • Cemeteries • Funeral contracts • Financial aspects • Rites This new approach to the funerary world made it possible to pinpoint several wrong ideas as well as a number of obvious facts, inadequacies and diktats.
  11. 11. don't yet Decisions burial know 21% Preparing for a funeral is not yet an obvious course of 40% action for everyone: only 35% of the people questioned had made provision for their own funerals, in whole or in part. cremation 39% Cremation The cremation option was 85% dictated by personal conviction; the financial aspect was only considered important by 6%, but it was an obvious choice for atheists and agnostics (61%). Cremation is gaining ground and is now virtually equal with burial as a choice. More often than not, the ashes are scattered afterwards. Burial marble 39% 61% of those interviewed chose burial, and 25% of them had already reserved a plot in a cemetery. Burial remains a granite 33% highly traditional choice. What do you feel is the ideal other stone 13% material for a tombstone? DK: others 8% will decide earth or 5% simple not 2% important 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%
  12. 12. The funeral contract Do you think you will take out a funeral policy? Two-thirds of those questioned said they knew what a funeral contract was. already have done 10% yes 21% answered yes to the question "Do you think you will take out a 11% funeral policy?" It became clear that in response to people's wishes, the funeral contract market will be moving increasingly towards policies don't yet know with actual funeral services contracted with a professional in the no 66% 13% funerary industry. Rites Tradition still remains very strong, with 63% of the people questioned wanting a religious ceremony at their funeral. Only 12% said they had particular wishes as regards their funeral (music, "no flowers by request", etc.). Religion is far from being forgotten. While it may remain hidden during people's lifetimes, it becomes an important issue when it comes to the afterlife: through conviction for some, through tradition for others. Undertakers Professionals in the funerary industry have a very positive image While the image of undertakers was already considered good by with the French, and over half the number of people over 40 had those who had actually used their services, satisfaction was also already had dealings with an undertaker. very high. The total of positive replies gave a satisfaction index The choice of an undertaker is chiefly made through word of close to perfection: 96%. People say they have an excellent image mouth. This is the principal vector for a firm's reputation. of the profession because they are extremely satisfied! Satisfaction was higher for private undertaker firms than for municipal or mixed economy companies.
  13. 13. Undertakers (…) Were you satisfied with the service provided by your undertaker? At the top of the list of the requirements expressed Not at all Fairly dis- were!"reception", "price" and "impeccable service". It was also satisfied satisfied 2% no opinion 2% 2% noted that there was considerable interest in a quality label within Fairly satisfied 30% the profession. Nearly 30% of those questioned were willing to pay more for a quality label, and 22% were interested in post- funeral assistance from undertakers. very satisfied 64% The total of positive replies gives a satisfaction index close to perfection : 96% All Souls’ Day The tradition of All Souls’ Day – or rather, the day before, All Only 22% of replies were positive for the population living in Saints' Day – is still widely respected. Two-thirds of the French the Paris metropolitan area, because of their distance from the population aged 40 and over regularly visit a cemetery on All cemetery, their work, etc. Those living in the north and east of Saints' Day: France compensated for this, with 72% going regularly • in person: 51% of replies were positive • alternately with another member of the family: 15% Cemeteries The main reason for people not visiting the cemetery on All Going to the cemetery on All Saints' Day fulfils a threefold Saints' Day arose from personal conviction: it is not part of their purpose: tradition. • to take flowers for the deceased • to meditate at the grave • to take care of the monument
  14. 14. Cemeteries (…) The number of annual visits to the cemetery is closely linked What are your views about with whether or not a person's parents are still alive, but on the cemetery where the average, French people aged 40 and over visit the cemetery grave is located? Clean 99% between three and four times a year, and very few people entrust Is it/does it have: Well-kept 97% A convenient size 95% the maintenance of the tomb to specialised firms (2%). Easy access to graves 95% The average amount spent each year by the French is a little Well-equipped (seats, water point) 92% under "85; only a third being spent on flowers for the grave on Landscaped, full of flowers 75% All Saints' Day. Secure 55% It was also noted that the French feel highly satisfied with their Good public transport facilities 53% cemeteries, apart from the caretaking aspect and their lack of accessibility by public transport, particularly in rural districts. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Financial aspects A classification of estimates confirms that French people seem The French have a relatively accurate idea of the cost of a to be fairly well-informed about such costs, because the greater funeral. majority of estimates agreed with undertakers' current prices. • Burial: estimated amount "3,150 (not including the burial However, burial is often perceived as being more expensive than plot, monument and masonry work) cremation (51%). • Cremation: "2,690 In conclusion, French people remain simple and traditional in their choices for funerals.!The ostentatious is on the decline, and today's society is not yet ready for a more original approach. Funeral rites are still firmly rooted in tradition, including the religious aspect. Undertakers have an excellent image with families.
  15. 15. THE ECONOMIC BAROMETER – The IPEA/CSNAF study The CSNAF and the PROMO-FUNERAIRE Association commissioned an economic study from the IPEA (institution for The study is thus based on the statements of the players planning promotion and studies) with the idea of creating a themselves rather than a few interviews with so-called monitoring tool for the funerary market. "specialists". (Survey with CSNAF!members – May 2005; Telephone IPEA's method was to directly interview manufacturers (both survey with 650 undertaker firms – 30 May to 3 June 2005; Telephone members and non-members of the CSNAF), distributors and survey with 500 members of the French public aged over 45 – 30 May to 3 June 2005) - Data from INSEE, SESSI, FFSA, FFC, etc.) consumers. Naturally, they also consulted data provided by INSEE, SESSI, etc… . Here is a summary of the initial information gathered : Economic importance of the funerary industry A sector worth "3.1 billion with a large number of stakes at issue: ! an approach based far more on the idea of a "trade" than an The funerary industry breaks down into 3 "industry" distinct activities ! increasing use of cremation and the effect on the average budget ! distribution increasingly turned towards services! 16% ! manufacturers are employing a cost reduction strategy undertakers ! a great many complementary "trades" with suppliers in the face of 45% the growing organisation of distributors monuments ! a strong lack of positioning for undertakers as regards funeral contracts compared with banks and insurance companies 39% flowers ! manufacturers/importers that are attempting to strengthen "control" over imports in order to stay in the market ! a lack of information for consumers and an absence of psychological pricing.
  16. 16. Variations in the numbers of deaths in mainland France Variations in the number of 2004: 508,500 - 7.5% 2004/2003 (estimate) deaths in France 2003: 549,987 + 3% 2003/2002 2002: 520,000 + 0.6% 2002/2001 560000 2001: 531,073 + 0.04% 2001/2000 540000 508500 2000: 530,864 - 1.3% 2000/1999 549987 520000 1999: 537,661 + 0.7% 1999/1998 534183 500000 531073 Outlook for 2005 - Estimate 480000 537661 6 months 2005/6 months 2004 +6.4% 2004 2003 2002 2000 1999 Average expenditure in 2005 Breakdown of average funeral costs (excl. monuments, burial plots and outdoor flowers in 2005) Burials "2,492 incl. VAT (excl. monuments) ! Coffin 39.3% Cremations "2,156 incl. VAT ! Procession – transport, bearers, funeral director 18.9% ! Preservation processes/embalming 9.8% ! Period in funeral parlour 8.7% ! Formalities and procedures 7.9% ! Preparation and organisation of funeral 5.0% ! Funerary articles 4.2% ! Flowers 3.2% ! Announcements and expressions of thanks 3%
  17. 17. An even distribution of products and services caskets 3.2%3.0% procession - transport - 4.2% bearersdirectors funeral - 5.0% preservation processes -- embalming 7.9% 39.3% period in funeral parlour formalities - procedures 8.7% preparation - organisation of funeral 9.8% funerary articles 18.9% flowers Distribution structure Distribution: Undertakers A considerable growth in the number of employees over the past few years Key figures for 2002 • Turnover: "1,393 billion • Number of firms: 2,021 • Number of staff: 16,254 • Share of part-time workers: 29% Structure de la distribution réseaux intégrés 31% 39% indépendants 30% enseignes, négoces associés,
  18. 18. INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES • A FEW EXAMPLES Memopack: the messenger of your feelings: incinerable funerary Algordanza: superior quality synthetic diamonds derived from the ornaments enabling someone to transmit a last message to the deceased ashes of the deceased, in memory of their unique and wonderful lives. and thus be with them during the funeral and cremation. Hommages et réceptions familiales: this recently formed-company Uono: cocoon, a designer casket with an appealing shape. offers families in mourning for a loved one an opportunity to find a LifeGem: a diamond created from the carbon found in human – or meaning in death, and to remember that it is part of the natural life animal – ashes after cremation. A LifeGem® is an authentic certified cycle, by making the funeral an occasion to pay tribute to the departed diamond enabling you to cherish the memory of a unique and precious person in the company of all those who have come to show their life, in a very special way. affection and friendship. "Hommages & réceptions familiales" helps Golden Body Performance: artistic project – integral gilding with gold bereaved families to bring friends and family together around shared leaf of the deceased's body, or design of a funerary chamber or urn memories of the deceased, and thus pass on the baton of life from gilded in fine gold. generation to generation. Uono: cocoon, a designer casket with an appealing shape. Piverdie fleurs: here there is no room for the haphazard or the Simo: this casket and funerary article manufacturer will be presenting a approximate. range of mixed caskets for cremation and burial in a cherry wood finish, From the search for trends, lines, forms, colours, fabrics and materials together with a white wengé finish casket for a younger clientele. right through to the design and perfection of floral ranges, we use our Dipro: presentation of a new and original range of cotton padding, a questing imagination and skills to make you the sort of flower creations new collection of urns in alabaster, ceramic, wood and porcelain, and a you really want. new range of chapel back wall accessories. Facultative Technologies: a world player in the cremation of human Ducarme: now with a wider range of vehicles, including a top-of-the- remains in incinerator construction, filtering, smoke processing and range vehicle with a central layout, panoramic windows, sliding rear facility maintenance, Facultative Technologies will be presenting a doors and two "private vehicle-approved" rear seats. At the bottom of complete cremation facility during Funéraire 2005, equipped with a the range, Ducarme offers a model with a single possible interior layout, filter line and smoke processing system. in three basic models, with one "private vehicle-approved" rear seat. Strassacker: production of cinerary monuments and creation of an They will also be presenting a funeral limousine. informative Web site for technical/commercial training. Bocap: new top-stitched padding and/or with personalised applied designs.
  19. 19. USEFUL INFORMATION • Opening times • Information ! Thursday 10 November 2005 ! Friday 11 November 2005 COSP!: 01 40 76 45 00 ! Saturday 12 November 2005 from 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. non-stop • RER Line B3/B5, going to Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport - Mitry-Claye: alight at “Le Bourget” (free shuttle from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. between the RER station "Le Bourget" and the exhibition entrance). • Bus No. 152, going to Porte de la Villette: alight at “Michelet-le Bourget” No. 350, going to Gare de l’Est-Gare du Nord-Porte de la Chapelle: alight at "Aérogare du Bourget". • Car A1 motorway (Porte de la Chapelle), exit 5 to "Le Blanc-Mesnil". A3 motorway (Porte de Bagnolet), exit 5 to "Le Blanc-Mesnil". RN2 (Porte de la Villette): exit to Le Bourget.
  20. 20. APPENDIX 1 – LECTURES PROGRAMME Sponsored by the Association des Maires d’Ile de France, Funéraire Magazine and Le Journal des Communes Secularism and denominational areas The city : its cemeteries and professionals Thursday 10 November at 11:00 a.m Thursday 10 November at 12:00 a.m With : With : A representative of the Religions Department from the Home Office - M. M. Jean-Michel PAHIN DRIOT - CPFM Didier LESCHI M. Christian SCHIEBER - UNA des Métiers de la Pierre - CAPEB A representative of the Christian confession – Reverend Father DUBOIS M. Jean-Pierre TRICON - Direction Générale des Opérations Funéraires de la A representative of the Jewish confession – Chief Rabbi KORSIA ville de Marseille A representative of the Muslim confession - M. Fouad ALAOUI Mrs Corinne LOÏODICE - Union des Professionnels du Pôle Funéraire Public Mrs Catherine HENRIOT – Local Council of Pierrefitte Animated by!: Nathalie CHALARD (Journal des Communes) Animated by!: Nathalie CHALARD (Journal des Communes) Olivier GEHIN (Funéraires Magazine) Olivier GEHIN (Funéraires Magazine) Cremation and environment in Europe – the different statutory The cremation and the becoming of mortal remains solutions Thursday 10 November at 4:00 p.m Thursday 10 November at 2:30 p.m With!: Sponsored by ICF, EFFS and UEC with!: M. Michel HANUS - Président de la Société de Thanatologie. M. ARBER (Great-Britain) M. Alain HOFFARTH - Président de Fédération Française de Pompes Funèbres M. Alain HOFFARTH (France) (FFPF) M. Philippe MARTINEAU (France) M. Jean-Michel PAHIN DRIOT - Président de la Confédération des M. Rolf LICHTNER (Germany) Professionnels du Funéraire et de la Marbrerie (CPFM) M. SWINKELS (Netherlands) M. Claude PERNÈS - Président de l’Association des Maires d’Ile de France M. VIDAL (Spain) M. Hervé RACINE - Représentant de la marque ROC-ECLERC M. KEIZER (Netherlands) M. Maurice THORE - Président de la Fédération Française de Crémation Animated by!: M. Jean NEVEU - EFFS Animated by!: Pascal MOREAUX – Consultant
  21. 21. APPENDIX 1 – LECTURES PROGRAMME (…) Sponsored by the Association des Maires d’Ile de France, Funéraire Magazine and Le Journal des Communes The interest of the franchise network for the Funeral market Presentation of the new standard on the coffins specifications Friday 11 November at 11:30 a.m Friday 11 November at 2:00 p.m With!: With M. Eric Launay - CTBA M. Gérard VECLIN - Liberté M. Philippe GENTIL - Groupe Roc-Eclerc M. Philippe MARTINEAU - Le Choix Funéraire M. Olivier GEHIN - Funéraire Magazine M. Loïk RODDE - Point Funéplus M. Thierry CEOTTO - Funéris
  22. 22. APPENDIX 2 – Programme des Balades au Père Lachaise Les Amis du Musée Funéraire National Association régie par la Loi de 1901 - 14, rue des Fossés Saint-Marcel 75005 – PARIS Visites guidées gratuites du cimetière du Père Lachaise les vendredi 11 novembre et jeudi 12 novembre 2005 Thème!: Les militaires du Père Lachaise «! Du Maréchal NEY au Sergent HOFF!» Mise en service le premier prairial AN XII ( 21 mai 1804, le premier cimetière laïc de Paris, voulu par la volonté de Bonaparte, ouvert à tous sans distinction sociale devient très tôt un lieu destiné à accueillir les glorieuses dépouilles mortelles de militaires. Des chefs-d’œuvre d’architecture seront présentés au public notamment pour les tombeaux des maréchaux du premier Empire, les tombes des soldats de la grande armée, les monuments élevés aux martyrs de la barbarie, les cénotaphes évoquant la mémoire des militaires disparus, les Bustes des héros chargés de gloire, couverts de médailles et couronnés de lauriers. L’anniversaire du 11 novembre 1918, vous invite à visiter ces illustrations du souvenir traduites dans la pierre et le bronze par les plus grands artistes de leur temps et qui témoignent un passé parfois tragique mais toujours glorieux. RENDEZ-VOUS!: Porte principale du cimetière, Boulevard Ménilmontant 75020 Paris Ces visites guidées par l’Association des Amis du Musée HORAIRES DES VISITES Funéraire National seront gratuites. Elles sont organisées à Vendredi 11 novembre Samedi 12 Novembre l’occasion du salon professionnel international de l’art • Matin! 2 visites 10 h et 10 h30 • Matin! 2 visites 10 h et 10 h30 funéraire en partenariat avec COSP, 22 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 75008 PARIS – Téléphone 01 40 76 45 00 • Après-midi 2 visites 14 h et 14 h30 • Après-midi 2 visites 14 h et 14 h30 Renseignements pour les visites 06 77 83 55 15 - 06 76 41 41 24