Ridgewood Golf Club Executive Report


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This was a paper for my Springfield College Facilities class in May 2009. This paper was set up with two other group members in my class. This paper goes with the PowerPoint presentation The Building of Ridgewood Golf Course.

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Ridgewood Golf Club Executive Report

  1. 1. Ridgewood Golf Club Executive Report Created By: Chad Smith
  2. 2. Ridgewood Golf Club is a semi-private club located off of route 130 in Sandwich, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. The location of the golf course puts in a very accessible location for all golfers that wish to use it. The club is located less then 2 miles off exit 2 on the mid cape highway. The course is also accessible to people from Mashpee, Falmouth, Barnstable, Bourne, and Plymouth. The mission statement of the Ridgewood Golf Club is as follows: “The Mission of Ridgewood Golf Club is to provide a state-of-the-art multiuse facility. This facility has been built to provide the local community, surrounding areas, and its members a championship golf course. The first responsibility of Ridgewood Golf Club is to its members and shareholders. The second responsibility is to the surrounding community. We at Ridgewood Golf Club strive to keep the course and its facilities in the highest quality.” In following our mission we will create a top of the line club that will attract members from all over the eastern part of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. The vision statement for Ridgewood Golf Club is as follows: “The vision for Ridgewood Golf Club is to become one of the top semi- private championship golf course, not only on Cape Cod, but in all of Massachusetts. To achieve this vision we will expect to have one hundred and fifty members at the end of the clubs first fiscal year. We also want to hold thirty outside banquets such as proms, weddings, and business dinners. We hope to make a profit of over
  3. 3. $2.5 million in the clubs first fiscal year. Throughout the first year of our existence we hope to create a culture between employees, and members that will leave a lasting impression. After a five year period we hope to increase our members to over four hundred and make a profit of over $3.5 million annually. We hope to be considered for many functions which will allow us to grow as a club. We hope to have a culture in place where people can come to the club and enjoy themselves.” If we are able to reach our goals we at Ridgewood Golf Club believe we can become sought after for not only golf, but outside functions as well. Also with what we have to offer we believe that we can create a one of a kind experience for everyone. The Ridgewood Club will be an eighteen hole semi-private golf course. We will offer memberships, but also allow the public to play at this beautiful championship course. The par for the Ridgewood Club will be seventy-two, and the yardage for the total course will be 6,535 yards. The course will also include a driving range on site along with a pro shop, restaurant, and ballroom. The par for the front nine will be 36 and the yardage will be 3,260 yards. For the back nine the par will be 36, and the yardage will be 3,275 yards. The course will have four separate tee markers for golfers to hit from in side the tee box. It will have red markers for women to hit from, white markers for beginners – intermediates, blue markers for intermediates – experts, and gold markers for experts and tournaments players. Memberships will last the full year from January 1, to December 31, and will vary in cost. For children and teens eighteen and under it will cost $350 per year. For students in college twenty three and under member ships will cost $450 per year. For students and children there will be no up front fee. For adults it will
  4. 4. cost $10,000 up front for the first year, and then $1,200 for every year after that to renew the membership. For a family membership it will cost the $10,000 up front plus another $1,000 for the first year. After the first year it will cost $2,000 for family memberships, and it will cover up to four people in the family. For day to day rates we will charge $75 in peak times, $65 in non peak times and $50 after 5 o’clock in the dusk period. The entire prices include the price with a cart, because carts are mandatory here in non tournament play so we can keep a quick pace on the course. The reason we choose Sandwich Massachusetts to build Ridgewood Golf Club is because of its location. The club will be located less then 2 miles off of the mid cape high way (Route 6). The club will be accessible from many different towns on and off the cape. On the cape the club is accessible from Falmouth, Barnstable, Bourne, its home town Sandwich, and even as far down as Dennis. Off the cape the club will be accessible from Wareham, Plymouth, and as far over the bridge as Carver, or Kingston. With the club being in an accessible location we feel we will attract members from both sides of the bridge. Sandwich is the second largest town in Massachusetts behind Plymouth. Sandwich is home to 20,136 residents. The demographics for Sandwich Massachusetts are as follows: Sandwich Demographics Population 20,136 Male 9,783 Female 10,353 Married 15,308 Single 3,068 Separated 159 Widowed 831 Divorced 1,250 Number of Households 7,335
  5. 5. Average Household Size 2.72 Average Family Size 3.18 Median Age 39.50 Median Household Income $61,250 Average Household Income $7,346 Per Capita Income $26,895 White Collar Jobs 8,006 Blue Collar Jobs 8,865 Employed 9,657 Unemployed 331 Sandwich Household Information Number of Households 7,335 Households: Family 5,515 Households: Non-Family 1,820 Households: With Children 2,932 Age 0-4 1,329 Age 5-9 1,659 Age 10-14 1,845 Age 15-19 1,264 Age 20-24 610 Age 25-34 1,866 Age 35-44 3,703 Age 45-54 3,174 Age 55+ 4,686 Income & Jobs $0 – $10,000 0 $10,000 - $14,999 216 $15,000 - $24,999 539 $25,000 - $34,999 611 $35,000 - $49,999 1,114 $50,000 - $74,999 1,885 $75,000 - $99,999 1,224 $100,000+ 1,455 Sandwich Ethnicity Statistics White 19,803 African American 116 Hispanic or Latino 161 Asian 141 American Indian or Alaska Native 106 Hawaiian / Pacific Islander 18
  6. 6. Other 106 (http://profiles.nationalrelocation.com/Massachusetts/Sandwich/) After looking at these demographics we decided that Sandwich was a great spot to put the club. The surrounding towns which we believe will also have an impact are Falmouth, Bourne, Wareham, and Plymouth. The demographics for those towns are as follows: Falmouth Population 32,660 Male 15,252 Female 17,408 Median Age 45.00 Median Household Incom $48,191 (http://profiles.nationalrelocation.com/Massachusetts/Falmouth/) Mashpee Population 12,946 Male 6,091 Female 6,855 Median Age 40.60 Median Household Income $50,871 (http://profiles.nationalrelocation.com/Massachusetts/Mashpee) Bourne Population 3,549 Male 1,948 Female 1,601 Median Age 35.40 Median Household Income $39,750 (http://profiles.nationalrelocation.com/Massachusetts/Buzzards%20Bay/) Plymouth Population 51,701 Male 25,691 Female 26,010 Median Age 36.50 Median Household Income $54,677 (http://profiles.nationalrelocation.com/Massachusetts/Plymouth/) The reason we feel this is the proper site is because of the area it is in. It is off of route 130 which is one of the busier roads in sandwich. The area we are buying to put the
  7. 7. club is on the edge of the Otis Air Force Base. The base is going to be shut down and turned into a homeland security base therefore they will be selling off the land, because they will not need as much land. Also buying in this area it will allow us extra room to expand if we wish to turn into a country club. To make it a country club we add houses along with other amenities to make it a country club. With the club being on a busy road it makes it a lot easier for potential golfers to reach. Route 130 runs all the way from 6A across the mid cape down to the Mashpee Falmouth town line. The land in this area is prime real-estate for a golf course because the land is relatively flat which will allow us to create any type of landscape for a top of the line golf course. Some land and environmental considerations we must make are soil testing, core drilling, grading, accessibility, and utilities. Soil testing is a tool used to assess the status of soil fertility and the potential for nutrient imbalances in grass. While soil testing has been around for decades, it's becoming more important because of mandatory nutrient management programs. Weather and physical factors are always at the top of the plant stress list. Fortunately, superintendents can control nutrient fertility more easily than many of the other stress types. Soil testing alone can be risky when assessing turf nutrient efficiency. Soil testing in conjunction with plant and irrigation water analysis is necessary if good fertility programs are to be established. Working with a lab or consultant that exclusively works in turf and gathers a lot of good laboratory and field data can be invaluable to a superintendent's agronomic success (Wolff, David). Core drilling is important, because we need to know what we are building on for land and what kind of architectural designs we need. We will need to make Ridgewood accessible so all members of the community can enjoy our course, shop, restaurant, and ballroom. Utilities
  8. 8. will be spread through the facility, because waste will be filtered in to septic system, while reusable water will go the water hole and watering the grass. The Ridgewood Club will satisfy its customers as a semi-private top of the line golf club. Cape Cod is with out a true grade A golf course and we feel with the building of this course will give Cape Cod just that. Potential members and customers will be able to use the golf course, driving range, pro shop, restaurant, and ball room. Potential golfers will be able to use the course and driving range for golf to warm up or sharpen their skills. They will be able to use the pro shop for purchasing clubs, balls, and other golf attire. Also at the pro shop golfers will be able to test different drivers and clubs on the driving range if they are looking to purchase new clubs. The restaurant will serve breakfast from 7 am when the course opens to 11am for the early morning golfers. It will serve lunch from 11am to 4pm for people on the course during the lunch hour. Then it will serve dinner from 4pm to 11pm for golfers on the course after work. The restaurant will also be open for everyone outside of the golf community from 7am to 11pm. We invite all members of the club and all community members to come for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The ballroom will be located above the restaurant and pro shop, and be used for special functions. The ball room will have a dance floor, bar, and elevator so food and patrons that can not use the stairs can get to the ballroom easily. The ballroom will be used for weddings, proms, business functions & presentations, and big band concerts. Customers for this facility will be golfers, community members, high school students, business looking to host a function, and anyone looking to use the course, restaurant, or ballroom for some fun entertainment. Keeping all the facilities up to date we feel that we can attract many members besides golfers to use our facilities. While
  9. 9. hosting golf tournaments and functions will allow our facility to grow and become the golf course to come to on Cape Cod for a long time to come. The Ridgewood Club needs to be built so that Cape Cod can have a top of the line championship golf club. With a top of the line golf club that attracts its locals but it will also increase tourism during the summer for a place that thrives on tourism. Sandwich is home to three different golf courses such as Sandwich Hollows, Holly Ridge, and The Ridge Club. Sandwich Hollows is a public course that is an 18 hole par 71 course that plays 5898 yards. Holly Ridge is also a public course that is an 18 hole par 3 golf course that plays 2952 yards. The Ridge Club is private 18 hole course that plays 6,640 yards that has a par of 71. Out of these three golf courses our biggest competitor will Sandwich Hollows, because it is a public course where golfers can use all their clubs. While the Ridge Club is a nicer golf course then Sandwich Hollows it is completely private and you must be a member to play there. While the Ridgewood Club will be nicer then the Ridge Club, but more expensive then Sandwich Hollows we feel we can corner the market on Cape Cod in the golfing community. Also to go along with our course we will have prestigious restaurant and ballroom then the other three courses which we feel will put us above the other courses. In being a semi-private course so we will offer memberships, but also allow members of the community to use our golf course and our other amenities. By allowing not just members but everyone to use our spectacular course we believe it will put us above Sandwich Hollows and The Ridge Club. The Ridgewood Club will be built to comply with all American Disabilities Act. Some things we will have to comply with ADA is ramps if needed however we expect entrances and exits to be level with the ground, wide stalls in all bathrooms, wide paths, automatic sliding doors, no cabinets
  10. 10. under the sink, all handles will be levers so people with disabilities can grip and hold them, and since the ballroom is on the second floor we will have an elevator between both floors. Our potential clients need this facility to be built so they have access to a championship type golf course with out having to become a member. They will also be able to access a top of the line restaurant, pro shop, and ballroom. Members will receive benefits that will be far above any other membership offered on Cape Cod. Some member benefits will be 10% off at the Ridgewood Restaurant, 5% off the Ridgewood Pro Shop, two free lessons, less expensive green fee’s, and ten free bucket of balls to the driving range. Some programs that will be offered at The Ridgewood Club will be lessons, tournaments, and banquets. The club will offer lessons to people of all ages so they can improve their skills, and learn the game golf. Lessons will allow the new golfers to work with one of the golf pro’s so they can learn the game the proper way from their first swing on. We will also offer lessons to intermediate and high skilled golfers looking to refine there game and take it to the next level. The club will also host public and private tournaments. The public tournaments will consist of the members and anyone who looks to enter these tournaments. The private tournaments will either be privately organized by an outside looking to rent the course or the member championship where only members of the course will be allowed to participate. Additionally, having a ballroom allows the Ridgewood Club to host banquets from weddings and high school proms, to business functions.
  11. 11. There will be many ancillary areas at the Ridgewood Golf Club like the locker rooms, bathrooms, maintenance facility, and offices. The locker rooms are a very important for our members, because this is usually one of the f places they will visit before or after going on the course. Members usually go into the locker room to change into golfing attire, use the restroom, or lock up personal belongings they do not want to bring on the course with them. Bathrooms are another important area, because people no matter where they go if they use the bathroom will remember it, was it clean, dirty, nice, or grungy. While the maintenance facility will rarely be seen by members it is still an important part of the club. Having an up to date maintenance facility and equipment will keep the course looking pristine. Offices are another important area even though they are not always seen by our members. In order to attract knowledgeable well-known golf pro’s we will need to give them nice areas to do their work. With nice well kept and up to date locker rooms, restrooms, maintenance facility, and offices we know we can keep our members and staff happy. Some of the things we will have to make the Ridgewood Club a championship course will be top of the line maintenance equipment, great interior design, and most importantly a well designed and built course. The maintenance equipment that the Ridgewood Club will own will be a complete line of John Deere golf equipment. By using only John Deere equipment we will only have to go through one place for ordering and outside maintenance. We will have the following list of equipment: Fairway Mower 8500 E-Cut Hybrid Mower Key Features • Electric reel drive system eliminates all potential leak points in the reel circuit
  12. 12. • Reduced sound levels and fuel consumption at 2300 rpm; throttle notch serves as a guide • Brushless electric reel motors for compact design and optimal efficiency • 48-V, 180-amp alternator powers reel drive motors, requiring no additional batteries on unit • Powerful turbocharged diesel engines for increased performance • Tires sized for proper weight distribution and a low 10-psi ground pressure • Easily accessible daily service points allow for less maintenance time and more time working • 18 gal. of fuel on board, plenty for a long day of mowing Rough, Trim, and Surrounds Mowers 7200 Trim Mower Key Features • Width on demand—match the conditions with the touch of a button • A powerful 26.4-hp diesel engine offers the highest horsepower in its class • Maximum contour following for a premium quality of cut • Reach Trimming System—shift out to trim around bunkers and other hard-to- reach place • GRIP All-Wheel Drive Traction System moves flow from wheels that slip to those that grip • Double-acting, dual-rod hydraulic steering cylinder for lines as straight as on greens and fairways Greens Mowers 2500E Diesel (Riding) Key Features • Electric reel drive system eliminates 102 hydraulic leak points, minimizing leak opportunities • Reduced sound levels and reduced fuel consumption at 2250 rpm; throttle notch serves as a guide • Brushless electric reel motors for compact design and optimal efficiency • 48-volt alternator powers reel drive motors, requiring no additional batteries on unit • Quiet, powerful Yanmar diesel engine Front Mowers 1565 Series II Front Mower Key Features • 36-hp, 3-cylinder diesel engine produces high torque for tough cutting conditions; liquid-cooled for greater reliability • 7-Iron II mowing decks permit high-capacity mowing • Extra-large, 16 gal. (U.S.) fuel tank provides the capacity for all-day mowing; 10-hour running time without refueling • Standard all mechanical 4WD (includes full-time or on-demand 4WD)
  13. 13. • High-strength, self-reinforcing space frame; tractor-based transaxle and wet disk brakes ensure outstanding durability; major components located lower in the machine provide a low center of gravity for enhanced performance on hillsides • Two-speed transmission, allows travel up to 15 mph Aerators Aercore 2000 Key Features • Flexi-link supporting arm keeps tines perpendicular to the ground longer for high-quality holes • 77.5-inch coring swath • Up to 4-inch coring depth • Fiberglass reinforced belts for quiet operation, simple maintenance • Produces up to 1,200,800 holes per hour Golf Irrigation • Aurora Professional Central Software • Key Features • Independent Station Control • ET-Based Irrigation • Percentage-Based Irrigation 0-999% • ET Management • Dry Run • Real-Time Monitoring and Control • Report Generation • Alarm Paging • Station Database • Manufacturer Rotor & Nozzle Database • Site Management • Weather Data Utilization • Precipitation Data Utilization • Sensor Data Utilization • Flow Graph™ • Cycle & Soak • English and Metric • Individually adjust station run time by percentage (http://www.deere.com/en_US/golfturf/index.html) Along with this major equipment we will also use minor equipment also provided from the John Deere line such as trimmers, blowers, saws, bunker rakes, and any necessary attachments. Along with using John Deere maintenance equipment we will be
  14. 14. using Club Cars which are one of the top golf cart companies. The model we will be using on the Ridgewood course is Precedent i2L, which is an electric cart. The reason we are using an electric cart is to save money on gas and, to be green. Below is a list of specs on the Precedent i2L electric cart: Specs • Horsepower – 3.3 • Power Source – Electric • Batteries – (6) 8-volt Trojan Batteries • Charger – 48V variable with on-board computer • Steering – Self-compensating double reduction helical rack and pinion • Speed Range – 7 speed settings: 8 to19 mph; 4 acceleration settings: Aggressive or traditional; 5 pedal-up braking settings: None, mild and aggressive. • Vehicle Warranty – 4-year: batteries (20,000 energy units or 1,000 rounds), canopy, electronics, pedal group, seats, suspension. 3-year: body panels, electric power train. 2-year: all remaining components. Limited lifetime: frame (http://www.clubcar.com/Pages/default.aspx) Inside the club we will sell only what we feel is grade A food, great catering service, top of the line equipment and accessories. By using only grade A food we can not only be a competing golf course, but also have a competitive restaurant in the area that will be open year round. When hosting functions we will offer a catering service, but it will not be necessary when an individual/firm is renting out the ballroom. By offering this service it will give the renter more options to use the club. Inside the pro shop by selling top of line equipment we feel it will legitimatize our pro shop as one of the best on the cape. Some of the products we will sell in the shop will be made by Footjoy, Titlist, Callaway, and Taylormade. While building a golf course is very expensive we feel that overtime we will make a profit, and be one of the finest golf courses on Cape Cod. Depending on the logistics of each hole it can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $175,000 to build each hole, and being a
  15. 15. championship golf course we will be closer to the $175,000 projection. Building eighteen holes about $175,000 a hole will bring just the cost of the course to $3,150,000. After adding the building of the putting green, driving range, golf carts, maintenance facility, and club house/ballroom we expect the total cost of the project to be somewhere between $7 million and $10 million. The total includes preliminary cost, architectural fees, construction costs, insurance costs, contingencies, HVAC, energy systems, interior systems, exterior systems, and completion/ analysis. Other costs will be confronted by the Ridgewood ownership group is the affordability of the land, which we feel is very affordable to build this type of course. Taxes are another consideration that we face, but we feel all the taxes in this area are justified and reasonable. We will be buying the land so we completely own the course and do not need to go through the town of sandwich for major decisions that affect the course. The way we will be paying for this is a loan from the bank, and they way we get the loan is by presenting them the idea. Since we are looking to buy about 200 acres and it is $5,000 an acre it will cost about $1 million for the land. We then put up about 10% to 20% of it cost to buy the land and the bank will lend us the rest. Then we tell the bank it will cost us to build each hole which will be about $175,000 per hole costing us about $3.15 million. The we tell them we need another $3 million for the club house, restaurant, ballroom, maintenance garage, and all equipment to need to make those places run properly. The reason the bank will give us a loan is because they will want to make money off the land. If we tell them we expect to have 150 members in our first year of operation charging the members $10,000 that will give us $1.5 million in membership dues. If we charge $75 per round of golf and we expect a total of 5,000 golfers a month
  16. 16. that will give us $375,000 per month and being open seven months a year that will give us an estimated $2,625,000 per year of operation only on the golf course. We expect to make $500,000 a year between our restaurant and ballroom. With everything added up we expect to make $4,625,000 per year with out paying for maintenance and salaries. After taking out $1,625,000 expenses we expect to make $3 million a year. After we present these numbers to a bank we see no reason why we can not get a loan from a bank. Some outside constituents besides the bank that we will have are lawyers, members from the golfing community, environmentalist, town mangers, and members of the community. The reason we will have lawyers is to make sure everything we do is staying with Massachusetts laws. The reason we will have members from the golfing community is to make sure that our design will be attractive to all golfers. We will have environmentalist to make sure we are doing everything we can to make sure we do not affect the environment in a negative way. We will have town managers to make sure we are following all town laws and regulations. We will also want community members to be on our board to make sure the local community agrees with everything that is going during the construction phase all the way to the grand opening. We will have to go through a thorough construction phase to make sure everything is going smoothly and on time. The construction phase of the Ridgewood Club is as follows: Programming phase Design phase- Selecting an Architect • Licensed to practice • Good reputation • References • Example of work • Work with building committee Design phase- Selecting a consultant
  17. 17. • Educational back ground • Work experience • Planning experience • Proximity to project • Reputation • Ability to work w/ building committee • Ability to read blueprints • Ability to understand the organization programs • Ability to understand the future of the organizations plans Design Phase • Owner of facility must mind builder • Letters of recommendation • Length of company existence • Relevant project experience • Required licensure • Experience w/ similar projects • Past experience of staying w/ in budget • RFQ’s (request for qualifications) are used to procure a builder • Published in Legal section; contain written descriptions of project • Bidders submit specifications drawings • One company wins the bid contract Pre-construction phase • Meetings need to take place between important stakeholders • Make sure proper documentation available • Site must be prepared before construction can take place • Construction phase • Foundation materials decided • Substructure, super structure • External components: roofing fences, parking lots, security cameras, lights, roads • Internal components: furniture, seating flooring Occupancy phase Being a golf course there will be many employment opportunities with us and below is a list of the positions and number of positions we must fill: Staffing Number General Manager 1 Assistant Geeral Manager 1 Accountants 2 Head Golf Pro 1 Assistant Golf Pro’s 2 Head Greens Keeper 1 Assistant Head Greens Keeper 1
  18. 18. Restaurant / Catering Manager 1 Assistant Restaurant / Catering Manager 1 Event Coordinator 1 Assistant Event Coordinator 1 Golf Store Manager 1 Assistant Golf Store Manager 1 Landscapers 8 Mechanics 2 Rangers 6 Bartenders 3 Head Chef 1 Line Cooks 4 Custodians 3 Cashiers 3 Interns 4 As seen above is our list of employees and how many of each we will need. Some of our more important personnel at Ridgewood Golf Club are the General Manager, Head Golf Pro, Head Greens Keeper, Restaurant / Catering Manager, Event Coordinator, and the Golf Store Manager. The General Manger will over see all operations of the Ridgewood Golf Course. They will have the final say about all things on the golf course such as prices, purchases, and tournaments when will be played. Under the GM will be the assistant GM, and the accountants. The assistant GM will help the General Manager run the day to day operations of the golf course. The assistant GM will also work closely with the accountants to make sure the course is heading in the right financial direction, and also review the work of the accountants. The Head Golf Pro will be responsible for looking over the course, setting the rules for the course, and running the lessons. Under the Head Golf Pro will be the assistant Golf Pro’s that will assist in creating and enforcing the rules, along with doing lessons. Also under the Head Pro will be the rangers who will assist in enforcing rule and make sure the golf course is running smooth. The Head Greens Keeper will be responsible for setting up hole placements, and keeping the
  19. 19. course in top condition. Under the Head Greens Keeper will be the assistant Head Greens Keeper, mechanics, and landscapers. The assistant Head Greens Keeper will help in drawing up hole placements, and keeping the course in top condition. The landscapers will do the day to aspects such as mowing, trimming, and other land caring techniques to help keep the course green and playable. The mechanics will be responsible for caring and fixing all equipment that is used to maintain the course. The Restaurant / Catering Manager will be responsible for overseeing the menu, restaurant set up, and setting up banquets in the ballroom. Helping the Restaurant / Catering manager do all this will be Head Chef, Sous Cheifs, line cooks, and custodians. Their will also be an Event Coordinator that will be responsible for booking all events held at the golf course whether it be on the course or in the ballroom. Their will be an assistant Event Coordinator that will help the Event Coordinator plan all the events and solve any problems that may arise. The Golf Store Manager will oversee all things on in the golf store from what clubs to be sold, to how the set up in the store will be. Under the Golf Store Manager will be the assistant Golf Store Manager and cashiers that will run the day to day operations of the store. The course will all have four different internships available that will be in the departments of golf course management under the General Manager, restaurant management, events, and in the greens keeping department.
  20. 20. ORGANIZATIONAL CHART General Manager Chad Smith Assistant General Intern Manager Accountant Restaurant & Head Greens Catering Keeper Golf Store Event Head Golf Pro Manager Coordinator Manager Assistant Assistant Restaurant / Assistant Head Assistant Golf Assistant Golf Catering Intern Event Greens Keeper Store Manager Pro’s Manager Coordinator Head Chef Mechanics Cashier Intern Rangers Sous Chef Landscapers Line Cook Bartenders Custodians Intern
  21. 21. Bibliography Club Car. 2009. 28 Apr. 2009 <http://www.clubcar.com/Pages/default.aspx>. Francis , James M. Building And Maintaining The Truly Affordable Golf Course. 2008. 26 Apr. 2009 <http://www.usga.org/turf/articles/construction/general/building_maintenance.ht ml>. Fried, Gil. Managing Sport Facilities. Champaign: Human Kinetics, 2005. John Deere Golf. 2009. 28 Apr. 2009 <http://www.deere.com/en_US/golfturf/index.html>. National Relocation for People on the Move. 26 Apr. 2009 <http://www.nationalrelocation.com/>. Wolff, David "Soil testing takes center stage". Golf Course News. FindArticles.com. 30 Apr, 2009. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa4031/is_200507/ai_n15614793/
  22. 22. This was a paper for my Springfield College Facilities class in May 2009. This paper was set up with two other group members in my class. This paper goes with the PowerPoint presentation The Building of Ridgewood Golf Course.