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How to promote


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You have a great business yet still no one is helping you learn the internet and how to use it to leverage you! Well I am here to help.

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How to promote

  1. 1. Your BusinessCindy Slick
  2. 2. Great eye catching pagesThe free lead system Helps with the pagesand the email helps with the follow up
  3. 3. Where to PromoteFB, Google+, Twitter, than there isIMfaceplate,Homebasedbusinessprogram, LisaSimpkins, Ad landpro, IBO toolbox,Linkedin, Manta, Skillpages,MavenI have a list of over 300 groups thatyou can advertise in on FB. I haveanother list of free classified ads.http://www.imfaceplate.com Websites to leverage your Business. Profile, joingroups, add contacts daily.Chat with people. Post otherthings besides just ads. Letpeople know you.
  4. 4.  Traffic Exchanges: AdFly EasyHits4U HitsBoosterPro HitSilo Sweeva ThumbVu TopTierTraffic TrafficDynamite Traffic-Splash TrafficSwirl WebBizInsider SafeList: Adtactics GotSafelist GlobalSafelist Smart Safelist The Traffic Secret Safelist Pro Target Safelist Elite Safelist Newage Marketing Safelist Herculist Safelist Xl Active Safelist
  5. 5.  Website & Blog
  6. 6. I also blog nearly daily, I have my own website. I followup with each and every lead.If I only have an email I do not just rely on the autoresponder I send a personal email to each and every lead.I call those that leave phone numbers.I have a presence all over the internet as does my partnerKaren Higdon that many of you know.My phone number my email my website my links for thesystem are on every profile I have. Complete your profiles
  7. 7.  You can still go old school Business cards Flyers Posters Cold Calling a Business Fundraisers Handouts, pamphlets
  9. 9. Some may not have the time othersbecome just too bored. There are peoplewho you can hire to do it. Check outfiverr you can many to do the promotingfor you.
  10. 10. The only thing standing in your way isyou. You have what it takes. You justneed to implement it!