How marketing has changed


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Free Lead system Forever will change how you market. All the tools in one system and it can duplicate your system for each of your reps. For upgrade for all the tools for $29.97 for what would cost you over $100 going to several different places to get it all. Or keep the free prospecting system forever

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How marketing has changed

  1. 1. Why learning how to leverage theinternet is more important than ever
  2. 2. How we market today must changetraditional marketing is no longerworking. Old marketing channels arenot as effective.
  3. 3. Online Marketing Todays BusinessLeaders in Business UnderstandAre noticing just how much easier it isto market onlineNew MarketingChannelsSmall & Large Business
  4. 4. We Got You Cover
  5. 5. Online Business:BloggersOnline Malls and ShopsAffiliate MarketersInternet MarketersMLM’s
  6. 6. Your Own Marketing SystemWhen you Have the right toolsSo opportunity to get out in front
  7. 7. Manage all with the Free LeadSystem Forever
  8. 8. It can be so overwhelmingDifferent Tools NeededYou can go all over and try to find allthe tools:Aweber, Constant Contact, VistaPrint, Mycapturepages,, GoDaddy, hosting, website, email, contact managerand so many more and by the time youget them all you are paying well over$100 per month.Or Free Lead System ForeverFor Free you get a auto lead system forever forfree.Upgrade to premium for $29.97 per monthevery tool that you would get spending $100 ormore per month else where. Plus a whole lotmoreAffiliate one time low fee for marketing leaders.Share your pages and campaigns with each repin your line.Senior Account Executive generally forbusiness owners.
  9. 9. We Have You CoveredStop being confused!There is a better wayChange the way you do business, withone system in one place.Lead capture pages, email campaign, contactmanager, build your own website, hosting, addvideos to your pages and email, audio as well,ecards, viral postcards with video, greetingcards set and go, ad tracking, QR codes, andmuch more in one place.
  10. 10. Internet has changed how we market
  11. 11. For Internet and Direct SalesFor those with a team of marketersunder them. With the Free LeadSystem Forever you can share all yourpages. You set and each one of yourreps can come and your systemduplicates your system for each ofyour reps!Yes a completely duplicatable systemso your sales reps can do what you do.Or you can give each rep a Free LeadSystem Forever to each of them at nocost to them. If they upgrade topremium they share your pages andlike I said they duplicate what you do.
  12. 12. Simple to use anyone can learn, we have wonderful customersupport and will help you every step of the way.No advance skills needed
  13. 13. All Your Marketing Tools in One Place