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The rules and info for the RA Games

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Ac Ra Games Powerpoint

  2. 2. How to Play » ACs will be broken into 8 teams (4 American League and 4 National League) all with 3 to 4 active players each as well as Rookie players, rotating team captain’s each week » Teams will play head to head for 8 weeks of regular season competition » Standings are based on the number of Wins-Losses a team receives during regular season play
  3. 3. September Playoffs  Top 2 teams from each league will automatically move on to the Playoffs  1 wildcard team will be chosen from each league based on results from the Completed File Derby  Teams will play head to head for 2 weeks to earn the right to go to the world series
  4. 4. Completed File Derby -1st week in September -team’s score is based solely on average # of Completed Files per team -the top 2 teams from each league play for seed 1 & 2 in playoffs -all remaining teams compete for wildcard spot in Playoffs
  5. 5. World Series #1 American Team vs #1 National Team
  6. 6. Scoring o Scoring is based on team’s batting average % of Completed Files o ACs receive a score based on 15%<=0 (Strikeout) percentage of files completed 15%-19.9%=1 (Single) and quality 20%-23%=2 (Double) o An AC can receive a total of 10 23.1%-24.9%=3 (Triple) 25%=4 (Homerun) points per game for a batting +29%=5 (Grand Slam) average of 1 o Each individual’s score is averaged with the team for an Quality overall team average <95%=0 (Strikeout) 95-97%=1 (Single) o The team with the highest 97.1-98%=2 (Double) average receives a win for the 98.1-99.9%=4 (Homerun) week 100%=5 (Grand Slam)
  7. 7. For Example… 19% Completed Files=1 (single) 98% Quality Score= 2 (double) 3 /an overall batting avg. of .300
  8. 8. Bonus Points Teams will compete head to head bi-weekly for a Family Feud Competition Questions are mainly focused on catalog content but also include random trivia and job related information The winner of each Family Feud will increase their team’s batting average for the week by .100 Therefore, if a team finishes the week with an overall batting average of .350 and wins Family Feud, their score will increase to .450
  9. 9. HISTORY OF THE RALLY MONKEY The Rally Monkey is an important figure in the history of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Major League Baseball team. The character debuted on June 6, 2000, when the Angels were trailing the San Francisco Giants 5–4 in the bottom of the ninth inning. Two video board operators, Dean Fraulino and Jaysen Humes, took a clip of a monkey jumping around from the 1994 Jim Carrey movie comedy Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and superimposed the words "RALLY MONKEY!" on top of it. The Angels scored two runs and won the game. (retrieved from The Rally Monkey is a symbol of spirit and energy and each week 1 MC will be chosen by their peers as the Rally Monkey of the week and get the honor of displaying the Rally Monkey for the following week. The person who received the most votes by the end of the games will receive the “RALLY MONKEY OF THE YEAR” award.
  10. 10. Rookies Rookies are all ACs not active by July 6th Each team can choose to have a rookie pinch hit for an active player for a single game (week) Rookies Cannot Pinch hit in consecutive weeks for the same player and a Rookie can not pinch hit for the week’s team captain Roster changes must be made no later than Monday at 9:30am for the week’s competition Once the roster has been submitted to a manager, it can not be changed for any reason
  11. 11. AND THE TEAMS ARE…
  12. 12. American League Team Rosters Ashford Athletics The Unusual Suspects Mary Sam Matthew Elisia Cathy Nicole Katherine Ashford Allstars Bangarang Meghan Stephanie Monica Jonathan Anetha Amy Cindy
  13. 13. National League Team Rosters I’m Gonna Hurt You! The Closers Mindy Kelly Pamela Melissa Prathana Christine Lori Hit-Men Jeters Never Prosper Bojana Letissa Patrick April Alisha Ashley Diana Nina
  14. 14. Please Remember Friendly competition is encouraged but keep your hands to yourself!