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A T T I C Inventory 2007


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Assistive technology inventory listing for 2007-08 school year

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A T T I C Inventory 2007

  1. 1. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Accessories Overlays Talking Verbs, Nouns I & II Andrea Anti-noise Headset Quest Link Battery Charger Attainments Big Bundle Overlays SAM-Trackball Black Sand Bag Snap-In Set #2 CalcuLine Splicer APH Canon Bubble Jet CBJ-85 Switch Interface-USB Community Success USB converter Computer Mouse USB Cord Destination Math guide Earphones Adaptive Toys Headphones Headphones- Franklin Activity Center-Compact Headphones- Stereo w/Boom Mic Activity Center-Multisensory Headset with Microphone Adaptive Toy-Mini Talking BD Chain w/lgts Intellikeys Overlay Adaptive Toy-Shuttle School Bus Keyguard Adaptive Toy-Talking Tube Keyguard- Big Keys Air Flow Tube Keyguard- Intellikeys Alphabet Bead Chain Crawl-Through Keyguard- Intellikeys Apple Qwerty Bead Chain w/Light/Music-Mini Multi Keyguard- Intellikeys Arrows Bead Chain w/Mirror Keyguard- Intellikeys Basic Wriiting Bead Chain w/Music-Somato Sensory Keyguard- Intellikeys Numbers Bead Chain-w/Lights/Music-Lrg.Multi Keyguard- Intellikeys Snap-In Bead Chain-w/Lights-Mini Talking Language First Breezy Singers Lap Desk EZ Writer Bubble Leap Frog Bag - (green and blue Bubble Busy Box MathPad Bubble Machine Micro Speaker System Bubble-Musical One-On-One Bubble-Talking Overlay- Intellikeys Bubble-Vibrating Overlays- Intellitools Reading Balances Literacy Bump & Go Fire Eater
  2. 2. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Bump & Go Police Car Somatosensory Tube-Lights/Vibration Bump & Go School Bus Shuttle Spinning Wheel Switch Cash Register, Talking Stacking Blocks Dinosaurs Switch Toys Stacking Ring Cone Fan-Lovely Puppy Switch Toy Painting Truck Finger Isolation Busy Box Switch-Chirping Chick Fireman Ladder Climber Talking Super Jet Formboard with a Brain The Tumbler Giggle'n Rock The Twinkler Grand Prix Coaster Touch Board Graphics Mobile Vibrating Tube Hart Bubble Toy Aid to Daily Living Intellikeys 3-D Fruit Puzzle Jump Shot Dolphins Bulb Brush Holder Jungle Rumble Tag Game Button Vest Kaleidome w/Shapes Clothing Fasteners set Lego (132 set) Early Math Shape & Space Copy holder Lights & Vibration Sensory Tube Easy Arm Attachment Music Button My Music Maker Farm Sound Puzzle Firetruck Sound Puzzle Paint N Swirl Go Talk Penguin Roller Coaster Jumbo Ink Pen Police Chief Lace Shoe Puzzle-Butterfly w/Light/Music Long Loop Scissors Puzzle-Interchangeable Music/Switch Quack Quack Duck-Walking/Talking Plush Mini Portable Radio Duck Pencil Holder Rabbit Switch Toy PET Scissors Robbie The Lop Ear Rabbit Peta Loop Scissors Robo-Dog Pouring Cup Robot Switch Toy Ring Pen Sensory Tube: Lights & Vibration Snap Vest Shuttle School Bus with Music T-Bar Brush Side Lyer Activity Center
  3. 3. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Time Cue Secret 7 - My Board Train Sound Puzzle Switch Interface Pro Typing Aid Switch It (Early Math with Spider & Friends) Vehicle Sound Puzzle Touch Window TurboMouse for Mac/alternate computer input Wanchick Typer men's left large device Weighted vest Windows Access PAC Writing Aid Zipper Vest Communication Devices Alternative Keyboards 2 Comp Sequential Scanner 3-D Eye Talk Touch Window 4 Comp Sequential Scanner Alternate Keyboard-Large Print 7-Level Communicator Builder Alternate Keyboard-Switch Board AlphaTalker Alternate Keyboard-Touch Window Amplifier, waistband Alternative Keyboard-Joystick Plus Amplifier-Talk About Big Keys Audio Equipment Big Keys LX Auditory Choice Making Communicator Flexible Keyboard - Foldable Keyboard Baseball Cap Head Pointer Intellikeys-Complete Kit Big Mack Key Largo BIGmack Cmmctn Aid-green Keyboard-Large Print BIGmack Cmmctn Aid-Red KidBoard Black Hawk KidTRAC Book Worm Left Hand Dvorak BUILLD Littlefingers keyboard Canon Communicator LOMAK (Light Operated Mouse and Keyboard Carousel Communicator One Level 7 Messages MAC Access Pac Chat PC-II Microsoft EasyBall-Version 1.0 Cheap Talk 4 Combo Direct/Scan My First Keyboard - USB Cheap Talk 8 Direct and Jacks Neo AlphaSmart Clip Talk Overlay-Show Me Spelling w/Attainment Clock Communication
  4. 4. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center w/environ.controls Communication Board Flip 'n Talk Communication Book earobics I Communication builder Emerging Fonts and Traditional Fonts Communication Device-advocate Eye Talk Communication Device-ChatPC II Eye-Com Board Communication Device-DACtyl Flip N Talk Communication Device-DynaWrite Four Message Put-em-arounds Communication Device-MagneTote Easel and Franklin Talking Dictionary Mirror Hawk Communication Eye Gaze Frame Head pointer Communication ManeTote Easel Head Pointer-Baseball Cap Communication Vest/Apron Hip Talk 2 Communication-advocate Hip Talk 4 Communication-Dynawrite Lapboard Take & Talk w/option Communication-GoTalk Stand Large Visually Impaired Communicator Communication-Link Liberator Communication-LinkPLUS LightHawk Communication-MagneTote Easel LightSpeed PA-3 Communication-MagneTx Mirror Lightwriter Communication-One by Four Talker Link Communication-Talk Blocks Link Keyboard Communication-talkbook Lynx Communication-Talking Photo Album Macaw Communication-Waistband Amplifier Magnetic Card Reader (Card Master Communication Builder Motion Pad Dark Blue(10-communication Squares) One by Four Talker Digital Voice Recorder One-Step Communicator-20/Blue Dynamo On-the-Go 7 Level Communication Builder DynaMyte Partner Four Dynavox PCS Cards Set 11 Dynavox DV4 PECS Dynawrite Phrase Maker Communicator Dynmo Version 1.02 Picture Exchange Communication System EADL/Communication-TechTalk
  5. 5. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Pocket Communication Board Talking Picture Frame Pocket GoTalk Talking Poster Pocket Overlay for Eye Com Board (8) Talking Sequential Scanner Pocket Talker Talking Symbols Portacom System-Fannypack Tech 4 Recording Picture Frame TechTalk 8x8 The Picture Exchange Communication System Rocking 2-Message Communicator w/light Video Rocking Say It Switch Twin Talk Say it 5x8 Switch Plate Vanguard Say-It-All Voice Pod ShadowTalker Wallet Communicator Smart/Speak Wearable TalkTrac Software-Simon Sounds It Out-Stage 2 Whisper Wolf Software-Structured Writing Wordwise Illustrated Language Cards SpeakEasy Wordwise Language Book Speaking Language Master Writing Activities Spinning Communicator SSW Communicator Level 16 Step-by-Step Cmmnctr 75-Blue Electronic Aids to Daily Living (EADL) Step-by-Step Cmmnctr 75-Green Step-by-Step Cmmnctr 75-Pink Ultra-4 Remote Environmental Control Step-by-Step Cmmnctr 75-Yellow System Step-by-Step Cmnctr 75-w/Levels-Red Big Switch Super Hawk Califone Language Master Super Hawk Plus Cassett-corder Switch Module with 1/8 Jacksquot; Cordless Receiver Symbol Communicator for the Blind Electric Scissors Take N Talk Environmental control Take and Place talk Series FM - AM Adapted Radio Take-N-Talk Lapboard Franklin Language Master Talk Scan 8 Plus Goose Neck Clamp for Mounting Talking Photo Album Panasonic Portable CD Player Talking Picture Card Holder Power Link 3
  6. 6. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center LeapFrog Materials PowerLink 2 Pug n Power Wireless Control Single Switch Multi-Appliance Control Unit Spanish )Pooh se Queda Atorado Small Appliance Receiver 1 st Bilingual Spanish/English Speaking Homework Wiz 1st Grade Bilingual Spanish/English Switch Latch and Timer Calculator-big display Swivel Chair Califone - Sight Words 1 Talking Clock Ciencias Tech Talk with environmental controls Easy Reader Phonics Kit 3 TV/VCR Remote-Gray Easy Reader Phonics Kit 1 TVRemote control module Easy Reader Phonics Kit 2 Ultra 2 T Dual Switch Transmitter Fly Ultra 4 Power Module i Quest - Science 5th Grade Ultra-4 Remote Environmental Control iQuest System iQuest 4.0 Universal Remote Control Leaps 1 Pooh Gets Stuck Wireless remote by Dimango leap - Start Reading Bob and Lofty Save the Wireless Saucer Switch w/receiver Day Wireless TV Remote Leap 3 Science Leap Frog-A Day on the Ranch, Level 4 Leap Frog-Phonics Skill Cards, Level 2 Intellitools Leap Frog-What Do You Do? Leap Pad - Amazing Mammals (Science) Intellipics studio 3 Leap Pad - Dictionary Math Concepts 1 Leap Pad - Fiesta / iParty en el Pueblo MathPad software Leap Pad - i Party/ Fiesta in the Town Number Concept 1 Leap Pad - Lectura (Spanish) Number Concepts 2 Leap Pad - Los Mamiferos Leap Pad - Matematicas / Baby va de compras Leap Pad - Math / Ted Goes Shopping Leap Pad - Picture Dictionary (Spanish) Leap Pad - Pooh se queda atorado Leap Pad - Reading- Bob y Lofty Salvan el Dia
  7. 7. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Leap Pad - Reading/Pooh Gets Stuck Pre Lectura Leap Pad - Reading/The Disappearing Donuts Pre Mathematics Leap Pad - Social Studies Gr 5 Pre Reading Pre Reading book Bob and Lofty Save the Leap Pad Cartridge - Math / counting on Leap Day Leap Pre - Math Pre-Math Leap Reading (Pooh Gets Stuck) Quantum Pad Leap Science book Science Leap Spanish-English Sony Leap-1 Math Spanish - English LeapDesk Spanish Version Ciencias LeapFrog Animals # 3 Spanish Version Lectura Scooby-Doo LeapFrog Animals #4 Spanish Version Mathematics LeapFrog LeapMat Tirbo Extreme Cartridge LeapPad - i Party / Fiesta in the Town Wheels & Axles LeapPad - Mathematics (Spanish) LeapPad Backpack LeapPad Bilingual Spanish/English Learning Aids LeapPad Easy Reader Phonic LeapPad Fiesta in the House Leapfrog Book Leap's Big LeapPad Pre Letura Factor Frenzy LeapPad Pre-Mathematics Gears Mini Set Leap-Pad Reading Scobby-Doo Reading Colored Overlays LeapPad Spanish version Mathematics 100 Rule LeapPad, Easy Reader Phonics 3-D Bead Loops Leap-Start Pre-Math Adapt A Hold Learning Aid-Attribute Tiles Adapt-A-Cut Learning Aid-Palm Talker Algebra 1 Flipper Mathematics Book Algebra Flipper 2 Math All-Turn It Spinners Math book Counting on Leap Alphabet Templates Overlay-Plan Your Day w/Attainment AlphaSmart 3000 Phonics Writing Desk AlphSmart 2000 Pooh Se queda atorado ATTAINMENT- SOCIAL SKILLS@ WORK
  8. 8. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center ATTAINMENT-COMMUNITY SUCCESS SOFTWARE Clock Ball Brush Cogworks Basic Menu Math Game Coin Abacu Best Little Word Book Ever for LeapPad Coin U Lator Big Display Calculator Communication Binder Biology Flipper Community People Set Book of Books Computation Kit A Book Talker Connect Four Booklift Copyholder Construction Master 5 Calculator Bookman Electr.Card (Speaking Dict) Cutter Bookman Electr.Card (Spell Ace) Dan's Game Bookman Electr.Card Fundamental Desk Clamp Bookman Electr.Card Math Blaster Dictionary - Page Mark Edition Books of Books Dictionary-Webster LARGE PRINT Calculator-LCD Digital Time Califone E Blocks Califone - Food Words Easi-Tracer Califone - Survival Words Elementary Math Flipper 2 Califone (Basic Vocabulary Words 1) Elementary Math Flipper Califone (Basic Vocabulary Words 2) English Grammar Califone (Community Helpers, Places & Vehicles Ergonomic ball pen Califone (Everyday Words 1) Expanding Expressions Kit Califone (Everyday Words 2) Explorer Calculator Califone (Fundamentals Phonic) EZ Grip Res Q Pen Califone (Money Words) EZ Writer Califone (Telling Time Words) Factor Frenzy Califone Card Master Farm Animal Jumbo Shape Switch CAN-DO Recorder Finger Weights Carrel Desk Top First Shape Fitter Carrel, study carrel FlesArm Space Saver Copyholder Carry and Borrow Line Flexible Addition/Subtraction CD-The Mozart Effect Music for Children Flexible Fraction/Decimal Chemistry Flipper Flexible Multiplication/Division Guide
  9. 9. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Foam Magnetic Letters - lower case Hot Dots Phonics Fun Fold and Cut Famous Michigan People Hot Dots Power Pen Form Board I-Crayons Foto-Fonic Record If You Give A Pig A Pancake Fraction Line I'm all Ears Book Franklin Dictionary & Thesaurus Imagination Desk Franklin French Professor Intellikeys-Bailey’s Book House Bookman French-English Dictionary Intellikeys-Millie’s Math House French Grammar Flipper 1 Intellitools Mat MathPad Plus Fractions and Decimals Fundamental Readiness - Califone Intellitools Math Fundamentals Rhyming Word - Califone Intellitools Reading Balanced Literacy Fundamentals Compound Word iQuest - Math Grade 5 Fundamentals Picture Word - Califone IRIS Pen Gears Mini Set Junior 20 Mathline Geometrical Peg Board Kurzweil 3000 Geometry 1 Flipper Leap Frog A Surprising Teacher Geometry Flipper 2 Language Master 6000 Giant Calculator Stand Language Master Card Reader Guia de Reference de la Gramatica Inglesa Language Master Franklin Handheld Talking Book Language Master-Speaking Dictionary Handi-Cassette II Language Master-Special Edition Handwriting Guide Lap Desk Handwriting Stencil-Lower/Manuscript Large Lego blocks (for building Handwriting Stencil-Upper/Manuscript Large Reading Stand Headphones for LeapPad Laser PC6 Portable Cmptr-Blue Hello Toes! Hello Feet! Laser PC6 Portable Cmptr-Burgundy Hewlett Packard Deskjet 840C Leap 1 Math Hit It, Maestro for LeapPad Leap Frog A Tad Too Much Handwriting W/o Tears Kindergarten Set Leap Frog cartridges and books Homework Wiz Leap Frog Imagination Desk Hot Dots Flash Cards Addition Leap Frog Interactive Book Hot Dots Flash Cards -Multiplication Leap Frog Interactive Stroy Book-SCHOOL # 2, #3 Hot Dots Flash Cards Subtraction Leap Frog Language First-Travel Complete Set Hot Dots flash cards-Division
  10. 10. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Leap Frog Math Book Learning Aid-Digital Recorder Leap Frog On We Go Learning Aid-Dollar Line Leap Frog Phonics Writing Desk Learning Aid-EZ Writer LEAP FROG SCHOOLHOUSE HIDE AND SEEK SOUNDS Learning Aid-Factor Frenzy BOOK 1 Learning Aid-Handwriting Exercises to Music LEAP FROG SCHOOLHOUSE- SUMMERTIME SURPRISE Learning Aid-Kitchen Digital Timer LEAP FROG SCHOOLHOUSE-RHYME TIME PARTY Learning Aid-Knuckle Weight Left Leap Frog Vocabulary Book Learning Aid-Knuckle Weight Right Leap Frog-About Me Booklet Learning Aid-Master Ruler Leap Frog-Language First Learning Aid-MotionPAD LEAP FROG-Leap Mat Learning Aid-Number Express Leap Frog-Leap's Phonic Pond, Think & Go Learning Aid-Number Pattern Line Leap Frog-Phonemic Awareness Series Set Learning Aid-Pre-Writing Skills with Music Leap Into Learning Learning Aid-Reading Rods Phonics Sampler Leap Pad Cartridge Learning Aids-Califone Everyday Words 1 Leap Pad Cartridge Leap's Friends from A-Z Learning Aids-Califone Food Words LeapFrog - LeapPad Learning System Learning Aids-Califone Survival Words LeapFrog Headphones Learning Aid-Small Peg Board LeapFrog Phonics Writing Desk Learning Aid-StepPAD LeapFrog SchoolHouse Learning Aid-TimePAD LeapFrog-Consonants & Short Vowels, Level 1 Learning Aid-Voice Cue LeapFrog-Language First-Neighborhood Learning to Tell Time LeapFrog-Leap's Phonics Pond Lego LeapFrog-Phonemic Set Lego (shapes/colors) LeapFrog-Quantum Pad Learning System Lego Alphabet Tiles LeapFrog-Read It All Series Lego dacta (alphabets) LeapPad Book (Things To Know Lego Word Wall LeapPad Learning System Letter Size Copy Holder Leap's Big, Big Bag Letters Alive Leap's Friends from A to Z Levers Mini Set Leap's Phonics Pond Line Magnifier Learning Aid-Califone Money Words Little Ears-Songs for Reading Readiness Learning Aid-Classification Discovery Program Look at Della Duck Learning Aid-Computation Kit A
  11. 11. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Lowercase Alphabet Rubber Stamp Letters Overlay-Show Me Math w/Attainment Magnavox-Personal stereo cassette player Overlay-Spending Money w/Attainment Magnetic Drawing Board Overlay-TimeScales w/Attainment Magnetic Jumbo Letters Overlay-WordWise w/Attainment Magnetic Jumbo Numbers Overlay-Basic Attainment Series Math Flipper Page Up Math Shark Parrot Math-CalcuLine PCS Learning Magnets - School Words MathLine PCS Learning Magnets- 45 Food Words MathLine 10 Pediatric Wanchik Writer - Left Mathline 100 Pediatric Wanchik Writer - Right Mathline Numberline Pen & Pencil Weights MathLine student 100 Pencil Grip MathLine student 31 Perceptual Motor Trainer MathLine Teacher's 100 Perimeter Area Board Mathline-Building Primary Concepts on MathLine Phonic Fundamentals MathLine-Special Needs Phonic Reading Center Mathmate-Special Needs Phonics Fun Mini Cassette Recorder-voice activated Phonics Sound Wheels Money Cal Picture Word Fundamentals Monitor Polaring Filter Screen Cover Power Pen Motor Line Board Pre-Algebra Flipper Motor Numbers Primary Time Teacher Kit Motor Shape Board Pull the String Motor Skills Pulley Mini Set My First Fiskars Punctuation and Capitalization Flipper Narrator Tape Recorder QuickLink Pen Number Express Quicktionary II Reading Pen On the Go! with Leap Pad Quicktionary Reading Pen Overlay-Basic Attainment Series Readiness Fundamental Overlay-Looking for Words w/Attainment Reading Colored Overlays Overlay-Making Change w/Attainment Reading Pen Overlay-Picture Cue Dictionary w/Attainment Reading Pen - Quicktionary
  12. 12. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Reference-Life Skills Academics Literacy Talking Book Player/Recorder (Tutor) Reference-Teaching Math to Down Syndrome Talking Calculator Rhyme Time Party-Book Talking Calculator-Pocket Rol 'N' Write Talking Pen Roll-A-Dough Letters Talking Poster Motion Talker round pencil holder Talkman IV Panasonic Mini Cassette Recorder Samsung 21 LCD Monitorquot; Tape Recorder ScheduleCalc The Baby Keyboard School Fonts for Beginning Writing/Emerging Writers The Everything Table School-Rite The Invisible Clock Science The World of Dinosaurs for LeapPad The Master Clock See It Right The Mouse for Tiny Toys See 'n' Write The Talking Pen Sensory Discrimination Kit TI - 15 Calculator Shape Board/Foam Board Together Silly Sally Touch Math Upper Grades Computation Kit B Slant Board TouchMath Kit A Small Medium Large Circles Set 1 Tri Words Small Number Line TriFold Literacy Choice Board Small Reading Stand Tumble Down Counting Pegs Software-Basic Attainment Tutor Software-Match Time Two Way Teaching Clock Software-Survival Signs Uppercase Alphabet Rubber Stamp Letters Software-WordMaker VIBE Victor Reader Sony Cassette Recorder Victor Reader - Daisy MP3 - Player SpanishEnglish Dictionary Voice Cue Speaking Bookman - Expandable VTech Alphabet Apple Speaking Language Master - Sp. Ed. VTech Phonics Reading Center Speedy Fingers Water Wizard Spelling Ace & Thesaurus Webster's Spelling Corrector Spiky Glove Weighted FlexArm Base Copyholder StepPad Weighted pencil holder Study Station Lap Desk Weighted Universal Holder
  13. 13. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center WeightedFex Arm Space Saver Copyholder Joystick Light Word Arcade Joystick Roller Word Skills Flip Guide KidTRAC PC Word Sorts for Letter-Name Alpha Spellers KidTRAC trackball Wordpath Magic Touch Screen Writing Bird Penny and Giles Joystick Roller Writing Guide Value Kit Penny and Giles Trackball Writing Skills Flipper Roller Trackerball/Joystick XXL Calculator Rollerball light Mounting Devises Notetakers Book Worm Adjustable Stand Dana Cquot; Clampsquot; DreamWriter T100 Large Triangular Mounting Plate DreamWriter T400 Light Touch Switch Neo Magic Articulating Arm Software-Neo bundle and cables Mount Plate Large Triangular Speak. Merriam-Webster’s Dic & Mount Plates-Small Circular Thesaurus Mounting Device-Slim Armstrong The Writer Plus Plate Switch on a Stand Rectangular Mounting Plate Two Bean Holder Organizer Universal Switch Mount Base Early Math 4+ Easy Reader Folding Stand Mouse Alternatives Kidspiration Slant Board - Collapsible Big Track Giant Track Ball Aluminum EasiTrax Step Pad Easy Ball version 1.0 Stopwatch-Big Digit Easyball Time Pad Head Mouse - Softtype Voice Diary Communication -PC Joy Stick Plus- PC
  14. 14. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Reference Books Complete Reading Disabilities Handbook Computer Resources for People with Disabilities Considering the Need for AT within IEP A Conversation with Dreamwriter Users Create Cursive - Book 3 A Guide for Teachers (UDL) Creating the Early Literacy Classroom A New IDEA for Special Education video Curriculum Content A Practical Guide For Parents Curriculum Experiences Elementary A well designed machine that works GEWA Page Turner-BLV6 Cursive Success Book Access 97 vol 1 of 6 Dictionary, Misspeller's AlphaSmart 3000 Writing Process DVD-Asperger Syndrome Are You Blind? Early Learning Step by Step Around the Block Early Sensory Skills Assistive Technology an The AT Continuum Educating Students with Mild Disabilities Assistive Technology Matters video Educational Approaches for VI Children Assistive Technology Planner Emergent Literacy Success Assistive Technology Sourcebook Engineering the Preschool Environment for Interactive Symbolic Communication Assistive Technology We Can Do It video Excel 97 video Assistive Technology Solutions Book Fine Motor Skills & Handwriting Activities for Young Children Augmentative Communication Assessment Resource Fine Motor Skills in the Classroom Better IEPS First Steps BoardMaker for Macintosh video Five Universal Principles of Positive Behavior Support Book of Possibilities Flash Cards Brain Compatible Strategies Fraction Kit Briefcase One: Inclusion Essentials for Middle and High School From Toys to Computers: Access for the Physically Disabled Child Briefcase Three:Assessment Tools for Inclusion Functional Scheme Levels: 0-48 Briefcase Two: Inclusion Collaboration for Middle and High School Hallie's Horrible Handing writing Celebrate How Do You Know It? How Can You Show It? Claris Workshop for Students 7-12 How to Reach & Teach all students in the Inclusive Classroom Claris Workshop for Students K-6 I Can Soar ClarisWorks hop for Teachers Ideas for Using Classroom Materials to Teach Academics to NonVerbal Classrooms That Work IEP Success video Coin Abacus Worksheets Implementing Ongoing Transition Plans for the IEP Communication Overlays for Engineering Training Environments Inspiration Flip Chart Communication Displays for Engineered Preschool Environments
  15. 15. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Integrating Tech into Lang Arts Problem-Solving Situations for Adolescents Integrating Technology into the Curriculum Physical Therapy Educational Seminar video Integrating Technology into the Math Curriculum Quick and Easy Ideas and Materials to Help Nonverbal Child Talk at Home introduction to the Quicktionary Reading Pen Quick-Guides to Inclusion Ke:nx Basic Training video Quicktionary Reading Pen Tutorial English NTSC video Knowing What to Say! RAPS( Reading Activities Project for older Students) Leap into Literacy Center Reading by the Colors Leap's Snack Reading Strategies Learn Letters - Book K Reference-Building Intermediate Concepts on Math Line Learning Social Skills for Everyday Situations Reference-Curriculum Experiences Elem Let's Do It - Write Reference-Early Learning Step by Step Letter and Picture Sorts for Emergent Spellers Reference-Educational Approaches,VI Listening and Hearing Reference-Elements of Successful Teaching Low Tech Assist. Devices for Sch Handbook Reference-Integrating Technology into Curriculum Low-Tech Assistive Devices Handbook Reference-Making Big Words Making Connections Reference-Math Exercises for Nonreaders Mathline Demo special needs Edition Reference-Step Up to Math Meeting Standards with Inspiration Core Curriculum Lesson Plan Reference-The FIELA Curriculum Microsoft word 5 Schedule It, Sequence It More Hands-on Reading Sensory Integration Inventory-revised More Homemade Battery Devices for Severely Handicapped Sign Language for Special Learners Children with Suggested Activities Solving Behavior Problems in Autism Navigator 80 at Golden Gate Transit and BrailleMate video Space and Self Out-There Scientists Spatial Relations in Congenitally Blind Infants Peter Pan Special Education Administration Picture Communication Symbols Spelling Puzzles Book Play & Learn Start Sentences - Book 1 Play Attention demonstration video Symbol Articulation Positive Behavior Curriculum Systematic Sequential Phonics They Use Practical Ideas that Really Work for Students with ADHD Teacher's Resource Guide Practical Strategies for Elementary School Teaching Beginning Reading A Balanced Approach Practical Strategies for Including High School Students Teaching by Design Practical Strategies for Middle School Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age Preschool AAC Checklist
  16. 16. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Technology in the Classroom Access To Math -MAC Television Products All My Words The Comprehending Hand AlphaBeam Software The FIELA Curriculum Alphabet Express The Picture Communication Symbols Amazing Writing Machine The Processing Program, Level 1 Assistive Technology Bunder (Clicker 5) ATTAINMENT- PERSONAL SUCCESS PERSONAL CARE & SOCIAL The Processing Program, Levels 2&3 SKILLS The Teacher's Guide to the 4 Blocks Attainment Big Bundle The Teacher's Resource Guide Attention and Memory: Volume 1 Total Augmentative Comm. /El. Child Class Away We Go Units Away We Ride - Windows upgrading and fixing PC for Dummies Bailey’s Book House - Hybrid Using Assistive Technology Base Attainment CD Using Computers & Speec Synthesis to... Utilizing Switch Interfaces With Children Who Are Severely Physically Challenged Attainment Series Basic Basic Coins Verbal Problem Solving in Social Situations Basic Fractions Video-Asperger Syndrome Big Calc Visual impairment Understanding the needs of young children Biggy - Mac Visual Strategies For Improving Communication Biggy - Windows Vowels Blocks in Motion MAC Watch Out Big Bro's Coming Boardmaker Addendums Word Finder Boardmaker for Windows v.5.0 Words Their Way Boardmaker PCS Sign Language Wordwise Master Cards Boardmaker Plus Write Well - Book 2 Boardmaker Version 6 Zoom Text Boardmaker-Addendums BuildAbility Software Carmen S. Word Detective - Hybrid Cause and Effect -WIN Children's Switch Progressions EReader Circletime Tales deluxe A Day at Play - Windows Clicker 5 A to Zap ClickIt
  17. 17. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Co Writer Earobics Step 1 home version Co:Write 4000 Earobics Step 1 specialist/clinician Co:Writer SmartApplet earobics Step 2 Co:Writer V.2.1.3 Easy Action Head Switch Concentrate on Words & Concepts I - MAC Edgar A Poe collection Concentrate on Words & Concepts II - MAC Edmark Level I Concentrate on Words & Concepts Edmark Reading Program Level 2 Co-Writer for NEO - 30 User Eensy & Friends - Windows Creative Writer 2 Exploring Kidspiration Creature Capers Fall Fun - Windows Creature Cartoons Find the Buttons - MAC Creature Chorus First Keys to Literacy Creature Feature First Thousand Words - Hybrid Creature Magic Five Finger Typist-Mac Deluxe Banking Following Direction One and Two Level Commands Destination Math v 3.0 Following Directions Left & Right Discover Fonts 4 Teachers Discover Board Forgetful & Friends - Windows Discover Screen Freddi Fish and the case of the Missing Kelp Seeds Dollars & Cents Series Fundamental Concepts - Windows Draft: Builder Get It Software/book Dragon Naturally Speaking Get It Utility E Reader Grolier Encyclopedia - - MAC Early & Adv. Switch Games - MAC High Level Attention Early Learning I for the Mac How to Read for Everyday Living Lab Pack - 5 users Early Learning II for the Mac Humpty Dumpty & Friends Early Learning III for the Mac Hyper Sign Early Learning Mix 'N Match I Know - American History Earobic Step 1 special/clinician version IEP and Inclusion TIPS earobics Step 2 Informal Reading comprehension Placement Test Earobics 1 for Adolescents & Adults Specialist/Clinician Version Inspiration earobics Step 1 InspireData Earobics Step 1 for Adolescents & Adults Home version Intellikeys Overlay Maker - Apple
  18. 18. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Intellikeys-IntelliPics-Windows 1.03 Millie & Bailey Kindergarten Intellimathics Millie’s Math House - Hybrid Intellipics Studio Mix n' Match IntelliTalk Money Skills Intellitool Number Concept 1 Monkey Jumping on the Bed - Windows IntelliTools Math-Number Concepts 2 Multisensory Reading, Spelling & Penmanship Program Jack London collection CD NumberMaze Challenge Jokus Workshop - Hybrid Old MacDonald’s Farm - Windows Jokus Workshop - Windows On a Green Bus - Windows Joystick & Mouse Trainer On the Green Bus Ke:nx V.3.0.2a OnScreen with CrossScanner Ked Pix Ooops KeyWords Out and About - Windows Kid Board Coach Overlay Maker Windows Kid Pix Passport to Reading Kidspiration - 30 USERS Pattering & Algebra K-3 Knowsley Woods Personal Success Kurzweil 1000 V.5.0 Phonic Based Reading Learning Reading SOS Phonic Mastery Level A HOLD ON THIS ITEM Lexia Ages 5-8 Phonics Mastery Level B Lexia Early Reading Phonics Mastery Level C Lexia Primary Reading Picture Cue Dictionary Lexia Quick Reading Test Picture It Lexia Strategies for Older Students Picture Power Pack Life Cycles Picture Power Pack,Picture It, Pix Reader, Pix Writer Life In Focus Picture Sentence Key Life Skills Academics MATH Pix Reader Looking for Words Pix Writer Magic 8.0 PixReader for the Macintosh Mark Twain Collection CD PixReader for Windows Match Time Press to Play Zoo - Windows Math Tools Logical Journey of the Zoombinis Press to Play Speedy - Windows Mavis Beacon Typing - - MAC Quick and Easy Classroom
  19. 19. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Quick and Easy Home Software-A Day at Play RadSounds - MAC Software-ABC Songs I Sing at Preschool Read & Write Version 4 Software-Attention Getter Read & Write Software-Attention Teens Read & Write Gold Mobile Software-Boardmaker Reading SOS Software-Calcu-Scan Reading Who Reading You Software-Camp Frog Hollow Remembrance Software-Cause & Effect Cinema RFB&D Dolplin EasyReader Software-Cause & Effect Factory Right of Way Software-Community Success Rolf's Word Journey Software-Concepts On The Move Sammy’s Science House - Hybrid Software-Discover Time School Days - Hybrid Software-earobics Home School Fonts and Transitional Fonts Software-earobics Home Step 1 School Fonts for Beginning Writing Software-earobics Step 1, Adolescents & Adults Sentence Master 1 Software-earobics Step 2, clinic version Sentence Master 2 Software-Edmark Reading Program, Level 1 Sentence Master Level 3 Software-Get It! Sentence Master level 4 Software-I Know American History Show Me Math Software-Informal Reading Comp Placement Test Show Me Spelling Software-Inspiration Sign Language Libraries II Software-Knowsley Woods Simon S.I.O. Software-Kurzweil 3000 Simon S.I.O. Stage 1 Individual Phonics Instruction Software-Learning My ABCs Simon S.I.O. Stage 2 Individual Phonics Instruction Software-Looking for Words Simon Sounds It Out - MAC Software-Making Change Simon Spells-Mac Software-Math Concepts 1-2-3 Geometry Simple Sentence Structure Software-Millie & Bailey Kindergarten Single Switch Games Software-Money challenge SmartAPPLET-Beamer Software-Monkeys Jumping On Bed Soft Type On-Screen Keyboard 4.2 Software-Old Mac's Farm Deluxe Softtouch Favorites Software-On A Green Bus Software:Co:Writer SmartApplet Software-Ooops!
  20. 20. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Software-Out and About Stage Three Assessment Software Software-Personal Success Stage Two Assessment Software Software-Phonics Mastery Bundle Start to Write Software-Puzzle Power Start to Write Ver 7 + Software-Ready! Set! Sign!! Sticky’s Early Learning - Hybrid Software-Scan & Paint Stickybear ABC Deluxe Software-Shop 'til You Drop Stickybear's Kindergarten Activities Software-Smart Alex Stickybears's Early Learning-Hybird Software-Social Skills@work Storybook Software-Spending Money Storytime Revised 1.1 Software-Stage 3 Assessment Structured Writing Software-Stage Two Assessment Survival Signs Software-Stories & More Switch It! Software-Structured Writing using Inspiration SwitchIt Software-Studywiz SwitchIt Bundle Software-Switch Basics Switch-Rocking Plate Lrg Software-Switch On Original Talk Overlays for teach me to talk Software-Teach Me Phonemics Blends Talking Nouns I - Apple IIGS Software-Teen Tunes Talking Nouns II Software-Words Around Me Talking Verbs Software-Write:Outloud Teach Me Phonemics - Blends Software-Writing Activities Teach Me Phonemics - Final Software-Writing with Symbols 2.5 Teach Me Phonemics - Initial Software-Writing with Symbols 2000 Teach Me Phonemics - Medial Software-Zoom Text Xtra 7.0 Teach Me to Talk Software-Zoombinis Logical Journey Teacher Pack Fonts SOLO Teen Tunes Song I Sing Teenage Switch Progressions Spanish Phonology: Intervention TextHELP Read & Writer Speaking Dynamically The Amazing Writing Machine Spell-A-Word The Early Learning Suite for the Mac Stage One Assessment Software The Reading Lesson Stage One Cause & Effect The Sentence Master level 2
  21. 21. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center The World Around Us WYNN 4/with scanning The World of Assistive Technology WYNNReader Time Liner 5.0 WYNNReader without scanning Time Time WynnWizard v.3.51 Transitional Fonts for Emerging Writers Zoom Text xtra 7.0 Trudy's Time & Place House Turn-Talking Switches Turtle Teasers Type for Fun - Hybrid Victor Wave Reader Type to Learn Jelly Bean-Yellow Understanding and Following Directions 90 degree angle switch ViaVoice Adjustable Pressure Saucer Switch Visual Motor Skills - Windows Airlink Cordless Switch Visual Voice Tools Bass Switch Web Whacker Big Red Wheels Big Blue Wheels - Mac Big Yellow Wheels for Windows Blink Switch Wheels- MAC Blue Head Fish Switch Where / World is Carmen S.? Hybrid Buttons 4 Word & Concept I Buzzer Switch Word & Concepts II CD switch Word Around Me Chime Alarm Word Attack Cow Switch Word Hound Discover Switch Word Maker v.1.0 Discover Switch For Mac Word Wise DJ PC interface WordMaker DJ PC Switch WP- IntelliTalk II DJ PC Switch interface Write Outloud Double Touch Switch Writing with Symbols 2000 Early & Advanced Switch Games- Wynn Windows Wynn 4 Ellipse 1
  22. 22. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Finger Switch Red Head Fish Switch Floating Pillow Switch Red Jelly Bean Switch Foot Switch Saucer Switch Happy Face Switch Small Oval Texture Switch Head switch Small Rocking Plate Switch Imate Spec Switch Black Jellybean Switch Spec Switch Blue Jolly Jay Spec Switch Green Joy Stick Spec Switch Pink Jumbo universal remote control Spec Switch Purple Kitty Switch Spec Switch Red Large Oval Texture Switch Spec Switch Yellow Leaf Switch Square Wind Click Switch Lighted Signal Switch String Switch Lighted Signal-Buzzer 1/4 jackquot; Super Sally Lighted Signal-Buzzer 1/8 jackquot; Switch Big Mack Lolly Switch Switch Click MACH III Joystick Switch Click-Mac Macintosh Switch Interface Switch Click-PS2 Medium Oval Texture Switch Switch- Joggle Variable Pressure Microlight Switch Switch Training Aid Mini Saucer Switch Switch-Buddy Switch-Farm Animal Jumbo Shape Mount Plates -Small Rectangular Switch Multisensory Motivational Center Switch-Large Rocking Plate Oval Texture Switch/Latch/Timer Switch-wobble OvalTexture MultiSensory Switch9x5 TeddyBear Switch Pal Pad Terrific Tim PC Trackball II TouchFree Switch Petite Pillow Switch Twitch Switch plus sensor and cables Pinch Switch Vertical Plate Switches Pretty Patty Wobble Switch by Computability Pump N Puff Switch Receiver for Wireless Saucer Switch
  23. 23. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Visual Aids Magnifier Scope Magnifier Sheets Unframed Magnifier with Light 3.5 Bar magnifier Magnifier with Reading Line 5x Magnifier - Lighted Magnifier, TV Screen 8x Magnifier - Lighted Magnifying Lens - Full Page 98mm Hand Magnifier Manual Braille Clock Able Table Max Digital Electronic Magnifier-B/W Acrylic Full-Page Magnifier Max Digital Electronic Magnifier-Color Amigo Video Magnifier MaxPort Glasses- Black and White Braille World Atlas Minilite box Overlays Braille 100 Mathline MiniViewer Braille 20 Mathline MiniViewer Battery Pack Braille Clock MiniViewer Stand Braille 'N Speak Monitor-19 Samsung TVquot; BrailleMaster Mountbatten Braille CCTV Liberty Portable Closed Circuit TV MyReader Clear Stand Magnifier Narrator -Talking Book Tape Player Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Nemo Color Max Port Nitewriter Colored Magnetic Numbers and Letters with Braille Overlays Optelec 100 Clearview/Audioview Commercial Clock Optelec Clearview 300 Closed Circuit TV Flipperport Low Vision Optelec Traveler Framed Full Page Magnifier Peg Board Hands Free Page Magnifier Read a Mat - The Braille Alphabet JAWS for Windows Scientific Talking Calculator LED Hands Free Magnifier Sewell Raised Line Drawing Kit LED Pocket Magnifier Sorting Trays Leo Braille Calculator Storytime Holiday Fun!-Young Child. Low Vision/Braille Overlay Ruler Swing Cell Compact Magnifier Sheets Unframed Tack-Tiles Braille System Magnifier Tactile Treasures Math and Language Conceps Magnifier 8x - Lighted Talking Book Marker
  24. 24. Assistive Technology Training and Information Center Traveler Portable Viewer TV Magnifier Screen VisAble VideoTelescope Vision Aid-Flesnel Stand Magnifier Vision Aid-Time Timer Visual Aid-Leo Braille Calculator