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The rise of europe


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PPT created for Global History and Geography 9R on the Early Middle Ages in Western Europe

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The rise of europe

  1. 1. The Rise of Europe The Early Middle Ages
  2. 2. Causes • Fall of Rome in Western Europe  lack of centralized power • All that remains of Rome in the West is the Catholic (Christian) Church. • Invasions by groups like the Vikings  peasants seeking protection from warriors  rise of a warrior aristocracy • Eventually kings will emerge and feudalism will develop!
  3. 3. Document Questions 1. In this passage, who are the vassals and who are the greater nobles? 2. What did John of Toul pledge to do if the Count of Grandpere had a conflict with the Count of Champagne?
  4. 4. Manorialism • Peasants were serfs (bound to the land) • System of mutual obligations • It was hard to be a peasant
  5. 5. Document Question 1. Describe the main ideas of this illustration. What does it show about serfdom?
  6. 6. Document Question 1. In what ways was the manor a self-sufficient economic unit?
  7. 7. The Medieval Church • The church provided order, stability and help • Some people became monks and dedicated themselves to serving others • Gave hope that at least in Heaven things would get better
  8. 8. Document Questions 1. For how many years is this agreement good? 2. What are some reasons that Ouede Ferconne might want to buy Michael’s freedom after two years?
  9. 9. Document Questions 1. What two positions are Londoners able to fill with people of their choice? 2. What does the charter say about taxes? 3. What special rights do Londoners gain through this charter?