25 mar 2012 PRAGATI Orissa


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25 mar 2012 PRAGATI Orissa

  1. 1. Greetings fromPRAGATI,KORAPUT
  2. 2. Overview of the organizationYear of Establishment: 26th January 1992OUR VISION: To build a self-reliant society, free from hunger and exploitation, where everyone irrespective of caste, creed, sex or language have right to dignified means of livelihood and through collective action ensure socio-economic justice and ecological balance.OUR MISSION: To facilitate and strengthen vibrant people’s organizations at different levels of society that will protect, utilize, control and manage local resources and through collective action, ensure dynamic socio-economic change for sustainable development by advocating for pro-poor governance and bring women, children, tribals and downtrodden, to the mainstream of the society. VALUES WE CHERISH – Transparency in all aspects. – Commitment to render selfless service to the poor. – Accountability to the Society. – Work with team spirit. – Punctuality. – Participatory approach in all aspects. – Sensitive towards women. – Adhere to secular spirit
  3. 3. Our Action AreasGeographical area : Koraput District in ODISHA• Directly operational in 232 villages of 31 Gram Panchayats in 5 blocks (Koraput, Nandapur, Kotpad, Borigumma, Bandhugaon).• Scale up of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in association with 16 local NGOs in Koraput District covering 5200 small and marginal farmers.• Facilitating Forest dependent people’s network for ensuring management and Rights of Livelihood resources in Koraput District.
  4. 4. Concerns & Issues•Undulating Landscape.•Small and marginal land holdings .•Land alienation & landlessness•Food insecurity and distress migration•Irregular monsoons and lack of assured irrigation•Vulnerability to Natural Disasters (drought,landslide, flashflood•Low participation in governance.•Lack of proper access to government safetynets.
  5. 5. Our Programme Themes Formation and strengthening of People’s Organizations Ensure food and livelihood security through Natural Resource Management Sustainable Agriculture through organic practices, Crops like Rice, Ragi, Millets, Sugarcane, Spices and Vegetables using System of Intensification Facilitation Self help cooperatives and Producer Cooperatives Value addition and Market linkages
  6. 6. Our Experience• People’s organisations with 50% women representation access their rights and entitlements.• Forest dependent people ensure land rights for 230009 families and community claims submitted in 951 villages.• Community able to manage soil and water resources and enhanced period of food security on an average of 6 months• 1500 families enhance income for better livelihoods through value addition and marketing of local produces and off farm activities.
  7. 7. Partnership with Digital green• Reaching out to 189 villages in 2 blocks of Koraput District.• Formation of 435 groups covering 7015 small and marginal farmers (Women- 3147 and Men-3868 )• Experienced thematic experts, Documentation & Video production team and trained CSPs• 149 Videos produced on agriculture, organic practices, Govt. plan & programmes
  8. 8. ImpactAn average of 150- 200 Groups watch videos on regular basis and demand generated Systematic adoption of Agriculture practices - changed Mindset of farmers,- 17,332 Adoptions so far.Linkages established with MGNREGS – Land Development and water conservationCommunity adopting sanitation and hygienic practices.Documentation of local practices/technology strengthen the knowledge base. CSP working as community resource persons for demonstration and linkagesRole of women recognized in agriculture extension services- 66 women already featured in videos.
  9. 9. Learnings and OpportunitiesLearning:• Good Community acceptancy - has Opportunities for scale up .• Linkage with Govt. schemes -Possibility of leveraging resources.• With development of infrastructures and financial support services to small holders and adoptions of practices food and income security will improve for the small holders.Opportunities:• District level Network with NGOs and People’s Organizations - potential for scale up and expand the knowledge base.• Networking with state, national and International institutes, Agency and Organisations.