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23 25 jan 2013 csisa kathmandu arun joshi

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23 25 jan 2013 csisa kathmandu arun joshi

  1. 1. Wheat breeding, seed systems and farmer adoption of elite varieties in south Asia Arun Joshi, all team members of GWP CIMMYT and collaborators in South Asia
  2. 2. 1st, 2nd and 3rd CSISA HT-EM trials in India
  3. 3. Non-CSISA centres are also requesting CSISA trials and nurseries
  4. 4. Releasing variety (Public sector) 4 years 3 years R 2 years E Finding a 1 year trial L 2 year trial Good line IPPSN NIVT AVT E A Station Screening for S Yield trials trial diseases E
  5. 5. Releasing variety (Private sector) 2 years R E Finding a L 2 yr trial Good line E A Station trial MYML trial S Large no. of E locations Farmers fields
  6. 6. Higher yielding, resistant lines are being released
  7. 7. Francolin, a Ug99 resistant variety released in 2012 as Bari Gom 27 in Bangladesh
  8. 8. Super 172
  9. 9. Several resistant varieties developed (2009-12) Baghlan09 BL3063 Koshan09 BL 3235 Mukqawim09 BL 3503 Misr 1 Chonte#1 Frankolin#1 Misr 2 (NL1073) Danphe#1 (NL1064) NARC 2011 HD2967 Super 152 Super 172 Baz Bari Gom 26 Dand’a Frankolin#1 Kakaba (Bari Gom 27) Diaglu Shorima Hoggana Robin Eagle 10 KSRR V KSRR VI KSRR VII
  10. 10. The seed system and adoption in But not every south Asia has improved but where! still appears to be…….. Picture:
  11. 11. PVS of Ug99 Resistant lines in EGP Baby trial Mother trial
  12. 12. Faster dissemination of varieties A variety goes to seed chain as early as possible F a r m e r s F I E L D Large no. of Trials s in farmers fields
  13. 13. Adoption of technology: Interactive approach is the best 4 100% 16 8 80% 60% 72 40% 20% % u b n o c r t i 0% % score Farmer contact Elec. media Print media Source of info. Source: Joshi et al., 2004
  14. 14. New varieties are being released and seed increase is on the way
  15. 15. Seed produced as % national wheat area, 2011 Ug99 resistant varieties through USAID Seed Project
  16. 16. Further improvement in 2012 Ug99 resistant varieties through USAID Seed Project
  17. 17. Estimated share of public & private sector, 2011-12 Production in tons
  18. 18. HarvestPlus wheat lines
  19. 19. BMZ project (2012-15) India Increasing the DWR, Karnal productivity of IARI, N. Delhi the wheat crop under conditions PAU, Ludhiana of rising IARI, Indore temperatures and UAS, Dharwar water scarcity in ARI, Pune South Asia Map source: David Hodson, CIMMYT
  20. 20. Our focus: Spreading Sustained the knowledge increased and in yield making potential of available quality varieties seed at with right time climate resilience Map source: David Hodson, CIMMYT
  21. 21. The way forward Photo source:
  22. 22. Thank you very much

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