20 sep 2011 digital green partner meeting - Digital Green


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20 sep 2011 digital green partner meeting - Digital Green

  1. 1. digitalGREEN Partners Meet, September 2011
  2. 2. Organization, Ownership Domain, Scale, Trust Video, Voice, Data
  3. 3. How we work, what we achieve An extension system Digital Green strengthen so that.. to achieve key development that lead to farmer impact. has three key extension systems by linking… goals… attributes Extension to Relevant and effective Farmers have timely technical expertise recommendations across value-chains access to reliable and Knowledge locally relevant Generation information and Increased Farmers to Information better focused to local solutions economic extension needs and interests productivity Extension to Cost-effectiveness and ownership community-based Increased cost- institutionalized with existing system ImprovedPolicy Knowledge organizations effectiveness and livelihoods Transfer scalability of extension and food Intermediaries to Group learning through socialization systems content production security of content and dissemination Information delivered at scale through trusted community Enhanced self- Knowledge Intermediaries to intermediaries Increased accountability efficacy Utilization farmers of organizations to Recommendations adopted and farmers feedback and utilization data shared
  4. 4. Engagement model Technical advisory committee Strengthen research, Regular quality Coordinates activities extension, farmer links; Entry phase Constitute, plan assurance under evolving strategy partner strategy. 1 SCALE PARTNERS EXTENSION Trainers trained at Integrate with Partners drive Establish and service Pilots, establish institutional and existing extension, expansion of Digital partner integration intermediary levels regular operations Green system 2 CONTENT PRODUCTION Identify topics, Socialized Vertically integrated, Review partner Link researchers agreed targets, content shared, site-specific training practices, extension and practitioners work plans mixed, reused video content 3 KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE Partners adopts DG Social organizations Consistent monitoring of Support mediated Implement and service knowledge exchange standard operating strengthened, ownership performance, farmer local screening capacity procedure institutionalized feedback/data 4 RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Analyze Randomized Refine and improve R&D model for farmer Lessons control trial on Digital Green model varying extension Effect changes priorities and learning efficiency, contexts feedback/data efficacy Technical Advisory Increase cost-effectiveness of Feedback/data sharing 1 partner extension system 3 regular, transparent Digital Green serves as a technology Committee gives R&D input and peer-reviews development and replication agency as Links functional, video Performance improvements, partner extension systems expand content via indicators 2 4 peer-review, utilization quality maintained (right)
  5. 5. Program Management Community and Partners Endorse Digital Green’s mandate and provide inputs on needs, priorities, refinements, buy-in Digital Green’s Board and Senior Management Team Approves strategy, allocates resources, and oversees delivery Technical Advisory Digital Green’s Strategy Committee Program Team Develops and delivers strategy Supporting Teams • Systems Trainers of Trainers • Agronomy Quality Assurance • Communications Impact Assessment Sustainability Digital Green’s Regional Teams Deliver and contribute to partner extension system strategies
  6. 6. digitalGREEN Partners Meet, September 2011