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10 March 2012 HCP - Hub Communication Platform


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Published in: Technology
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10 March 2012 HCP - Hub Communication Platform

  1. 1. Hub Communication Platform (HCP) Neelam Chaudhary- CIMMYT India off; John Corbett – CEO & President, aWhere, Inc. 7th March, 2012
  2. 2. EVALUATION Easily integrate data from multiple sources and different spatial and temporal scales enabling impact assessment at comparative scales for outcome and ROI evaluation Share analysis with colleagues and publish to the public Transpose data easilybetween geography, time and attribute values Visualize your data in maps, tables and chartsCalculate new attributes and indexes at comparable scales – see ROI
  3. 3. • aWhere Weather• Pest monitor• Adoption Survey Tool• aWhere Desktop
  4. 4. Outlines
  5. 5. aWhere weather
  6. 6. Pest Monitor
  7. 7. •Simple and easy•Low training needs•Can be shared through• .amap exchange files
  8. 8. aWhere Desktop
  9. 9. Amap library
  10. 10. Adoption Survey Tool S.No CA Technology 1 CSD 2 CSD- replacing existing crop 3 CSI 4 CSI- Cultivating Fellows 5 CSI- Intercropping 6 CSI- Relay cropping 7 Direct Seeded Rice 8 Improved irrigation water management 9 Improved nutrient management 10 Improved post-harvest storage 11 Improved weed management 12 Laser land Levelling 13 New Cultivars 14 Raised Bed planting 15 Reduced tillage 16 Seed priming or treatment 17 Unpuddled transplanted rice 18 Zero tillageAdoption Survey provides regional and district level aggregation down to specificfarmer level survey results to help understand technology adoption across the
  11. 11. Based on 23farmers dataContext of the on-farm trial enablesconnection to other ‘geo-spatial’ datasources:SoilsWeatherFertilizerCrop ProtectionWith a farmer ROI…This is the market for a known on-farmplan. An on-farm plan with a positive ROIis the basis for better dissemination oftechnologies to emerge to meet thisknown need.
  12. 12. Goal: “Empower frontline capacity for Professional Agricultural Extension Services” Company Servers aWhere Web Portal CSISA Server …So That All May See
  13. 13. Open for discussion…