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Bostenaru Estonia


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STREMAH 2009, Tallinn

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Bostenaru Estonia

  1. 1. The innovation in the plan of the current floor: Zoning in blocks of flats for the middle class in the first half of the 20th century Maria BOSTENARU DAN ERGOROM ’99 and “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning
  2. 2. Overview  Introduction  Research methodology  Originality and innovative nature of the project  Timeliness of the project  Research results  Romania  Italy  Greece  Conclusions
  3. 3. Introduction  Morphological elements of a system  Container: the frame of spaces, related in functional-spatial co-operation into the spatial structure (physical level)  Contents: activities (phenomenologic level)  The activity dimensions a space  Modern Movement: look for new housing more solving of society problems than aesthetics
  4. 4. Introduction  1933 Athens Charter  1934 Master Plan in Bucharest  Reinforced concrete and flexibility – materials, multidisciplinarity  In this study: blocks of flats for the middle class – sociology of architecture
  5. 5. State of the art in research  Ákos Moravánszky: former Austro- Hungarian empire  János Bonta and John Macsai (Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland)  Richard Etlin, Annegret Burg (Novecento): Italy, Bruno Zevi and Daniel Libeskind: Giuseppe Terragni
  6. 6. State of the art in research  Horia Creangă, Marcel Janco centenaries, Duiliu Marcu own book  Last year: NEC seminar on Modernism in the Balkans, Rudolf Fränkel exhibition, urban route Marcel Janco (  Greek architecture in the 20th century (Savos Condaratos)
  7. 7. Research methodology Nr . Objective Method Instruments 1 Documentation Literature Field archive Check-lists Photography schemes 2 Comparison Comparison tree criteria 3 Model Systemic analysis Inventory of spaces Project management 4 Definition of the character of a zone texture morphology 5 Characteristics to be maintained Classification of elements Data tables drawings 6 Lessons learned Social participation indicators 7 Dissemination Public presentation Conferences, journals, web
  8. 8. Originality and innovation  Former studies: facade and style  Fostering innovation in the employment of construction materials, especially in housing construction  Switch of values: Novecento instead Italian Rationalism
  9. 9. Originality and innovation  Other Modernisms  Difference Modernism – Avantgarde  Multi-family condominium housing as field of the modern architecture and not siedlungen as in classic modernism  Character of the zone  Textures, human activities  Social purposes today: participatism, environmental problems
  10. 10. Timeliness of the project  Other focus than existing publications  Comparative study of typologically related buildings (architectural programme: block) not in geographically close areas  Lessons for restoration interventions today  Lessons for new buildings
  11. 11. Research results: Romania  Impact of apartment buildings bigger than any other housing  Strong economy, private enterprise  Deviations from mainstream movement dicated by the market  Condominium, like in Greece, until today  Double entrance  Ottulescu building: free plan in an apartment block
  12. 12. Research results: Romania
  13. 13. Romania
  14. 14. Research results: Romania Elena Ottulescu building, architect Horia Creang ,ă 1934-35 Bedroom / night zone Living room, including dinning Corridors / circulation zone Bathrooms, toillets Kitchen Hall / vertical circulation Deposit / external circulation Legend:
  15. 15. Research results: Italy  Two directions  Rationalism (contextual Modernism)  Giuseppe Terragni  Novecento  Decorative  Geometrical  Novecento: function bound housing typologies, condominium  Zoning: function groups, double entrance
  16. 16. Research results: Italy  Giuseppe Terragni - Como Photos 2005
  17. 17. Research results: Italy  Giuseppe Terragni - Milano Photos 2005
  18. 18. Research results: Italy  Novecento Photos 2007
  19. 19. Research results: Italy  Novecento Photos 2007
  20. 20. Research results: Italy  Novecento Building in Via Domenichino, architects Lancia i Pontiş 1928-30 Liv in g ro o m , d in n in g Ba thro o m , to ile ts Kitche n Ha ll C o rrid o rs / circu la tio n z o n e De p o sit Be d ro o m / Nig h t z o n e
  21. 21. Research results: Greece  1929 – ownership system for multistorey apartments  Housing in private hand, seen to be unique, but similar to Romania and Portugal  Training in Germany, little in France  zonation  Zaimi and Stournary street example: „ressemble Italian rationalism“ – to be investigated  Double entrance
  22. 22. Research results: Greece Photos 2005
  23. 23. Greece Bedroom / night zone Living room, including dinning Corridors / circulation zone Bathrooms, toillets Kitchen Hall / vertical circulation Deposit / external circulation Legend: building on Zaimi and Stournari streets, architects Valentis and Michailidis, 1933 – 1934
  24. 24. Discussion  Seismic vulnerability:  Flexibility of RC, irregular parcels  Irregularity of plan  Integrate modern buildings into city routes across Europe (Bucharest, Ivrea, Ljubljana)  Retrofit and restoration  More aging restoration at Rationalism than Novecento  Example for social multifamily: Germany
  25. 25. Discussion
  26. 26. Discussion
  27. 27. Discussion  Social block housing in Vienna, Austria (photos 2009)
  28. 28. Discussion  Social block housing in Germany (photos 2002)
  29. 29. Conclusions  PIANO project set-up and first results  Other modernisms: social housing in the West, rapid economic development in Bucharest, Athens, Milan but also Lisbon  Break with single family housing  Reinforced concrete: subject of another paper
  30. 30. Acknowledgements PIANO project MERG-CT-2007-200636 European Commission (Marie Curie)
  31. 31. Thank you for your attention