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Rpm presentation


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Rpm presentation

  1. 1. RPM takes on the challenge of filling your vacancies promptly in order to improve cash flow, create stability, and provide well-qualified tenants. Real Property Management’s goals is to exceed the expectations Of our property owners…. Every single day!Riverside Office1600 Chicago Ave, Ste R11Riverside, CA 92507(951) 784-2020
  2. 2. Specializing in Management of:• Single Family Homes• Condos• Townhomes• Apartments• Small Rental Complex• Mobile homes Parks All Inland Empire, Riverside, Corona and Surrounding areas
  3. 3. Full Service ManagementAdvertisement Post Signs Take Photos Web sites:  Zillow  Postlets  Hotpads  Craigslist  Trulia  Oodle  Vast  Enormo  RPM Riverside  RPM Inland Empire  MLS listing
  4. 4. We’ll coordinate anaggressive marketingcampaign giving yourproperty maximumexposure. With advertisingcontinually updated, wereceive numerous responsesdaily, which in turn, helpsrent your property quickly.
  5. 5. We conduct all of theshowings, runcredit/screening reports onall applicants, and verifyemployment and rentalhistories before signingleases.
  6. 6. We collect the rent every month and send itto you expeditiously by mailing a check ordirect deposit to your bank account at nocharge.
  7. 7. Utilizing our extensive network ofcontractors, vendors and in-house staff, wemanage all property maintenance whileoffering you preferred pricing and service.
  8. 8. We want to make sure your property is well–maintained,so we periodically inspect it to ensure the tenants areadhering to the terms of their lease and taking care ofyour property.Initial and final inspections are free of charge. Any otherquarterly inspection are $50 each.RPM recommends 4 quarterly inspections per year.
  9. 9. We offer an all-inclusive accounting and reportingsystem backed with itemized statements and taxdocumentation.
  10. 10. Finally, we’re so confident in our screening process thatwe offer our unique Eviction Protection Plan. Putsimply, if you opt for this plan, we pay the cost of theeviction if we put the tenant in the property!Evictions can cost between $625 to $775 but RPM offersyou the EPP for $18 per month!
  11. 11.  Our Initial set up and advertising fee is $395 (one time only). Witch allow you to let us manage as many properties you have for the same fee. $100 advertising fee, each additional time property becomes vacant. RPM charges 8% of gross rent collected per month to fully manage your property. We do not charge the 8% fee if property is vacant or under eviction. Our management agreements are for 12 months.
  12. 12. If owner prematurely terminates agreement forany reason, owner will pay to manager thebalance of three months management fees.Upon termination, all monies due owner , if any,will be returned within 30 days.
  13. 13. Still WonderingWhy you should use RPM?It’s simple, we work hard for you…Every single day!Put your trust and property in the sale hands of RPM, the managementcompany with 20 years of successful experience, and we’ll put our teamto work for you…. Every single day!We take the frustration out of: Marketing & Advertising Tenant Qualifying & Relationships Collecting Rent & Security Deposits Performing routine inspections Coordinating Maintenance Evicting Tenants. RPM Maximize the profitability of your property!