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How to Use Twitter Tools to Get More Traffic. Justretweet


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Twitter is one of the best traffic generation networks. The competition is high so you need the best tools to get more traffic to your site. JustRetweet is a twitter tool and a social media tool that can really help you promote your site content and attract more followers on Twitter. Here is a simple and easy tutorial that shows you how.

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How to Use Twitter Tools to Get More Traffic. Justretweet

  1. 1. Go to:
  2. 2. You will get the following screen:
  3. 3. Click Sign in with Twitter:
  4. 4. Type a username and password (for your twitter account). You will get the following screen:
  5. 5. Type an email address and click Signup Now.
  6. 6. You will see the Dashboard: Click on Settings.
  7. 7. Introduce the name of your website, the url, the description etc. Click Update.
  8. 8. You should get the following message: “Your account has been successfully updated.”
  9. 9. How it works Back to Dashboard (you have now 100 credits for joining).
  10. 10. Phases  Earn credits  Submit tweets.
  11. 11. How to earn credits
  12. 12. Scroll down the list of tweets: Find something interesting and useful.
  13. 13. Click on the green link that begins with http:// and read the post.
  14. 14. If you like it, click Schedule retweet to get the respective credits. Also, you may click Like or G+1.
  15. 15. You have just increased your number of credits.
  16. 16. Repeat this procedure for other tweets until you reach your desired number of credits. Now it is time to submit a tweet. Back to Dashboard.
  17. 17. Click Submit Tweet.
  18. 18. Your first tweet will be moderated. Type your message, decide the number of credits you will offer and how many times it will be promoted.
  19. 19. Select the social networks where you want your message to appear. How many members will see this tweet? Decide for the category of the tweet and click Submit.
  20. 20. After moderation the tweet will appear on your twitter account(s) and /or other social networks you choose.
  21. 21. That's all folks. For more information on social media tools visit