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[Day 4] Agcommons Criteria


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Presented by Rudolphus De By (ITC) at the
CGIAR-CSI Annual Meeting 2009: Mapping Our Future. March 31 - April 4, 2009, ILRI Campus, Nairobi, Kenya

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[Day 4] Agcommons Criteria

  1. 1. AgCommons Criteria CSI Annual meeting Needs for the CfP Proposal instructions should not be restrictive  Should be clear on parameter boundaries (size; duration; theme:  fish, livestock included?) Should be clear on overall programme direction, targeted  community, architecture so that project fit can be demonstrated against these. What is the big programme puzzle, and what will constitute a  decent of part of it. General Feasibility  Clear and concrete definition of the problem or the opportunity  targeted with translation into deliverables Gender sensitivity  Projects should have their own M&E, and produce results that  feed properly into overall programme M&E Clear definition of target stakeholders, and their information  needs Specific Must have “provable” expected impact on the farmer, directly or  indirectly Strong social science inclusion on technology adoption, especially  for (project extension) proposals where local stakeholders have not been reached yet; Potential for social adoption Spatial enablement/empowerment makes a sensible, useful and  compelling case Portfolio of project should display a wide spectrum:  o Geographic scales o Temporal scales o Risk levels 1
  2. 2. o Innovation levels o Range of stakeholders with different infrastructure Emphasis on the farmer group, not yet on the farmer.  Crop-centric proposals only if spill over of results is expected to  other crops Demonstrate scalability and reproducability  Sustainability  o Economically (beyond budget period) o Societally embeddable o Environmental  This needs to be prioritized. 2