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  1. 1. Meeting Minutes SharnaMandil
  2. 2. Meeting Minutes• Date: 17/10/11• Time: 3.30pm• Location: A29• Present: Ian Bukenya, SharnaMandil and Carl Caperina• Minutes taken by: SharnaMandil
  3. 3. Agenda• To go over trial photos, and organize them to how we would like for our actual production to look like• Decide who we would use as our new antagonist as our original one had to drop out• Keep continuing to go over any work that isn’t completed• Make a check list of work that isn’t done
  4. 4. Points for next meeting• Make sure our trial photos are on our blog so we have a clear idea of what our production will look like• Make sure we have found a new person to use as our antagonist• Make a list of any work that still needs to be completed