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Location notes

  1. 1. Location Notes Sharna Mandil
  2. 2. Discussion and research• As a group we had a meeting while creating the brainstorm, and all stated ideas of where the filming for our short film would take place.• After brainstorming location ideas, we had two places in which we thought would make suitable places to film: 1. A house 2. A classroom• After picking out the pros and cons of each location, we came to the decision we would use a house, as our director Jaspreet has a large home suitable for filming key scenes.• After the brainstorm session, Jaspreet and I went to her home to take a range of photos of her house for our location notes, and to also see what rooms in the house would be suitable for specific parts of our film.• During our research into the genre of rom-com films, a lot of them such as ‘Dinner Date’ took place in a kitchen and a home, which is also why we decided to use a house as our location for filming.
  3. 3. Location NotesLiving Room Kitchen• We decided that the living room • The kitchen was also one location woud be an excellent location for we definitely wanted to use, as one our opening scene, as the lighting of our main scenes happen in the was bright which would make our kitchen when Arran is cooking for film look neat and clean. his date. The spacing was also large which is what we was looking for.
  4. 4. Location NotesHallway• We decided the hall would make an excellent place to film for a number of different reasons. The lighting and spacing was fairly large, therefore, there’s less risk of our actors falling over if it was cramped. The stairs in the hallway were also a reason we wanted to use this location. During research and watching many short films of the romcom genre, many of them used stairs in their videos as the protagonist would fall up them, so we decided to add this into our script (Arran falling upstairs) to add to the comical side of our genre.
  5. 5. Location NotesBathroom• The bathroom was also a location we found many production companies used when filming their short films, as crucial commical moments happen in there (such as the protagonists towel falling down). The bathroom is large, which makes it easier to film and the window is also large which gives is better lighting for a more professional looking film.
  6. 6. Location NotesBedroom• As the film is a teen romcom film, we believed a typical location for a romcom teen film would be the protagonists bedroom. Again, the bedroom is large which makes it easier to film, and the bedroom is blue and very masculine, and our main character is male so it fitted the stereotype of a typical teenage male.