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Environmentalism Presentation

  1. 1. Environmentalism
  2. 2. A broad philosophy and social movement engendered from environmental degradation. The philosophy is focus on improving the environment for its own sake as well as the importance for civilization.
  3. 3. History • Environmental thinking began mainly after the Industrial Revolution. • The industrial period gave rise to modern environmental pollution as it is generally understood today. • Animal activists began to promote environmental ideas in an attempt to save wildlife. • Literature such as A New Look At Life on Earth and Silent Spring, questioning the logic of releasing large amounts of chemicals into the environment, were published.
  4. 4. •By the mid 1970’s environmental ethics joined in with anti-Vietnam War sentiments and other political issues. •Mainstream environmentalism began to show force with the signing of the Endangered Species Act in 1973, and the formation of CITES in 1975.
  5. 5. •The 60’s and 70’s brought about the “hippie” era where “tree huggers” set up peaceful protests against deforestation. •Since environmentalist action has led to the development of a new subculture.
  6. 6. Living an Eco Friendly Life…
  7. 7. •Recycle. •Make your home energy efficient. •Choose local, organic foods. •Use transportation wisely. These are the four main ways to live eco friendly…
  8. 8. …but there are several other ways to live GREEN… •Reading daily news on the internet. •Use rechargeable batteries and digital cameras. •Download music. •When traveling, pack lightly. •Carry your golf clubs.
  9. 9. The Enemies •Carbon Dioxide •Chlorofluorocarbons -The substance that - Cause the depletion of the ozone contributes to global layer allowing harmful ultra violet warming. rays to reach the Earth’s surface. -CO2 occurs naturally, but the burning of fossil •Industrial Pollution fuels has increased levels dramatically, -Noxious chemicals can contaminate preventing the air, water and our food supply. atmosphere from •Uncontrolled cooling naturally. (Creating extreme Development weather -Leads to deforestation and the events/changes). destruction of habitat.
  10. 10. Something To Think About.
  11. 11. Cons •Economic interests surpass environmental protections. •Increase gas and oil prices. •The recent push to live a green lifestyle has uncovered a new problem: the lack of uniform standards as to what constitutes a green product. •Major technological advancements must be made.
  12. 12. Pros •Protection of the environment supersedes economic or legal considerations because the environmental contamination or species extinction could disturb the ecosystem, adversely affecting other species and humans. •A green lifestyle will conserve our natural resources. •Environmental movement will slow down the effects of global warming.
  13. 13. The Church’s View “God told us to protect his Earth.” •Protection of the environment is a Biblically rooted epic task straight from God. •Nature is Gods creation. •We share this planet with all species; fauna and flora.
  14. 14. The Call To Stewardship Stewardship is measured by healthy ecosystems •God has a and sustainable, responsible consumption.The Relationship Bible says that God expects, even demands, with All of His that we be stewards of His creation. Scripture Creation. is undisputable. God created the different •God's Power is species of plants and animals, blessed them, Seen in Nature. protected them and made a covenant with •God Teaches them. Humans through Nature. •God Expects Humans to be His Stewards with Nature.
  15. 15. Á La Mode : Going Green.
  16. 16. What Type Of GREEN Are You? Dark Light Bright •Believe •See protecting the environment first •The most environmental and foremost as a contemporary of problems are an responsibility. the three inherent part of categories. industrialized •Often view capitalism, and environmentalism •Bright Greens seek radical as a lifestyle new technologies political change. choice. and wisely distributed social •This group’s way •Dark Greens are innovations are of thinking can be the “intense” the means to summed up with environmentalists the motto “Green is make eco the new black.” changes.
  17. 17. The Choice Is Yours. Steps to going green can be costly--in the short term but the cost of not protecting our planet is far greater in the long term. The Bible expresses the importance of respecting God’s creation and His wish for us to exercise stewardship. We must begin to preserve the environment in light of future generations. We have the power to hinder environmental destruction but changes must be made immediately before the damage caused is irreversible.