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Optimizing for a Mobile First World


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The mobile first search index is happening, so what does that mean for your existing web content? How does Google's mobile first index affect SEO?

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Optimizing for a Mobile First World

  1. 1. @cshel #SEJSummit
  2. 2. @cshel #SEJSummit Carolyn Shelby Director, SEO at tronc,Inc. Organic, technical, enterprise, and news 20+ years experience
  3. 3. @cshel #SEJSummit Even if most of your traffic is desktop, focus on MOBILE first The mobile content IS the content now Speed and https more important than ever
  4. 4. @cshel #SEJSummit
  5. 5. @cshel #SEJSummit Oh no! Our mobile version is heinous. What am I going to do?
  6. 6. @cshel #SEJSummit What we used to do is now wrong Desktop content is no longer used to calculate relevancy, the mobile experience is now primary. Mobile content – titles, meta desc, etc. – takes precedence.
  7. 7. @cshel #SEJSummit Reasons to be concerned • If you have no mobile site at all. • If your mobile site contains FAR LESS content than your desktop site. • If your mobile site has been heretofore treated as an after thought.
  8. 8. @cshel #SEJSummit Options for a Mobile Solution • Responsive • Stand alone mobile site • … but we have an app!
  9. 9. @cshel #SEJSummit SEO is still SEO • Meta data should match between the two versions. • Content should be as close to the top of the page as possible. • Responsive sites should “collapse” in the correct order. • Mind your load times. Excessively large images, scripts and other items that aren’t visible in the mobile view anyway, etc.
  10. 10. @cshel #SEJSummit Poor placement when “collapsing”
  11. 11. @cshel #SEJSummit Fancy, but practically useless at this size
  12. 12. @cshel #SEJSummit On the desktop, this looks okay. Here, it looks like there weren’t enough listings to populate the field.
  13. 13. @cshel #SEJSummit Do not make users scroll eternally to get to the content Make sure navigation in both views connects to the same content Ads should not overwhelm the small, single column mobile version Any scripts or functionality must work in both mobile and desktop.
  14. 14. @cshel #SEJSummit TOOLS TO HELP YOU IMPROVE
  15. 15. @cshel #SEJSummit Check functionality and UX on all devices. Beyond that, your usual SEO tools should be fine.
  16. 16. @cshel #SEJSummit
  17. 17. @cshel #SEJSummit Tools for Page Speed and Load Times • Google PageSpeed Insights – Follow guidance for both mobile and desktop • Many SEO tools pull in PageSpeed and Yslow into their auditing tools.
  18. 18. @cshel #SEJSummit
  19. 19. @cshel #SEJSummit
  20. 20. @cshel #SEJSummit Conversations to have… • Fonts based on ease/speed of load vs what the designer used in the photoshopped mock up? • Content to suppress on the mobile site? (Using detection to deliver only the pieces necessary to the UX) • How many different tracking tools do you need? How many customer analytics/behavior monitoring beacons?
  21. 21. @cshel #SEJSummit More Speed and Performance? For more performance and speed advice (which is very applicable to mobile first), see my talk from last year.
  22. 22. @cshel #SEJSummit Twitter @cshel Linkedin Google+ +CarolynShelby
  23. 23. @cshel #SEJSummit Even if most of your traffic is desktop, focus on MOBILE first The mobile content IS the content now Speed and https more important than ever