Concept of buying motives


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Concept of buying motives

  1. 1. Concept Of Buying Motives • The combination of facts and the emotional state of a person / organization that generates a feeling within them that they need to purchase an item, as well as the factors that influence their eventual choice of a particular product. The Decision Making Unit Of a organization will often strategically take into account key buying motives
  2. 2. Buying Motives Of Industrial Consumers The Industrial consumer is motivated by budgetary constraints such as profit goals expense quotas and cost benefit guidelines Normally Industrial consumers have some common buying motives in spite of differences in their organization , management practices. The core variables are Quality ,Service and Price while others are Savings ,Assurance Of Supply and Buyer Temperament.
  3. 3. "Quality in a product or service is not what the supplier puts in. It is what the customer gets out and is willing to pay for. The professional buyers tend to define product quality as that combination of properties which fits the product to its intended use. Organizations are more focused on quality and also willing to pay for extra quality.
  4. 4. Business ,Governments and institutions need a variety in addition to product and materials. The most common types of service requested aretechnical , replacement parts , delivery and information and sales. A service in almost universal demand by industrial customers is that of information about products and vendors service as well as information about the trade and industry.
  5. 5. Professional buyers are much concerned with evaluated price. This takes into consideration a variety of factors like the amount of work a machine will do, the cost of processing material, waste resulting from the use of a material etc. Every related factors will consider while paying the price of purchased items.
  6. 6. Apart form the core variables Industrial customer is also motivated to realize savings in the use of materials and equipment or in the methods by which they are procured. The most obvious places professional buyers look for savings are the substitutions of materials and new types of equipment's . They aims to take solutions for higher output.
  7. 7. Assurance Of Supply Assurance of supply is vital to the purchasing officer. If the supply flow of an item is interrupted , probable resulting shortages may cause shutdowns of production operations. Supply must be assured by the supplier in any case and emergencies.
  8. 8. Buyer Temperament It is true that the personal feelings and emotions of purchasing officers or prospective buyers influence the buying decision process. Differences in opinion , personality difference and other related factors are an important aspect of buying motives.