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Captain America: The Winter Solider.

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Captain America: The Winter Solider.

  1. 1. Captain America The Winter Solider.
  2. 2. Production. • In 2012 it was decided brothers Anthony and Joseph Russo were to direct Captain America • The budget was set at 170 million. • Casting included Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders along with many others. • Cinematography was directed by Trent Opaloch, Editing was directed by Jeffrey Ford • Marvel studio was where the script and storyline was developed. • The film was produced by Kevin Feige. • The film is based on Captain America by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. • It is an American superhero action film involving Marvel character Captain America. It’s a sci- fi action film. • It will the second in the sequel following Captain America: The First Avenger. • It will be released on the 28th of March 2014. • It is distributed by Walt Disney Studios. • It is being funded by America. • Directors said they have begun writing the 3rd installment of the sequel including Chris Evans as Captain America, this is scheduled to be released in 2016.
  3. 3. Marketing. • In July 2013 Marvel released a teaser poster showing the damaged Captain America shield. • Later that month, directors and cast released footage for some of the film. • Audience were shown a glimpse of footage at Disney’s XD’s fandom event. • More clips were keep being leaked. • In September Marvel announced their partnership with ‘’Harley Davidson’’ continuing from the first Captain America. • In October 2013 the first real trailer was released. • Jed Whedon, Co creator of TV series ‘’Agents of the s.h.i.e.l.d.s’’ said lines from the show will be in the film. • January 2014, in honor of the film Captain America will be making an appearance at Disney Land. • The first televised advertisement of Captain America was aired during the ‘’Super Bowl XLVIII on February the 2nd. This clip cost Disney $4 million per 30 second spot.
  4. 4. Filming and Music. • Filming and photography began on April 1st 2013 at Long Beach California. • In May the production moved to Washington DC. • In June 2013, Henry Jackman announced that he will compose the film's score. A soundtrack album is scheduled to be released by Hollywood Records on April 1, 2014. • The brothers didn’t want to use a lot of CGI, they wanted the action to be live and they wanted to make props instead of computerising them. • 5 special effect companies help in the making of the film.
  5. 5. Release. • Captain America: The Winter Solider was released in various international markets on March 26, 2014. It is scheduled to be released in North America on April 4th in 2D,3D and IMAX. • The world premiere took place on March 13 2014 at El Captain Theatre in Hollywood. • The Paris premiere took place on March 17th at Le Grand Rex. • The London Premiere was March 20th at Westfield London. • Beijing Premiere took place on March 24th. • Actors Chris Evans( Captain America) and Scarlett Johansson( The Black Widow) auctioned off passes for charity in one of the premieres
  6. 6. Box Office. • Pre release tracking showed interest in Captain America due to the association with The Avengers, Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World. • Tracking suggested the film could gross over 480 million during its opening weekend in north America. Surpassing the $65 million of the opening of Captain America: The First Avenger.
  7. 7. Exhibition. • This is the Cinema listing for Sunderland empire cinema. This is the first showings of Captain America. In some places it will be available on IMAX. It will be on DVD and Blu-ray. However some people will stream it at home. • Merchandise is also available for the film.
  8. 8. Opinions. • 93% approval rating with an average rating of 7.8/10, based on 43 reviews. • ‘’reducing CGI spectacle to a relative minimum in favour of reviving the pleasures of hard- driving old-school action, surprising character development and intriguing suspense’’ • "chockfull of the breathless cliff-hangers dictated by the genre, but equally rich in the quiet, tender character moments that made the first film unique among recent Marvel fare.“ • This film will appeal to a UK audience because in Britain there is a lack of science fiction films meaning we will have more enjoyment of American Films due to the amount of Sci-Fi fans.