Nevmug Left Hand Tower Publishing January 2009


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January 2009 New England VMUG at Gillette presentation

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Nevmug Left Hand Tower Publishing January 2009

  1. 1. StorageWorks LeftHand SAN & VMWare building Business Continuity Tim Gwinn – LeftHand Networks Jacob Bryce – American Tower Corp. Nick Piermarini – American Tower Corp. © 2008 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  2. 2. Agenda within HP StorageWorks •LeftHand •LeftHand SAN Product-Features •LeftHand with VMware •American Tower Corporation “Built for Business Continuity”
  3. 3. Background Technology leader • − Founded in 1999 as LeftHand Networks − A recognized leader in iSCSI SANs − More than 11,000 installations − Many Patents − Ranked as “Visionary” Gartner’s Magic Quadrant − Only SAN vendor to ship solutions with VMware All inclusive feature-set focus • − “Pay-as-you-grow” architecture − Performance − Scalability − Availability − Simple management
  4. 4. LeftHand SAN product family Competitive Differentiators •Cost-effective high availability •Scalable performance •Simplified management for virtual environments Five Key Features 1. Storage Clustering 2. Network RAID 3. Thin Provisioning 4. Snapshots 5. Remote Copy
  5. 5. Storage requirements Performance • Must support dynamic workloads concurrently Scalability • Scale capacity and performance linearly • No forklift upgrades or disruption Availability • High availability: Data remains online when disaster strikes • Disaster recovery: Data is recoverable after a disaster strikes Manageability • Simple to administer
  6. 6. LeftHand SAN advantages Cost Pay for what you need • Scale-out Storage All inclusive software • Performance • Unrestricted • Tiered (SAS & SATA ) • 10GbE support Scalability • Linear scalability • Zero disruption Availability LeftHand • Beyond the box availability SAN • Multisite protection • Disaster recovery Manageability • Single pane of glass • Enterprise-class • Built in Performance Monitor
  7. 7. 5 features with every LeftHand SAN & use with Vmware • Scalable performance and capacity Storage Clustering Maps to VMware DRS • Beyond the box availability Network RAID Maps to VMware VMotion Thin Provisioning • Reduce costs, increase capacity utilization • Data protection, tape storage reduction Snapshot Maps to VMware VDI with SmartClones • Disaster recovery via integrated replication Remote Copy Maps to VMware SRM - Site Recovery Mgr.
  8. 8. SAN/iQ Storage Clustering (Maps to VMware DRS) True clustering brings reliability, performance, and ease of management Storage clustering SAS − Aggregates critical components − Data is load balanced − Predictable scalability Grow on your terms − Scale-out storage − Non-disruptive − Throttle bandwidth SATA Storage tiering − Optimized for type of data − Online volume migration Simple centralized management − One step server-volume mapping Centralized Management Console − Integrated Performance Manager
  9. 9. SAN/iQ Network RAID (Highest Level of Availability Locally) Always on storage, data remains accessible during site failures SAN/iQ Cluster Beyond component redundancy A D A D − Protects data from array failure − Synchronous replication A B A B − Configure on a per-volume basis − Configure on-the-fly, no down time C B C B C D C D High availability − Multiple disks, controllers, or arrays − Zero disruption of data access − Ensures “high availability” for data The goal for SAN availability is quot;no nines,quot; or 100% availability. (Gartner,2007) • Human error and firmware bugs are the weakest links, even in properly • deployed SANs. (Gartner, 2007)
  10. 10. SAN/iQ Multi-site SAN (Maps to VMware VM-HA & VMotion) Real-time protection from site failure Protect Storage By: − Racks SAN/iQ ClusterSAN/iQ Multi-site SAN − Room A D A D − Floor − Building A B A B − Site C B C B Keep Data Online During: − Facility disruption C D C D − Natural disaster − Site maintenance Volumes Remain Online Site Aware
  11. 11. Add Server Virtualization for Complete High Availability VMware for •Add Application HA − Complete High Availability − Survive single and multiple points of failure A D A D B C B C A B A B C D C D • ESX server • LeftHand storage node 1 3 2 4 • Single or multiple locations
  12. 12. SAN/iQ Remote Copy (Maps to VMware SRM – Site Recovery Mgr) Time and space-efficient asynchronous replication for disaster recovery and backups Recovery Server Asynchronous Replication − Per volume basis SAN 1 − Scheduled or manual − Thin provisioned SAN 2 − No reserve space required (Primary) Vol_1 (Remote) (Primary) − Incremental failback Vol_1 Vol_1 Simple to Manage − Bandwidth management 1:00 Baseline Copy − Failover / Failback Wizard 2:00 Incremental Copy 3:00 Incremental Copy
  13. 13. American Tower Corporation “Built for Business Continuity” The worldwide leader owning and operating communications sites for the wireless and broadcast industries. 22,000 Sites in U.S., Brazil, Mexico, and India Headquarters in Boston, MA Technology Centers in various international locations Recognized technology leadership within communications industry Adoption of Server and Storage Virtualization The Challenge – Provide high availability & effective disaster recovery across geographically separated data centers
  14. 14. Storage Device Layout Primary Datacenter DR Datacenter SAS SAS SAS SAS Cluster Cluster Cluster Cluster 1a 2a 1b 2b SAS SAS SAS SAS Cluster Cluster Cluster Cluster 10Gbps Fiber 3a 4a 3b 4b SATA SATA Cluster Cluster 1a 1b
  15. 15. Storage Network Host Layout Standard ESX Host 2 Storage 2Vmotion 2Qlogic NICS NICS Iscsi HBA’s
  16. 16. Storage Network Host Layout Standard ESX Host Cisco 4948 10Gbps Cisco 4948 10Gbps Switch Switch Cisco Cisco 6509 6509 Core Core Sup720 Sup720
  17. 17. Storage Network Layout Primary Datacenter DR Datacenter OSPF Area 0 Cisco Cisco Cisco All Access and Server VLANS 6509 6509 6509 Private NON OSPF Storage VLAN Core Core Core Sup720 Sup720 Sup720 10Gbps Fiber Storage Switches Storage Switches Access Switches Access Switches ESX ESX Storage Storage Servers Servers Devices Devices