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Nevmug Emc January 2009


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January 2009 New England VMUG at Gillette presentation

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Nevmug Emc January 2009

  1. 1. EMC Information Infrastructure for VMware Environments Integrate, Extend, and Accelerate your VMware Infrastructure Chris Carrier Q1, 2009 © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 1
  2. 2. Phases of VMware Infrastructure Process and Tech Standard Phase • “VM 1st” Policy Are You Here? EMC Solves with: NUMBER OF VMs Stuck due to: Heavy-Use Phase • Integrating “VMware •Lack of VMware • Mission Critical Awareness” tools awareness in tools • More than just Servers and processes •Lack of VMware • Advanced awareness in Technology processes Integration • Advanced Services Light-Use Phase • “Virtualization-Lite” Pilot Phase Stuck due to: EMC Solves with: • Play •Lack of “know-how” • Joint Reference Architectures Proof-Points •Lack of Tier 1 app confidence • Pre-Sales Expertise •Lack of client virtualization • Basic Technology Integration maturity TIME © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. EMC is the best information infrastructure for VMware environments Every Protocol (FC, iSCSI, NFS, FCoE) Storage Every Scale (from SOHO to largest Enterprise) Consolidation Every Advanced Feature Every Level (File, VM, Datastore, Datacenter) Backup Double your sever consolidation ratio with 1/10 the Disaster storage, and 1/10 the bandwidth Recovery Simple and Effective DR solutions – at every scale Integrated views of physical and virtual domains For the VMware Administrator Management For the Storage/Network Administrator For the Application SLA owner Multi-Vendor Reference Architectures Proven Tier 1 applications, vClient, full solutions Solutions Every Scale – small to large vPod = “Virtual-Datacenter in a Box” End-to-end capabilities for Virtualized Infrastructure Services Plan, Build, Manage © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 3
  4. 4. VMware and EMC – the Virtual Datacenter OS EMC as a VMware Authorized Consultant (VAC) to help customers put it all together © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 4
  5. 5. EMC Networked Storage enables VMware’s Advanced Features Centralized storage enables VMware’s advanced features AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP – EMC integrations go beyond simple storage P AP P AP P AP P AP P AP P AP P AP OS P P OS P P OSP P OSP P OSP P OS P P OS P P OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS Efficient Storage for VMware – Virtual LUNs – Virtual (Thin) Provisioning FC, iSCSI, – Virtual Storage FCoE, NFS, CIFS – De-duplication – at every point, in every flavor Tier 0 Dynamic Storage for VMware Tier 1 – Storage device– SSD, FC, SAS, SATA Tier 2 DR – Storage protection – RAID 1, 10, 5, 50, and 6 Tier 3 – Extending DRS to Storage Archive – Flexibility “plug-and-play” Connectivity – FC, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, FCoE © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 5
  6. 6. What’s Coming from EMC vStorage VMware Infrastructure Virtual Datacenter OS from VMware 4x better availability, 3x PowerPath better scale Infrastructure vCompute vStorage vNetwork vCloud vServices Accelerate all VM VM object awareness operations 2x less IO used, 10x faster IO Dedupe provisioning Avoid the “CDO” • vStorage APIs for Thin Provisioning problem Multi-pathing New • vStorage SRM VMware SRAs across Easier DR testing, APIs Stuff replication product 10x easier DR lines • vStorage Backup Framework Avamar, Networker Simple Easy Start Avamar vApp Storage VSAs New Entry Scale © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 6
  7. 7. Accelerating A Customer’s First Steps (France) Customer Challenges / Situation • Datacenter Consolidation • Remaining datacenters - Limited power & space eliminating new IT projects Results • Reduce power by achieving 10 to 1 consolidation ratio for 120 servers • Automated Test/Dev cycle for database apps • Reduce the physical cost of the datacenter: They will avoid the construction of a new datacenter during the next 2 years • Evaluating Site Recovery Manager and Virtualized Clients Customer Benefit What did the customer buy? • Picked EMC for Reliability and Replication $640K deferred CapEx Consolidated Server/Storage Manager Expertise • EMC: CX3-40 + NS-42G, CX3-20 + NS-42G for Deferred $2M Datacenter build/migrate DR site • VMware : 10 ESX servers, 2 Virtual Center More flexible infrastructure © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 7
  8. 8. Data Protection for VMware Infrastructures The “Virtual” Data Protection Dilemma How do I ….? © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 8
  9. 9. EMC = Next Generation Data Protection - Built for VMware Deduped VMware backup – simple, fast, easy file-level backup/restore for all guest OS’s – Unique source-based de-dupe technology can: – solve the consolidated workload problem; – saves 10x storage cost; – doubles server consolidation ratio – saving millions – Deploy as Physical or Virtual appliance VMware-Integrated Array Snapshots – Hardware snapshots – Fast and efficient – consume almost no space – Fastest macro-level restore for a single VM or an entire replication datastore VMware-Integrated Array Replication – VMware Site Recovery Manager Integrated with EMC Symmetrix, CLARiiON, Celerra RecoverPoint for heterogenious environments – Simple, and easy – Test your disaster recovery plans non-disruptively © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 9
  10. 10. Saving $2M via Backup Built for VMware Industrial Company LATAM Challenges / Situation • Customer using TSM, guest-based backup (kept doing what they did in the physical) • Backups demanding significant processing power, Impossible to back up within available windows. • Remote offices adopting VMware in Mexico and South America – needing backup Results • Faster and more reliable backups of their VMware infrastructure. • Dedupe - initial backups achieved 70-85%, second and subsequent backups achieved 98-99.9% • A ROBO solution that works • 95% reductions in Virtual Machine Resources consumption during backup Windows Customer Benefit $2 Million Cost reductions in What did the customer buy? • Picked EMC for Unique solution, and Infrastructure Maintenance and Personnel, split between HW/SW/PS • Avamar – 12TB Datacenter and ROBO • Professional Service Increased server consolidation ratio by 50% © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 10
  11. 11. Disaster Recovery Replication with Site Recovery Manager VMware Site Recovery Manager DR Event! • VMware integrates with every EMC product, every RPO, every scale • EMC Adds - Heterogeneous • EMC Unique WAN Compression = 10x more efficient SAN WAN SAN EMC Replication DR Test Site B Site A © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 11
  12. 12. EMC Solves the Management Dilemma Application End-to-End, Builds DR plans, Dependency and change impact Application Correlation Management End-to-End, VMware Best vCenter Compliance Practices Built In Infrastructure Management • vCenter APIs Network End-to-End for Network • ESX CIM API VM and ESX configuration End-to-End for the Storage Admin End (ControlCenter) and the VMware Storage Administrator (Virtual Center) © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 12
  13. 13. VMware Ready Management Tools ESX Servers Customers demand management tools Virtual Machines that integrate with VMware Applications and Databases – Not just co-existence, but understanding Relationships – Visual map of the correlation and Virtual to Physical Mapping dependencies – fast time-to-value, agent-less, no footprint EMC Delivers Management for VMware: – EMC’s Management Suite are part of VMware’s vCenter program – Control Center – VMware-Aware Storage Management – Smarts Enhanced Server Manager – VMware-Aware Network Management – Smarts Application Discovery Manager – VMware-Aware Application Level Correlation and Root Cause – IT Compliance Analyzer – Compliance reports for VMware Best Practices © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 13
  14. 14. Saving Time and Capacity with Virtual Clients Customers want a simple, fast, easy, VMware View secure universal desktop Composer – Save money by automating processes and decreasing capital expenses. – Centralized management and provisioning of desktop environments = simplicity – But, does 1000 10GB VMs mean 10 TB? And how to manage them? EMC and VMware Deliver: VMware View Composer = from 1-1,000s of Client Boot Images in minutes – Makes patching obsolete – Infrastructure at Tier 3 cost but Tier 1 availability (and how available do 1000 desktops need to be?) Simple, Scalable User Data – Store user data in highly available storage outside their desktop – transparent to the user – Primary Storage De-duplication – Simpler backup, archiving, management © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 14
  15. 15. Proving VMware View at Entry Scale © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 15
  16. 16. Securing Clients While Managing More With Less Large Healthcare Provider - US Challenges / Situation • 1000s of desktops that increase in cost to maintain and secure every year. • Desktop deployment taking days • Need easily upgradeable solution that reduces existing physical footprint. • HIPPA compliance must be ensured. • No disruption to physician staff. Results EMC and VMware POC’s the solution to the customer and showed them how VDI can be deployed on several hundred desktops. EMC delivered VMware VDI to 1000 desktops leveraging existing shared storage solution. Customer rolled out desktop images in minutes. What’s Happening Next • Customer has engaged EMC Professional Services to do an application assessment for Tier 1 rollout. • EMC and VMware are engaged in other parts of the hospital evaluating other VDI potential. Customer Benefit Why did the customer pick EMC? • Documented VDI expertise VDI enabled physicians to utilize mobile • Trusted brand for data protection thin client carts and provide healthcare • Proven HIPPA track record. more quickly. Projected maintenance reduction of 70%. What did the customer buy? • Additional Celerra and Services • VDI licenses © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 16
  17. 17. VMware and Tier 1 Applications Customers Want Accelerated Deployments & Reduced Risk Need confidence that components from multiple vendors work together Understand the nuances of deploying mission-critical applications with VMware EMC and VMware Deliver: Joint HCL/eLab VMware Interoperability Testing – Ensure the virtual and physical work together – Weekly calls with the VMware HCL team Joint Reference Architectures for Tier 1 Apps - SAP – Oracle 11g/10g - Sharepoint – SQL Server 2005 - All at enterprise scale – Exchange 2007 Oracle Single Instance Microsoft supports ok, RAC not supported Microsoft apps on on VMware – Metalink VMware – SVVP 249212.1 © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 17
  18. 18. Ready-to-use Engineering/Solutions and Reference Architectures Storage Consolidation Backup Disaster Recovery Management Proven Solutions © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 18
  19. 19. Accelerating a Tier 1 App Virtualization A European Housing Association Challenges / Situation • Exchange, Front Office applications and various small databases required local and remote protection • Preserve existing application performance and service levels while virtualizing • Provide bi-directional disaster recovery with minimal cost • Ability to test and validate disaster recovery plan, recover key applications at a remote site with crash consistency and an RPO of 2 hours • Minimise hardware outlay by establishing bi directional replication between sites Results • Delivered a cost effective EMC and VMware solution on time and budget • Provided for the recovery of key applications within 2 hours – tested and validated • Validated the original investment in VMware Customer Benefit What did the customer buy? • Complex project accelerated by • Picked EMC for Proven solution for Tier 1 reference architectures Apps and SRM • Demonstrated RPO/RTO against SLA • 2 x CX3-10 Arrays, MirrorView / SnapView • SRM licenses © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 19
  20. 20. Customers Benefit for EMC’s VMware Expertise © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 20
  21. 21. EMC Infrastructure Consulting Virtualization Services Strategy Development Plan for adaptability, availability and expansion by establishing an enterprise virtualization strategy and actionable roadmap, with quantifiable ROI Operational Readiness Stabilize and expand your virtualization deployment, building upon the ITIL framework and best practices with an operational design that can be extended throughout the enterprise Infrastructure and Operations Design Develop detailed virtualization plans, balancing technology and business imperatives and future Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Readiness Assessment Analyzes current state of environment and produces a plan to derive savings from a virtual desktop implementation. Business Continuity for Virtualization Leverage process design, documentation and implementation of the SRM Business Continuity tool in the customer environment including design of the infrastructure itself © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 21
  22. 22. Helping Customers Accomplish Their Objectives Major Financial Services Organization Challenge 17 data centers world-wide, including the primary and disaster recovery sites, require reassessment and workload re-balancing Objectives Balance workloads and asset utilization Standardize virtualization best practices and procedures across seven lines of business Results Solution Establish a center of excellence with repeatable Data center sprawl frameworks and methodologies: brought under control – Virtualization roadmap, services catalog, backup and recovery plan Rebalanced workload – Evaluation of IT service management and business transformation over 17 data centers around virtualization to achieve operational Acceleration of realized ROI on virtualization and cost efficiencies – Cost avoidance over $1 million – $3 million dollar cost savings © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 22
  23. 23. Cost Savings Example: EMC Solution Validation Center VMware Better VMware Best (way we started) (way we’re doing it now) 100% VM 25% Physical / 75% VM Intel Quad, Quad Core Mix of 2950’s and 6950’s Consolidation Ratio: 5 to1 Consolidation Ratio: 40 to1 New Servers: 160 New Servers: 10 1 Year Cost: $ 2,124,006 1 Year Cost: $ 297,440 First Year Cost Avoidance: $ 1,826,566 5 Years: $ 9,132,830 © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 23
  24. 24. “Why EMC for VMware?” 5 Simple Reasons One independent voice… Dec 2007 Server Virtualization Survey Results - IDC 1. Storage built for VMware 43% 2. Business Continuity and Data Protection built for VMware 26% 3. Management tools integrated with VMware 12% 8% 4. Reference architectures to 7% 4% accelerate customer value 5. Lowest TCO across all EMC HP IBM Dell Sun Other Chart Source: IDC’s Server Virtualization 2007 Multiclient Study, Dec 2007. parts of your Virtual Chart shows percentage of survey responses to a question about primary brand of network storage attached to virtual servers. N=311 Infrastructure “For virtual servers, networked storage solutions are more heavily weighted toward EMC storage. In previous years, storage attached to virtual servers was highly captive relative to the server hardware purchase.” © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 24
  25. 25. “Why EMC for VMware?” 5 Simple Reasons Another Independent Voice… Goldman Sachs IT Spending Survey – Sept 8th, 2008 © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 25
  26. 26. ^ © Copyright 2008 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 26