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  1. 1. Christine Sharbrough, CGSM
  2. 2. • Census Records - beyond the federal population schedules.• The U.S. Federal Census was taken every ten years from 1790 through the present day. Most researchers are familiar with the population schedule from these census records. But did you know that there are many other schedules for the federal census that may be useful in your research? What about state census records? Territorial censuses? Come and learn about the different types of census records, schedules and information that may contain information on your ancestors as well as tips and tricks to get the most out of what you see.
  3. 3.  US Federal State Territorial
  4. 4. • Equal representation in government• First bicameralist government – 17th Century England• Bicameral: Latin: bi=two; camera=chamber• Two chambers of Parliament• Two chambers of the legislature• Senate same regardless of size• Count population for representation in the House• Large states disproportionate representation
  5. 5.  Locating people can be difficult Boundary Changes: State/Territory County Town
  6. 6.  Constant boundary changes Changed states/territories Changed counties Changed towns Dollarhide, William and Thorndale, William, Map Guide to the U.S. Federal Censuses, 1790-1920, Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1987. Print.
  7. 7.  Boundary Changes (Problem #1) Lack of printed forms until 1830 in most areas YOU. NEED. A. BLANK. PRINTED. FORM ALWAYS!
  8. 8.  Boundary Changes (Problem #1) Lack of printed forms until 1830 (Problem #2) Handwriting is not 21st century Because. it’s. NOT. 21st century.
  9. 9.  Kip Sperry’s Reading Early American Handwriting, Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co. 2008
  10. 10.  Boundary changes (1) Lack of printed forms/illegible (2) Handwriting is illegible/unusual (3) Amazing that anyone is found…ever
  11. 11.  Inconsistent names/ages
  12. 12.  8/23/1860 Francis M 7/14/1870 Francis M 6/17/1880 M 6/1/1900 Frank M 6/1/1910 Francis M 1/22/1920 Francis Maron 4/17/1930 Marion
  13. 13.  You don’t read the whole page Miss family connections Infant baptism – sponsors/godparents Family Married daughters Local flavor
  14. 14.  Agricultural ◦ Farmer – what he made, etc. Mortality ◦ Who died during the census year ◦ REMINDER OF “CENSUS YEAR” Tax “Indian” Census Slave
  15. 15.  Name of slave holders = owners Several owners = only one name needs to be entered Owned by corporation or trust = enter that name Enumerate the slaves that reside in that district although they may be absent at the time The person in whose family or on whose plantation the slave is found to be employed is to be considered the owner. Principal objective: number of slaves NOTcorrect master or owner’s name
  16. 16.  34 States All New England states BUT Connecticut
  17. 17.  Name, Rank, Vessel or Regiment Entry, Discharge, Length of Service Post Office (address) Sustained wounds, illness Comments
  18. 18.  Incomplete Weird Left off people who were there Put in people who weren’t
  19. 19. • Census law did not give a definition of “place of abode”• Some persons reported in two places• Some not at all• Left to the judgement of the enumerator• “Seafaring men are to be reported at their land homes, no matter how long they may have been absent, if they are supposed to be still alive.”• “…sailors temporarily at a sailors’ boarding or lodging house, if they acknowledge any other home within the United States, are not to be included in the family of the lodging or boarding house.”
  20. 20. • RE: # children born/living• In 1900 & 1910: mothers asked # of children born and # living• Does NOT include stillborn children• If you have gaps – check it out• RE: Birthplaces• Canada English vs Canada French• Not language - DESCENT
  21. 21.  Lainehart, Ann S. State Census Records, Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company. 1992.
  22. 22.  Many more types of federal census schedules than population. State Census is a great resource for between years Browse Ancestry.com, FamilySearch.com for images and titles Read lists of available census records in Ancestry’s Red Book
  23. 23.  Thank you!