Targeted Landing Pages Increase Marketing Conversion Rates


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As a marketer, you are likely on an endless search for tricks, tips, and best practices that will improve your conversion rate in both online and offline marketing campaigns. Savvy marketers know that few efforts return results better than those gained through the implementation of targeted or dedicated landing pages. If you’ve yet to put this great tool to the test, it’s time you did, and for good reason.

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Targeted Landing Pages Increase Marketing Conversion Rates

  1. 1. Targeted Landing PagesUsing web pages to improve marketing conversion rates.
  2. 2. This slide deck is for you, if:Spider Trainers is a  You are a marketing department of 0 to 100. network of more than 80 experts in  You want to improve the conversion rate of youremail development, marketing campaigns. web development,  You want to learn about design tips for creating your search-engine optimization, landing pages. analytics, graphic  You want to learn about testing, tracking, and tweakingdesign, ad creation, your landing pages.multimedia creation, social media  You wan to learn about campaign source tracking. postings, writing,  You need creative services help in developing targetedand editing. We can help you. landing pages.
  3. 3. Chapter 1Golden Goose The average conversion rate In the world of marketing, the conversion when companies rate is the golden goose. It is the final goal used their home page as the by which the bulk of our efforts are destination for anadvertisement or link measured. was only 6%. Companies that The formula for measuring your conversion used targeted rate is simple: # achievements # visits (or landing pages achieved a 12% # sent) conversion rate. — Atlas OnePoint
  4. 4. Savvy marketers know that few efforts return results betterthan those gained through the implementation of targetedor dedicated landing pages. If you’ve yet to put this greattool to the test, it’s time you did, and for good reason.
  5. 5. Chapter 1Advantages Improving the conversion rate of marketing campaigns. Provides you the ability to test individual and global design elements. Provides high visibility and tracking of visitor engagement and behavior. Provides the ability to display messaging specific to the list segment. Contributes to your website’s optimized content.
  6. 6. Chapter 2Design Design is the most-important consideration when implementing targeted landing pages. A well designed page will easily and positively impact your conversion rate.
  7. 7. Chapter 2CredibilityThe primary reason people Trust in the vendor is criticalhave given for not buying — especially so if your pagefrom a site was because the has a form and you aresite had an unprofessional attempting to collectlook that caused the visitor information from the question the credibility ofthe site owner.
  8. 8. Chapter 2Headline46% of web sales You have about two seconds to convince are lost on siteslacking the critical your visitor to stay on the page and thiselements to build makes your headline crucial. Make sure trust. you get it right, even if you have to get it — Stanford wrong first.
  9. 9. Chapter 2H1 tag Make sure your The headline should be the largest text and pages load quickly. Three to appropriately tagged as H1 in the HTML four seconds is source of your page. This indicates to good, and no more than five search robots it is the most important text seconds. on the page and provides the focus for text that follows.
  10. 10. Chapter 2Your landing page should: Have a clear, concise headline.  Display important content Be professionally designed. above the fold. Be presented in a single  Tell the visitor how they will column. benefit. Use limited images.  Use clear, concise language. Be design-consistent with the  Stay focused. campaign vehicle.  Provide a single call to action. Eliminate distractions.  Only ask for what you need.  Load quickly.
  11. 11. Chapter 3Test, Track, and Tweak To get the best conversion rates from your landing page, you must test, track, and tweak. These tweaks — in the form of page updates — will also contribute to your search-engine optimization efforts.
  12. 12. Chapter 3GuidelinesBest practices are simply guidelines to help you developyour landing pages. Only through tracking your offer withyour design to your customers will you come to know whatcombination produces the best results.
  13. 13. Chapter 3Duplicate contentSearch engines are on the With your targeted landingalert for instances where pages you will be usinglarge amounts of content custom headlines for eachare used at multiple sites or page (with H1 tags), and aon multiple pages within a welcoming paragraph andsite in order to artificially this is enough difference forboost SEO. search engines.
  14. 14. Chapter 3Campaign source tracking Consistently In its broadest definition, campaign source updating and tweaking content tracking refers to a method of identifying can increase from what source a visitor discovered your traffic by 40%. — Marketing site, or in the case of targeted landing Sherpa pages, a specific page.
  15. 15. Chapter 3An alternative Campaign source tracking offers an alternative to multiple targeted landing pages but it’s not an exclusive relationship. You can combine the use of campaign source tracking codes with targeted landing pages and reduce the number of landing pages that are needed.
  16. 16. Chapter 3Free URL builder tool Google’s URL builder tool will Use Google Analytics’ free URL builder toolautomatically create to create the URL. To implement the code, a unique URL foreach landing page of simply use it as the href tag for your call to your campaign. TheURL is placed in the action button. You could even generate a marketing vehicle different code for each call to action (if youand each vehicle willuse a different URL. have more than one) and then you will This enables thetracking of individual know which CTA generated the click. components.
  17. 17. More informationFor more information on triggered marketing, to download AutomatedEmail Marketing, for information on multi-touch campaigns,download The Power of Print (in Marketing), and forinformation on measuring your campaign analytics,download Marketing Metrics.
  18. 18. Conclusion Whether you choose targeted landing pages solely or to add targeted landing pages to campaign source tracking, your conversion rate will improve as you test design, content, and structure. The lessons you learn from one campaign will serve you well in subsequent campaigns, even campaigns for different offers.
  19. 19. About Spider TrainersSpider Trainers provides creative services to marketingdepartments of 0 to 100. We are a network of more than 80experts in email development, web development, search-engine optimization, analytics, graphic design, ad creation,multimedia creation, social media postings, writing, andediting.
  20. 20. Contact Spider TrainersPhone: 651 702 3793Email: cmeyer@spidertrainers.comWebsite: http://www.spidertrainers.comAddress: PO Box 280487 Lakewood, CO 80228 United States
  21. 21. References and CreditsGoogle URL building tool PageSpeed Insights