Online Outbound Strategy


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A Spider Trainers slide deck describing an online approach to developing prospects into leads and leads into customers.

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Online Outbound Strategy

  1. 1. Tweet: #outboundleadgen Effective Approach to Online Outbound Marketing for B2B & B2C How to create an online approach to developing prospects into leads and leads into customers.
  2. 2. Tweet: #outboundleadgen  People — Who are you trying to reach?  Quantifiable goals — What do you want to achieve?  Measurements — How will you measure success?  Strategy — Which channels/messaging/design will deliver the best results? Define approach
  3. 3. Tweet: #outboundleadgen You’ll need:  Offer  Call to Action  Landing page or microsite (unique URL)  Form (progressive profiling)  Thank you page (measurable conversion) Conceptualize campaign
  4. 4. Tweet: #outboundleadgen  Direct mail  URL  QR code  Dedicated phone number  Social networks  Ensure wallpaper and profile are up to date  Easy social sharing  Outbound calls  Live events and collateral  Landing pages and microsites  SEO — spread the word organically  Personal emails from sales team  Promote offer on product pages  Blog about the effort  Partner private label Approach holistically (ideas)
  5. 5. Tweet: #outboundleadgen  Ensure offer is appropriate for buying stage  Be consistent in content and design across all channels  Use a professional designer  Test every step  Use responsive designs for mobile market Create content
  6. 6. Tweet: #outboundleadgen  Never send a campaign not supported by your website  Do not send clicks to your home page — a landing page is a minimum; consider a microsite  Use unique URLs or versioned landing pages for tracking  Landing pages are great for SEO; create as many as you need Develop web support
  7. 7. Tweet: #outboundleadgen  Which metrics can you track?  Which are needed in order to measure success toward quantifiable goal?  From where do these metrics come?  Email metrics  Visitor metrics  Inbound/outbound calling metrics Establish tracking metrics
  8. 8. Tweet: #outboundleadgen  Which components should you test?  Subject line  CTA  Color  Format  Messaging  Time/date of send Pre-plan A/B testing points
  9. 9. Tweet: #outboundleadgen Grouping names within your list into like interests, position in the buying cycle, demographics, or other criteria relevant to your business in order to provide more relevant content and increase conversions.  Segment based upon behavior, demographics, position in the sales funnel, and so on.  Identify most-valuable segments — those representing the greatest opportunities.  Ensure each segment contains enough names to produce meaningful metrics. Segment lists
  10. 10. Tweet: #outboundleadgen Metrics matter, track everything. Clicks  Use link clicks to understand interests — email and web  Measure abandonments, be prepared Forms  Use forms  Progressively profile — don’t ask for too much info  Auto-respond to completions — measure as conversions Calls  Follow up immediately — the sooner, the better  Use analytics to launch auto-responders — nurture campaign Profile the audience
  11. 11. Tweet: #outboundleadgen  Nurturing campaigns — Auto-responder emails for the engaged audience  Drip campaigns — Stay top of mind for the un- engaged audience  Call center — Book meetings or respond to form completions  Personal emails — sales team or CSR Follow up
  12. 12. Tweet: #outboundleadgen Review analytics to measure success against quantifiable goal — be prepared to deploy A/B testing components during campaign.  Email engagement  Unique landing page URLs  Form views  Form completions (conversions)  Outbound/inbound call metrics  Follow-up call metrics Review analytics
  13. 13. Tweet: #outboundleadgen LANGE GRAPHICS CREATIVE HELL CAMPAIGN In practice
  14. 14. Tweet: #outboundleadgen  Who are you trying to reach: Marketing agencies  Quantifiable goals — Get 1000 poster requests from target-audience decision makers.  Measurements — Total number of requests for lenticular samples.  Strategy — Email, direct mail, follow-up calls, landing pages, blog articles, social media, press releases, partner promotions. 1. Define objectives
  15. 15. Tweet: #outboundleadgen 2. Wireframe entire campaign
  16. 16. Tweet: #outboundleadgen 3. Write content; build creatives
  17. 17. Tweet: #outboundleadgen 4. Establish metrics points
  18. 18. Tweet: #outboundleadgen Subject line A: Are you in creative hell? Subject line B: Free poster: Welcome to Creative Hell 5. Prepare A/B testing points
  19. 19. Tweet: #outboundleadgen Monitor/measure clicks, submissions from each segment to ascertain best-converting profile.  Marketing agency  Communications agency  PR agency  Graphic design firm  Web design firm  Trade printer  Agency owner  Agency director  Creative director  CSR  Copy writer  Graphic designer 6. Segment lists and profile audience
  20. 20. Tweet: #outboundleadgen 7. Create follow-up
  21. 21. Tweet: #outboundleadgen 8. Review analytics
  22. 22. Tweet: #outboundleadgen  It’s not inbound or outbound — it’s holistic  It’s a good plan  It’s cohesive, consistent, and a professional presentation  It’s relevant and timely  It’s great follow-up  It’s tracking, testing, and tweaking Summary
  23. 23. Tweet: #outboundleadgen Spider Trainers designs, develops, and deploys custom blast, drip, and nurture campaigns. Visit our resource center to learn more:  Free online or downloadable Return on Marketing Investment calculators  Profiling Personas  20+ Ideas for Automated Marketing  Prospects, Leads, & Subscribers  Marketing Metrics  Drip-marketing Toolkit  Great Big Book of Things Marketers Count  Great Big Book of Things Marketers Say Contact us: Chuck Meyer Client relations manager 651 702 3793 PO Box 280487 Lakewood, CO 80228 United States Spider Trainers