Nurturing leads (with automated marketing)


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Learn about drip and nurture marketing as Spider Trainers walks you through the considerations you should have before creating your own triggered campaign. Subscribe at for a live tour.

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Nurturing leads (with automated marketing)

  1. 1. Nurturing Leads Using personalized auto-responder emails to nurture leads.
  2. 2. Many companies — even marketing- automation companies — use the terms drip marketing and nurture marketing interchangeably, but these two campaign styles have different purposes and different approaches.
  3. 3. This is about nurture marketing.
  4. 4. First: some background.
  5. 5. Drip and nurture campaigns have been shown to increase qualified leads for businesses by as much as 451%.
  6. 6. Drip marketing Deployed on a pre-determined schedule. Sent to a broad audience and geared toward education, branding, or positioning of a product. Ongoing, generalized messaging.
  7. 7. Nurture marketing Deployed as a response to an action. Sent to a targeted audience and geared toward nudging (or shoving) leads through the sales funnel Ongoing, personalized messaging.
  8. 8. In practice If you subscribe to Spider Trainers or complete one of our forms, you will receive (or have received) a welcome email. You have joined our nurture program.
  9. 9. In practice We can infer — based upon the topic of the download — that you are a marketer, or at least interested in marketing.
  10. 10. In practice With this in mind, we will send you more emails with marketing-related topics.
  11. 11. In practice When you click the call-to-action (CTA) button or link in one of the nurture emails, you will receive an auto-responder or transactional email. This is also known as a nurture email.
  12. 12. In practice In the nurture email, we personalize the greeting and reference the publication you requested.
  13. 13. In practice We also again provide a link to the publication — in case you missed it the first time around.
  14. 14. In practice With each publication download (click on a CTA), we come to better understand your interests.
  15. 15. In practice In subsequent emails, we will continue to strive to provide links to content we feel you would find most interesting.
  16. 16. In practice Each interaction you have with our email — opens, clicks, visits, downloads, and sharing — contributes to our assessment of how interested you may be in our services. This is called lead scoring.
  17. 17. In practice When and if you reach a predetermined threshold in the lead-scoring process, our client relations team will reach out for a one-on-one discussion. In your company, this call might come from the sales team.
  18. 18. In practice Lead scoring is a very valuable practice that brings the sales and marketing teams together in pursuit of a common goal.
  19. 19. In practice If you choose not to interact with our messages for a pre-determined time period, you will be moved from the nurture program into the drip program.
  20. 20. In practice Drip emails are sent less frequently, but often enough to remind you of our services.
  21. 21. In practice If a you do not interact with our drip program, your contact information will be archived and removed from our active marketing lists. See our publication, Celebrate Unsubscribes
  22. 22. In practice Once we have archived your contact information, you can only rejoin our active drip or nurture program by completing a subscriber form or gated-content form.
  23. 23. In practice This has been an example of a simple nurture program. Some programs have dozens, hundreds, even thousands of steps.
  24. 24. In practice Spider Trainers builds custom blast, drip, and nurture programs for companies like yours around the globe.
  25. 25. In practice We would like to build one for you.
  26. 26. In practice Blast welcome email to subscribers with A/B test of various CTAs Email Thank you for subscribing • Social sharing • Website link • Contact info • No interaction • Call to action Drip email Statistics Drip email Letter from president Drip email Industry news Drip email Press announcement Passive path (drip campaign) Hand off to sales team. Nurture email Gated: Video Nurture email Gated: Free trial Nurture email Gated: Price list Nurture email Gated: Meeting request Active path (nurture campaign) Click? Click? Click? Buckets to differentiate engagement types Clicks on links indicate mild interest, and go to passive path. Clicks within passive path sends to active path. Welcome email to set new subscriber’s expectations. Clicks on CTA indicate interest and thus go directly to active path.. If no clicks occur on nurturing emails, can indicate a lack of sales readiness. Return to drip campaign. Progressive profiling and lead scoring will help sales and marketing classify sales readiness. Drip content to broad audience for education, branding, positioning, and selling (B2C) your products.
  27. 27. Spider Trainers Contact us As experts in drip and nurture marketing, Spider Trainers is chosen by companies to amplify lead and demand generation while setting standards for design, development, and deployment. Chuck Meyer. Client relations manager 651 702 3793