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Multichannel Lifecycle Marketing


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In this deck, we cover Print, Email, and Marketing-automation Strategies for the Complete Customer Lifecycle

Multichannel — Using a variety of channels to reach your audience within a single, multi-level campaign or across multiple campaigns.

Also known as multi-touch marketing or cross-channel marketing.

Lifecycle marketing — A focus on the individual and their journey with your brand.

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Multichannel Lifecycle Marketing

  1. 1. Multichannel Lifecycle Marketing Print, Email, and Marketing-automation Strategies for the Complete Customer Lifecycle
  2. 2. Using a variety of channels to reach your audience within a single, multi-level campaign or across multiple campaigns. Also known as multi-touch marketing or cross-channel marketing. Multichannel marketing
  3. 3. A focus on the individual and their journey with your brand. Lifecycle marketing
  4. 4. Customer lifecycle
  5. 5. APPROACH Define your
  6. 6. Stakeholders
  7. 7.  Define your ideal leads (use a persona profiler)  Segment your list based upon personas  Send relevant messages to each segment  Use progressive profiling to reduce form abandonment and learn more Target audience
  8. 8. Inbound (pull)  Educational documents  Website  Landing pages  Video/audio  Microsites  Free trials/demos  Blogs/articles  Social media Outbound (push)  Blast email  Drip campaign  Nurture campaign  Media announcements  Social media Methodologies
  9. 9. For example… Inbound content (eBook) Outbound content (email)
  10. 10. CAMPAIGN Organize your
  11. 11.  Email  Social media  Press releases  Landing pages  Video  Podcasts  Partner mentions  PPC/CPC  Surveys  Landing pages  Microsite  Website  Content marketing  Syndication  Direct mail  Mass media  SMS  Outbound calls Vehicles
  12. 12. For example…
  13. 13.  Project manager (  CRM (CCM)  Email automation (Act-On Software)  Email verification (EmailonAcid)  URL shortener (  URL builder (Google)  QR code generator (QRstuff)  Press release distributor (24-7 Press Release)  Website (WordPress)  Analytics tracking (Google Analytics)  Social-media aggregator (Sendible)  PDF syndicator (  Slide syndicator (SlideShare)  Video syndicator (YouTube)  Podcast syndicator (iTunes) Technologies
  14. 14. For example…
  15. 15. When it comes to CRM technology and its usefulness to you in your marketing efforts, look for:  Email integration  Social-media integration  Customer-data tracking  Lead scoring  Support  Analytics  Customization CRM application
  16. 16. When it comes to email-automation software and its usefulness to you in designing, developing, and deploying campaigns, look for:  Email analytics  Website visit analytics  Automated campaign deployment  Progressive profiling  CRM integration  Social-media integration  Landing page capabilities Email application
  17. 17. When it comes to website software, look for:  Easy-to-edit platform, such as WordPress  Easy-to-add squeeze pages  Easy-to-add targeted landing pages  Easy-to-build micro sites  Installed analytics tracker Website application
  18. 18. TRACKING Strategize
  19. 19. Ummm, noooo… Convert inactive subscribers to active customers Yes! Convert 200 inactive subscribers into customers by 31 December. Quantifiable goal
  20. 20.  Email  Squeeze pages  Landing pages  QR codes  Forms  Surveys  Tracking URLs  URL shorteners  Social media  Website  Syndicators Data points
  21. 21. For example
  22. 22. A/B test: content
  23. 23. A/B test: vehicles
  24. 24. BRAND RECOGNITION Establish and foster
  25. 25. Branding  Brand all vehicles  Be consistent  Monitor for references to your brand Presentation  Use expert design  Use quality images  Use personalization  Develop appropriately for all platforms  Use A/B testing  Keep it simple Manage your brand
  26. 26. For example…
  27. 27. Dos  Personalize content based upon information you have or you collect  Personalize auto-responders based upon action or interaction  Continue progressive profiling to reduce form abandonment and increase intelligence  Track offline activities in CRM  Implement lead scoring Don’ts  Don’t ask for information you already have  Don’t ask for too much Develop the relationship
  28. 28. 1. Define your approach 2. Organize your campaign 3. Set goal and define tracking 4. Foster the relationship with your brand throughout the lifecycle 5. Deploy In short…
  29. 29. Blasts, usually email, are sent en masse to your customer list and often used for short-term promotions or to make an announcement. Blast marketing
  30. 30. Scope  Deploy online, offline, or both  Send to all to create initial segmentation  Implement A/B testing  Use squeeze pages for conversion Results  Introduces your brand to prospects  Begins your understanding of their interests  Determines preferred marketing vehicle(s)  Adds to lead score Blast multichannel event
  31. 31. For example…
  32. 32. A series of pre-designed messages, sent on a predetermined schedule, and geared toward education, branding, positioning, or selling of your product to your subscribers. Drip marketing
  33. 33. For example…
  34. 34. Scope  Use online, offline, or both  A/B test  Shuttle to nurture campaign when interaction occurs  Use progressive profiling on forms Results  Identify deliverable addresses  Identify which offers or CTAs trigger interaction  Determine which marketing vehicle is preferred  Create nurturing segment  Garner A/B test results  Add to lead score Drip multichannel event
  35. 35. Send email Wait Send email WaitNew lead For example…
  36. 36. Nurturing messages, also known as auto-responders or transactional messages, are sent to specific prospects or leads based upon their previous actions or interactions and their place in the buying cycle. Nurture marketing
  37. 37. A nurturing campaign should:  Specifically reference their previous action or interaction  Deploy automatically based upon that action/interaction  Be an appropriate response or offer to that action/interaction  Nudge (or shove) them further down the sales funnel  Enable you to send more relevant emails to fewer leads, not fewer emails to more leads Nurture campaign
  38. 38. Email Auto-responder For example…
  39. 39. Scope  Use online, offline, or both  A/B test  Escalating CTAs or offers Results  Identify interest area  Identify position in sales cycle  Nudge (or shove) lead along sales funnel  Determine preferred marketing vehicle  Create new, more targeted segments  Identify sales-ready leads for sales team Nurture event
  40. 40. Blast welcome email to subscribers with A/Btest of variousCTAs Email Thank you for subscribing • Social sharing • Website link • Contact info • No interaction • Call to action Drip email Statistics Drip email Letter from president Drip email Industry news Drip email Press announcement Passive path (drip campaign) Hand o to salesteam. Nurture email Gated: Video Nurture email Gated: Free trial Nurture email Gated: Price list Nurture email Gated: Meeting request Active path (nurture campaign) Click? Click? Click? Bucketsto differentiate engagement types Clicksonlinksindicate mildinterest, andgotopassive path.Clickswithinpassivepath sendstoactivepath. Welcomeemail toset newsubscriber’s expectations. ClicksonCTA indicateinterest and thusgodirectlyto activepath.. If noclicksoccur on nurturingemails, canindicate alackof salesreadiness. Returntodripcampaign. Progressiveprofiling andleadscoringwill help salesandmarketingclassify salesreadiness. Dripcontent tobroad audiencefor education, branding, positioning, andselling(B2C)your products.
  41. 41. Spider Trainers designs, develops, and deploys custom drip and nurture campaigns. The participating client is the successful client. Visit our resource center:  Profiling Personas  20+ Ideas for Automated Marketing  Prospects, Leads, & Subscribers  Marketing Metrics  Drip-marketing Toolkit  Great Big Book of Things Marketers Count  Great Big Book of Things Marketers Say Contact us: Chuck Meyer Client relations manager 651 702 3793 PO Box 280487 Lakewood, CO 80228 United States Spider Trainers