5 Ideas for Promoting Your B2B Store


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If you have a web to print store — PrintSYS or otherwise — here are five ideas for helping you to promote your solution.

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5 Ideas for Promoting Your B2B Store

  1. 1. 5 Ideas for PromotingYour PrintSYS B2CWeb-to-Print Store
  2. 2. Ideas for Promoting Your PrintSYSB2C Web-to-Print StoreWhen was the last time you opened your yellow-pages directory?Fifteen years ago, that was a shopper’s primary resource for locatingyour business, but today your customers are turning to search enginesmillions of times a minute.Search engines, like the directory of decades past, favor those listedfirst. The closer your company appears at the top of the list, the morelikely you are to attract customers. Unlike printed directories, you nolonger have to name your company AAA Online Print Store — you canbe found based on your ability to solve the customer’s problem.Moving up your placement in search-engine results (SER) is notsomething you can achieve overnight, but it can be done. Here are fivequick projects that you can do on your own that will positively affectthe ranking of your PrintSYS web-to-print store.
  3. 3. Send out regular press releasesor news announcementsYou don’t have to wait for a major company accomplishment to alertthe media — you can send a news announcement each time you havesomething you feel is noteworthy: a new product release, a just-launched campaign, or maybe a new logo.There are companies online that will distribute your announcement orpress release to online media sources (e.g., authors, commentators,bloggers, and editors) for free or at a very low cost. These releases,when posted to news sites or quoted by bloggers, contain inboundlinks to your site and this creates a buzz that search engines hear.
  4. 4. Register with online directories andask your customers to post reviewsRegister your PrintSYS B2C store with online directories such asYelp!, DEXknows, or Angies’ List. Once registered, send an invitationto your customers asking that they post a review of the services orproducts they have received from your company.Gather these positive reviews and post them at your site as well(with the reviewer’s permission, of course). Be sure to add a link tothe customer’s website when you do post their review since theoutbound links will also help to validate your site.
  5. 5. Post customer testimonialsInclude a comments card or send a comment survey to customerseach week. Collect the positive comments and post them to yourwebsite on a testimonials page with a link to the commenter’s site.Use the individual testimonials on pages of the same topic whenpossible.If you’re able, create a video of the customer stating theirtestimonial and post it to your site and to YouTube (with ampleinbound links to your site).
  6. 6. Link to complementary sitesIdentify customer and partner sites that are complementary to yourstore’s products and create inbound links (links from their site to yours)and outbound links (links from your site to theirs).It’s best if you create an entire article, post, or story about thepartner with links from keywords to their website. Never create ahyperlink on the text “click here,” since that will only increase yoursearch-engine positioning for the words “click here.” Instead place a linkon the entire keyphrase, e.g., “Turn to Joe’s Print Store for printedbusiness cards and postcards.”
  7. 7. Post company news tosocial-media sitesJoin Facebook®, Twitter®, and LinkedIn® and post company news andfactoids very regularly. Every day is not too often. Be sure to post yourcurrent specials or offers. Customers will often follow your social-mediaaccounts so that they get early notice of offers and special pricing.Include links to follow you in your email signature line, email, directmail, press releases, and news announcements.
  8. 8. For more help with your PrintSYS online store or corporate website, turnto Spider Trainers, an authorized Prisme Techologies’ partner. 303 862 8951 info@spidertrainers.com