5th Grade Test Review


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5th Grade Test Review

  1. 1. THIS IS
  2. 2. A B C D E F 100 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 500
  3. 3. 35) Peach trees have sweet- smelling blossoms and produce rich fruit. What is the main purpose of the flowers of a peach tree? A 100
  4. 4. 39) Above a continent, a warm air mass slowly passes over a cold air mass. As the warm air begins to cool, clouds form. What will most likely happen next? A 200
  5. 5. 36) Many animals depend on plants for A 300
  6. 6. 57) A student will measure and record the growth of two flowering plants every other day for 10 days. 10 mL fertilizer 200 mL water added to each pot According to the diagram, which question is being tested? A 400
  7. 7. 59) What is the volume of the ball? A 500
  8. 8. 56) Which of the following questions is testable in a scientific investigation? b.Are dogs better pets than cats? B. Are dogs happy when they are walked? C. Are cats more active at night than during the day? D. Are cats easier to take care of than dogs? B 100
  9. 9. 58) What is the most likely cause for the angle of growth of this tree? B 200
  10. 10. 60) The chart below shows the results of an experiment designed to study how exercise affects heart rate. Which is the best conclusion for this experiment? B 300
  11. 11. 55) What characteristic do all birds share? B 400
  12. 12. 34) Which animals are most likely to carry the seeds found in berries from the parent plant to another area? B 500
  13. 13. 33) A student wants to put some plants in a window-box planter. The window selected for the plants is always shaded by a large tree outside the window. Which characteristic of the plants would most likely affect the plants’ growth in this location? C 100
  14. 14. 31) Which of the following is a living component of a desert in California? A low rainfall B hot temperature C polar bear D horned lizard C 200
  15. 15. 40) A shelter. Why is watering plants and grass in the early morning a way to conserve water? C 300
  16. 16. DAILY Place A Wager DOUBLE C 400
  17. 17. 42) The picture below shows a place where air currents will form due to the uneven heating of Earth. In which direction will air currents most likely move? C 400
  18. 18. 52) What is responsible for shaping this arch? C 500
  19. 19. 41)Which location on Earth receives the most direct sunlight? D 100
  20. 20. 38) Which of the following processes is responsible for changing liquid water into water vapor? D 200
  21. 21. 37) Where is most of Earth’s water located? D 300
  22. 22. 50) A student is testing an unknown mineral for hardness. The unknown mineral is tested against fluorite, but neither mineral scratches the other. Which of the following conclusions can the student accurately make? D 400
  23. 23. 51) Which process is most responsible for the formation of the Grand Canyon? D 500
  24. 24. 25) What best explains how stems transport water to other parts of the plant? E 100
  25. 25. 49) A student is trying to identify a mineral that has a nonmetallic luster and is black. It can also be scratched with a fingernail. According to the mineral reference sheet, the unidentified mineral is most likely what? E 200
  26. 26. 44) The diagram below shows a landscape. Where in the diagram would the air pressure be the greatest? E 300
  27. 27. 43) A city has a temperature of 75 °F, with partly cloudy skies. Weather forecasters are predicting that the air pressure and temperature will drop during the day. Which type of weather is most likely for this area in the late afternoon?. E 400
  28. 28. 24) Which organ removes cell waste from the blood? E 500
  29. 29. 47) Gravity is responsible for the: •orbits of the planets around the Sun. •rotation of a planet on its axis. •tilt of Earth’s axis. •phases of the Moon. F 100
  30. 30. 45) The largest body in our solar system is what? F 200
  31. 31. 48) Why are most fossils found in sedimentary rocks? F 300
  32. 32. 46) Which of these revolves around a planet? F 400
  33. 33. 27) What is broken down in the body to release energy? F 500
  34. 34. The Final Jeopardy Category is: ENERGY Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin
  35. 35. 18) When electric current flows through the metal filament of a light bulb, electrical energy is converted to what kind(s) of energy? Click on screen to continue
  36. 36. Thank You for Playing Jeopardy!