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Tips and tricks

  1. 1. Tips and Tricks • Command tab: to see what programs are open, then Q to quit • Command shift 3: full screen shot • Command shift 4: selectable screen shot • Command z: undo • To select multiple items: click just outside the item and across the ones needed, the outline will then be highlighted and ready to drag and drop • Two finger tap to add pictures to iPhoto library directly • Fn delete to delete an email in groupwise • Command c to copy • Command v to paste • Open movies with VLC if not reading format • Save directly into iTunes and iPhoto for easy inserting into keynote and pages documents • Safari and adding some tools to the bookmark bar: eg Tiny URL, Evernote, Scoopit • Downloads that assist run your MAC: • Flip4Mac, VLC media player, Firefox, Perian • Review of Airdrop • Option, command + and - for zooming in and out • Review of the MAC media browser • Uninstall applications tool • Exploring the content on itunes