JA-Sakai: IMS Tools Interoperability - Free as in Freedom


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This talk is a bit of history of Sakai, History of IMS, IMS Tools Interoperability, and a sneak peek at Sakai 2.9.

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JA-Sakai: IMS Tools Interoperability - Free as in Freedom

  1. 1. Three Meanings of Free IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability Free as in Free Beer Free as in Freedom Charles Severance Free as in Free Puppies Osakai Japan Free as in FreedomSakai is Seven Years Old! http://bit.ly/gHPQWT The City of Sakai A Person Named Hiroki Sakai Sakai was an autonomous city run by merchant citizens. In those days it wassaid that the richest cities were Sakai and Riku. The famous Zen Buddhist priestIkkyu chose to live in Sakai because of its free atmosphere. 2004 2004 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sakai,_Osaka
  2. 2. Sakai Book 2003: Before Sakai Passion Failure • Blackboard had a dominant market share Laughter • Prometheus had been acquired and shutdown Mistakes Success • WebCT was starting to grow,Vista was begin createdFriendship Tears • Moodle was tiny in terms of market share - no top schools Frustration • Top schools all had their own locally developed LMS code Freedom Joy • Not much innovation, competition or cooperation - no Karaoke The Sakaigers Accomplishments Back in • Built a world-class open source CLE 2003 • Built a world-class volunteer community (before • Made the world safe for open source in higher education Sakai) • Drove standards for interoperability and portability • Created an ecosystem across open source and commercial that is both competitive and cooperative - and Karaoke
  3. 3. Sakai Means Freedom "The Sakaiger is a happy• Freedom for Teachers dancing creature. It is the logo• Freedom for Students of the hip, cool, karaoke singing, silly elements of the• Freedom for software adopters Sakai Community (that is• Freedom for software developers pretty much everyone)."• Freedom for commercial activities www.sakaiger.com Cambridge Oxford Yale The worldsLook into the Stanford Johns Hopkins greatest universities gaze of Berkeley give the Sakaiger its Australia National University Sakaiger, University of Virginia legndary strength, protector of Nagoya University University of Michigan courage, andour freedom Duke endurance. University of Capetown Georgia Tech And Many More...
  4. 4. Karen Tsao Aaron Zeckowski Jim Eng Adrian Fish John Bush Alan Berg Anthony Whyte Lance Speelmon Lydia Li A worldwide • Brad Wheeler, Indiana - Open Beth Kirschner Brian Richwine Matt Jones network of volunteer Source Portfolio, Kuali Financials Community Bryan Holladay Megan May Nicola Monat-Jacobs leaders are the heart, • Mara Hancock, Berkeley - Fluid Source Chris Maurer Noah Botimer mind, eyes and hands Project, OpenCast David Horowitz Sam Ottenhof of the SakaigerDavid Roldan Martinez Duffy Gillman Savitha Prakash • Jutta Treveranius, Ontario Seth Theriault College of Art and Design - Gonzalo Silverio Steve Swinsberg Fluid ProjectJean-François Lévêque Stephen Marquard John Lewis Zhen Qian And Many More... Educause and Sakai • In 2004, Educause was anti-open- source, viewing Sakai an ineresting diversion Dodds Wheeler • In 2010, the Educause board has four members from the Sakai community (Brad Wheeler, James L. Hilton, Lassner Thomas L. Maier, and David Lassner) • Ted Dodds is from Kuali Maier August 2006 - February 2007 Hilton
  5. 5. Blackboard Patent Pledge Blackboard hereby commits not to assert any of the U.S. patents listed below, as well as all counterparts of these patents issued in other Sakai: The Social Network countries, against the development, use or distribution of [any] Open Source Software or Home-Grown Systems to the extent that such Open Source Software and Home-Grown Systems are not Bundled with proprietary software.February 2007 Why are we here? What is our purpose? Why fly a million miles? Dr. Chuck - Up in the Air
  6. 6. Improving Teaching and Learning Case Study: Amanda Severance• Students and Teachers literally do not care at all if their learning software is open source • Senior in Special Education • Technology in the Classroom• They are limited by the Curse software that is installed and upgraded by their local IT staff • Eleven different accounts• IT organizations almost always • Setup required technical support fear innovation 2:35 Case Study: LMS Plugins LEARNING TOOL OR CONTENT :( May 2007 Case Study: LMS Committer/Teacher
  7. 7. August 2007 Commercial Tools Interoperability IMS Standards Seamlessly The information Free the connect architecture for content to learning learning Common Publishers Cartridge LMS Open Source IMS Common Cartridge IMS Learning Tools Standards Interoperability (LTI) IMS Learning Information Services (LIS)2008 www.imsglobal.org
  8. 8. IMS Learning Tools Interopability Early Work on Standards • Started in 2004 as a way for Blackboard and Sakai to cooperate on a neutral ground • IMS Learning Tools Interoperability • Lots of convincing and cajoling (and beer) • Sakai/Samigo participated in the 2005 Alti-I-Lab • Sakai, Blackboard, Moodle, ... demonstration in Sheffield, UK 2009 http://www.vimeo.com/7825070 1:47 X2011
  9. 9. Tool Consumer Tool Provider Tool Proxy Runtime TC User Tool Proxy Tool Secret Launch Secret TC Basic LTI Launch TP Admin Admin© Copyright 2010 IMS Global Learning Consortium 34All Rights Reserved. Basic LTI Sample Launch Data lti_version=LTI-1p0 lti_message_type=basic-lti-launch-request oauth_consumer_key=lmsng.school.edu resource_link_id=120988f929-274612 user_id=292832126 roles=Instructor lis_person_name_full=Charles R. Severance lis_person_contact_email_primary = csev@umich.edu context_id=456434513 context_title=SI301 – PHP tool_consumer_instance_description=University of School© Copyright 2010 IMS Global Learning ConsortiumAll Rights Reserved. 36
  10. 10. Tool Consumer Tool Provider Settings Roster Tool Proxy Runtime Outcomes TC User Tool Proxy Tool Secret Launch++ Secret TC Basic LTI Extensions TP Admin Admin © Copyright 2010 IMS Global Learning Consortium All Rights Reserved. 38 Joseph Berkovitz Joseph Berkovitz <info@noteflight.com> <info@noteflight.com> www.noteflight.com www.noteflight.com L T I Developer Freedom Through Standards4:38 http://videos.noteflight.com/MoodleBasicLTI.mov
  11. 11. IMS Common Cartridge IMS Common Cartridge• Meeting at Stanford April 27, 2005 between Sakai and • Angel Learning (2008) 6 Publishers • Desire2Learn v8.4.2 (2009)• They wanted to stop paying Blackboard royalties to sell cartridges to schools, teachers, and students • Moodle 1.9 (2010)• They wanted a Sakai-developed import format • Jenzabar eRacer (2010)• Instead: IMS Common Cartridge - started July 2005 • Blackboard 9.1SP4 - Import and Export (2011)IMS Learning Information Service• Sakai has the first open source reference Teacher and Student implementation of IMS Learning Information freedom through Services (Sakora from Unicon) escape hatches
  12. 12. 2004 20081995 2009 1997 2011 www.coursesites.com Backboard 9.1SP4/Cloud Free to any teacher IMS Common Cartridge Import and Export IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability !"#"$%&(%)*+,"-%.*"/0"1 appengine.google.com 23"+-45%!464+"784 Python / Django 999/+:83;8#8*0 Free to anyone IMS Basic Learning Tools 8546<;0$834/; Interoperability
  13. 13. !"#"$%)*+,"-%&(%=*"-5 R3P%B*9S• >4?";-,%2@A%B"6%,*%-**#%!"#$%CDA%B"6%E%7*,%"%8-*74%E%3*0"F4% • !"#"$%&(%/464-*1047,%8P8-4%$5%,34%-*7F45,%94%3"64%464+%3"/%• 2*;+54%B"6$F"G*7%)+4?4+4845%9$--%H4%$7%)*+,"- MT"7:!41%&UVVQ• I7,4F+",4%1"+,5%*?%)+*J-4&%$7,*%,34%1*+,"- • K;$-/%"%-**#:"7/:?44-%H+$/F4%,*%,34%94--:,3*;F3,:*;,%CDA%W54+% I7,4+?"84%M"7/%1+4XPQ• I7,4F+",4%@455*7%K;$-/4+%$7,*%,34%)*+,"-%K+4"/8+;0H5• B49%1+454784L83",%MINLO"84H**#LCDA%5,P-4Q • !"#"$%&Y%E%&Z%94+4%"--%1+4XP%0;83%H;F%J[45%E%,3",%$5%74"+-P%% P4"+5%*?%7*7:1+*F+455%*7%WI • ]34%+45,%*?%,34%0"+#4,%3"5%0"/4%0"^*+%WI%+46$5$*75 CDAL2@A%@*7F:]4+0%O;,;+4 !I`(V 2*--"H*+"G*7 C147 _PH+$/ "7/% D8"/40$8 @4"+7$7F A76$+*7047, A76$+*7047, http://www.dr-chuck.com/si791-sak/ I%4[148,%94%9$--%-$#4-P%544%"--%,3+44%14+0;,"G*75%$7%1+*/;8G*7%",%58"-4%?*+%P4"+5
  14. 14. !I`(V%)-"7 )*+,"-%23"7F45• D--%5,;/47,5%9$--%5$F7%!"#"$%8*7,+$H;G*7%"F+44047,5• >45$F7%9$--%H4%/*74%$7%,34%*147%$7%,34%!"#"$%8*00;7$,P• !,;/47,5%9$--%0"#4%+4F;-"+%+41*+,5%,*%,34%8*00;7$,P• _*14?;--P%3"64%0"^*+$,P%*?%/45$F7%9*+#%/*74%"7/%8*/4% 1+*,*,P14/%$7%,+;7#%HP%0$/:D1+$- Ya
  15. 15. Y` YZ Drag to Reorder TabsY( aU
  16. 16. aV a&_*04 !$,45 !*8$"- DK2 !$YU& @455*7%K;$-/4+%]"5#5 !$,45 • A6"-;",4%;5"H$-$,P • .;,F4+5%1+*/;8G*7%4[14+$4784%9$--%H4%6"-;"H-4 @A!!CB%KWI@>A.%=CA!%_A.A • I01+*64%,34%Wb%M46*-;G*7"+P%5;FF45G*75Q • N"#4%$,%"%BAC:1*+,-4,%5*%$,%8"7%;54%H+4"/8+;0H5 • D//%2*00*7%2"+,+$/F4%I01*+,%"7/%A[1*+,
  17. 17. D7G8$1",4/%!834/;-4• >45$F7%"7/%>464-*1047,%?4",;+4%8*01-4,4%T;74%&UVV I consider it an honor and• )+4547,%",%,34%!"#"$%2*7?4+4784%"7/%F4,%H+*"/4+%8*00;7$,P% privilege to speak with you at $71;, JA-Sakai and that you have• ]94"#5%L%14+?*+0"784%,45G7F%L%8*/4%+46$49%!;004+%&UVV taken this time to listen to• 2*/4%?+44c4%&(%!41,40H4+%&UVV what I have to say. Thank you. Sakai