EuSakai: Directions for Standards in Teaching and Learning


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This is the talk I gave at the EU-Sakai meeting in Paris France, January 29, 2013.

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EuSakai: Directions for Standards in Teaching and Learning

  1. 1. Directions for Standards in Teaching and Learning Dr. Charles Severance University of Michigan School of Information Euro Sakai - January 29, 2013
  2. 2. Quick History Review
  3. 3. Nine Years Ago - February 19, 2004 - Sakai All Hands Meeting @ Stanford
  4. 4. At 02:28 PM 3/2/2004 -0500, Chris Etesse wrote:Chuck, Jeff and Babi,It was my pleasure talking to you both during my travels recently - Chuck in person inEdinburgh and Jeff & Babi via phone from Europe. As promised, I wanted to pass on alink to a white paper we just released on Blackboard & Standards as well as restatemy invitation to host a meeting at Blackboard with Chuck to discuss how we caninteroperate going forward. Finally, the second link is to the Blackboard SDKs for ourvarious products - I thought it might be of some interest. I look forward to workingcloser with you each.Warmest regards,Christopher EtesseSenior Director of TechnologyBlackboard Inc.
  5. 5. DRAFT Software Portability Workgroup Prospectus DRAFTThe current trend in web-based systems for eLearning has beenmoving steadily towards increasing componentization andmodularity. This trend is driven to a large extent by the desire forsystems deployers to easily enhance system functionality to morequickly and effectively support the maturing demands of LMS users.Three notable examples are referenced here:Blackboard Building BlocksSakai’s Tool Portability ProfileWebCT PowerLinks SDKJoseph HardinUniversity of Michigan September 3, 2004
  6. 6. Brainstorming at IMS Meeting in Denver 2004-10-19
  7. 7. Colleagues: Publisher Meeting @ StanfordIt looks like we have about 25 individuals (give or take) attending the SCP/SCA/Board meeting on 4/27/2005 from 1-5 pm. This includes the Board (9). See list below.At this point, Id rather not invite any more people.Textbook Publishers Invited/Attending...............................................Allen Noren, OReilly & Associates -- ATTENDINGRay Henderson, Pearson Education -- ATTENDINGSchoen, Steve, Thomson Higher Education -- ATTENDINGDavid Serbun, Houghton Mifflin Company -- ATTENDINGJonathan Stowe, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. -- ATTENDINGGlenn Kammen, Intelecom -- ATTENDINGVivian Vivie SinouDean, Distance & Mediated LearningFoothill College
  8. 8. June 21, 2005,IMS Alt-I-Lab Sheffield, UK
  9. 9. June 21, 2006 IMS Alt-I-LabIndianapolis, IN
  10. 10. February 2007
  11. 11. Tools Commercial Interoperability Common Publishers Cartridge LMS Open Source Standards2008
  12. 12. July 2012
  13. 13. le succès a un millier de parents... ??
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Sakai 2.9• IMS LTI Tool - IMS Learning Tools Interoperability 1.1 • Tool Launch • Grade Return• Lesson Builder - IMS Common Cartridge 1.1 Import
  16. 16. Sakai 2.9 LTI Extensions • Roster API - Allows an external tool to get the entire roster of a course with roles and grade callbacks (Sakai 2.9) • Settings API - Allows eternal tool to store and retrieve up to 4K of settings (Sakai 2.9) • XML + OAuth
  17. 17. Lesson Builder Post Sakai 2.9• LessonBuilder • IMS Common Cartridge 1.2 Import • IMS Common Cartridge 1.1, 1.2 Export (very nice to have for OER)• Available soon as an Indie Release
  18. 18. LTI Extensions - Post-2.9• LessonBuilder API - XML + OAuth • Retrieve Course Structure • Add folder, link or collection of LTI links to LessonBuilder at any point in the hierarchy• See BLTI-203 in JIRA• Should be out in the April timeframe indie release
  19. 19. Post Post Sakai 2.9• LTI 2.0 - Implementation starts May 2013 - Should be done in summer • Application Store Use Case - Automatic Provisioning • Service Registry - External Tool Requests Access to Services - workflow for Admin to approve Facebook-Style • Will lay the groundwork for wide range of standard and extension services
  20. 20. HTTP/1.0 200 OKDate: Thu, 10 May 2012 11:09:42 GMTContent-Type: application/jsonX-LORI-Message: Retrieval complete 0.25ms.Content-Length: 1423[ { "@id":" https://locahost:8080/lori/course/12345/content/", "label":"SI 124", "title":"Social Computing" }, { "@id":" https://locahost:8080/lori/course/82845/content/", "label":"SI 502", "title":"Networked Information" }, { "@id":" https://locahost:8080/lori/course/92929/content/", "label":"SI 572", "title":"Web Design"] } LTI 2.0 REST3/JSON-LD
  21. 21. Summary• Past: Sakai was essential to the past decade of progress in open standards for teaching and learning• Present: Sakai 2.9 has excellent support for IMS LTI and IMS CC out of the box• Future: We are in a great position to continue to lead the industry forward in the areas of portability and interopability